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Pottery barn Party Planner How to Make Custard Battered French Toast

hey guys it's ryan scott for party planner with pottery barn I'm showing you some quick easy tricks

to make a simple fun and delicious brunch what I'm gonna show you today is my version of not your

mama's normal French toast I'm gonna show you

how quick and how simple

And I'm gonna call it, custard battered French toast

the strawberries, hazelnuts, and

a little bit of lavender actually this morning okay so this going to be

a farmhouse brunch we want these to be hearty pieces,

one slice of french toast is really adequate for one person

so what we're gonna do is slice these through I'm gonna set them on our platter over here,

we're gonna make anglaise

let's go ahead and turn on our stove top real quick

and that's gonna get it ready to go grab a kind of a higher saucepan a little thick in case it boils over

you want to make sure you have a little bit of surface space

we're going to go ahead and add some cream here, this is the body to our anglaise this is what's going to give it that rich

creamy thickness

and a little bit of milk

inside there too

the kicker which is going to be a pinch of salt a lot of people don't think that

you add salt in pastries but this is what's going to round it out

some sugar goes inside there

and a little tab of butter

in my house a little tab of butter is about that

we add this to the stovetop bring this up, let it melt, let the sugar melt let the butter melt

but what I wanted to show you was we didn't add in there. This is a vanilla bean. The vanilla bean's

gonna add a really great amount of flavor if you don't have it vanilla extract is just fine too

I have that here but I want to show you real quick how to go ahead and take the meat all the beautiful

little pods out of the vanilla bean take your knife, your chef's knife,

slide it right down the middle of this vanilla bean I'm cutting right down the middle all the way to the end

turn it over, and scrape all this delicious goodness vanilla pod that you paid a couple bucks for

and it's all right there that's the vanilla bean that's in your ice cream all the time I want to take this

gonna put this inside our base over here

then slide it inside as our base is getting ready to boil so what I want to do is mix it and make sure I get all that

vanilla bean and now this has come to a boil I'm gonna cut this off turn it off and I'm going to grab my emma

collection bowl over here from pottery barn we're going to add our egg yolks inside here

and I'm gonna take our delicious mixture, I want to tease like a tablespoon inside our egg yolks

basically now the egg yolks are saying

oh my goodness that's cream, that's cream

okay I'm fine with it now and now you've tempered it,

now you're just gonna pour the rest of the cream as you guys can see I'm going a little slow

not all at once

add a little cream to the eggs, we're delicious mixed together now let's take this guy put it back into the


take it back to the stove top, low and slow do not leave this egg yolk mixture

so my anglaise has now come up

it's thickened just like this this mixture is creamy, delicious, and good, and this is what we're going to dip our french toast into.

the butter is telling me that it's ready it's crackling it's ready for some French toast spattered

with a little bit of custard

we're gonna go dunk, gonna flip it over and go dunk

take this

put it right inside there

I'm not gonna peek

you know I'm not going to peek, is because it's going to tell you the side of the bread is going to start getting a little caramelized

the color

and that's when it's time to flip it over

another trick of the trade, flip away from you so it doesn't splatter I want to just finish

cooking this french toast right on top, and then we're going to serve it.

so we're going to finish off with a little lavender and powdered sugar little bit of strawberries

I added some crushed hazelnuts, this is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way of making brunch

Enjoy guys.

Please visit www.pottery for a printable copy of this recipe.

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