Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sam & Max Hit the Road

Difficulty: 0



We've only gone out three times and you're already telling me you just want to be friends?

You never gave me a chance, and for that ...

... you'll fry like a pork sausage.

It's not that I don't like you, it's just ...

... well ... perhaps you're simply a too nice guy.

I guess I'd rather go out with someone who's less ...

... well ... predictable.


This is hardly the Lincoln Tunnel, Sam.

Looks to me like some kind of hostage-taking condemned to failure.

Ooh! Does it mean we now can kick the flabby, cheesy, puffy ass of a mad scientist?

I can't think of a reason why we shouldn't do that.

You'll be of no use here, Freelance Police!

With a dab on this lever, my ungrateful evening date will be reduced to a half cup of entropic atomic matter.

I immediately knew that he's not a real doctor!

Shall I confront, subdue and punish the suspected perpetrator, Sam?

Beat him up, little buddy.



Nice stroke!



This guy is not real, Sam!

Can I keep his bonce as a souvenir? Why do you think it's ticking?

It's not a head, it's a damned ugly time bomb!

Let's leave this cesspool of iniquity, pronto!

Good idea, Sam.

Maybe we can ditch the ticking bonce somewhere while the credits are running.

Can I drive?

If you can bear me being completely tense and shrieking like a 13-year old virgin.

Sam, is it dark at night?

Goodbye, Sam and Max!

I'll never forget anything of what you've done here today.

Well, that was a pleasantly unobtrusive opening sequence.

I enjoyed the cheesy ambience of the flashbacks.

What the hell are you talking about, Max?

Sam, either termites are burrowing through my skull or one of us is ticking.

Oops, right.

Max, where should I dispose this without hurting anyone we know?

Throw it out the window, Sam. There's nothing but strangers out there.

I hope there was nobody inside that bus.

At least nobody we knew.







The same to you.

One of these confused census takers again?

Actually, it was the commissioner with another itiotic and baffling assignment.

Does it involve wanton destruction on our part?

We can only hope.

Due to the strictly confidential nature of the mission, we'll meet a contact outside on the street.

Ooh, here slowly comes a bit more action!

Me! Me! Me!

Cash - never leave home without it.

Yeah, maybe we can use it to bribe slippery officials.

So, you want something from me, huh?

All right, take this then!

So brutal.

But very true to life.

And here something on your way!

I admire Flint's business acumen.

Please, Sam, don't ever use the word "acumen" again!

Unnecessary use of force is my specialty.

You are an adorable rascal, Max.

Hey, you, little fellow.

You're talking to me?

In moments like this I always feel like having to fight against this cruel world.

Funny, I always feel this way.

You must be the Freelance Police.

Yeah, but don't tell this to everyone.

He's cute, Sam.

May I use his whiskers for my tennis racket?

Maybe later, Max.

We first need the instructions from the commissioner now.

Oh yeah, right.

I'm sorry, guys. I swallowed the instructions for safety's sake, but I can't regurgitate them.

I'd like to turn this guy inside out.

Ooh, that gives me an idea!

According to the instructions, something odd is happening at the carnival.

And I thought, this is part of it.

Maybe we should check it out when we don't have anything better to do. Just like now, for example.

Hey, I don't think that Mr. Bosco voluntarily gives away all the money!

Oh man, I'm soo afraid. A dog and a rabbit. How scary.

Max, this smart ass says we're not scary.

What do you say?

Let's own him, little friend.

I believe this scum learned something new, Sam.

Me too, Max.

I didn't know that you can pull the lower lip completely over the head. Amazing!

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