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I had a passion for lots of sports as a youngster. Football, basketball, cricket,

you name it I played it all and I found that I loved basketball that little bit

more than anything else. My name is brett rainbow from Tomorrow's Stars Basketball.

I had some of the best basketball coaches Australia had to offer some of

the Hall of famers and that led me to wanting to pass on that knowledge to the

next generation of basketballer. The reason why our business is different and

special is because 30 years plus of basketball coaching and playing

experience all comes down to our custom basketball programs. I actually run all

the programs I custom-designed them I deliver them on a weekly basis.

Some of the problems I faced as a business owner are staff we don't have enough staff in

the right programs at the right times. The quality of service is not always

there, we find it very difficult to fit in the staff to suit that particular

program. When looking for the right staff member at Tomorrow's Stars Basketball

it's not only the basketball knowledge that you're require but it's the

teaching side of it and being able to deliver these programs to our students and parents.

What's worked for us so well over the last 20 years is the passion,

the drive, the children, the smiles. That keeps us coming back for more day in day out.

The advice I'd give to other business owners: believe in the dream.

Keep pursuing the goal. If the plan doesn't work this time, then change the plan but not the goal.

So knowing what I know today, what I would have done differently

at the beginning was take more risks. Believe in my actual original plan and go for it.

The difference was the people: The coaches, the parents, the children was all

played a big part of my passion and my motivation to succeed not only in business,

but in life.


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