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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Karma - 8. - Can Karma be transferred to another person? - கர்மாவை இன்னொருவருக்கு மாற்ற முடியுமா?

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No one can give you good or bad things.

You have earned those good and bad things.

Your own better or bitter experiences will tell you whether you have accumulated good or bad.

Energy is constant according to the law of physics.

So, if you do good deeds you will get them back.

If you do bad deeds then you will get that also back. You cannot escape.

Or some one else has to take your karma, but why would they?

Babar's son was Humayun.

Babar prayed to God asking him to transfer his son's karmas to him so that Humayun could rule the Mughal dynasty.

So only if some one takes your karma you can escape.

There was a Mahan in Poondi. If you take anyone to him,

his first question would be "Are you willing to take his karma?"

So people were scared to take anyone to him and recommend.

When someone asks to be taken to him, others would ask that person to go and see that Mahaan themselves.

They will say "Be patient and stay there until he blesses you."

A man from Bengaluru came to see Poondi Mahaan as he had a horrible skin disease.

People in Poondi told that man to take bath and stand in front of Poondi mahaan.

He went and stood in front of Poondi mahaan daily for about 20-30 days

Poondi Mahaan didn't speak to him. One day he finally spoke.

He said "You are the worst sinner as you don't know the difference between a mother and wife"

This guy had physical relationship with his own mother. That's why the mahaan said so and scolded him.

Later when that man repented he was cured by Poondi mahaan.

Even mahaans undergo karmas. So you too should accept it.

You alone are responsible for your karmas. When you eat something salty you would have to drink water.

You can't say when the karma would catch up with you. It might not come immediately.

So don't think "nothing will happen to me".

It will definitely come and there is no escape.

A guy put a ring on Poondi mahaan's hand.

The finger started to swell.

People said they would call a doctor or call a gold smith to cut the ring.

Poondi mahaan said this is somebody's karma and another person would come to take it out.

After sometime a parrot came and starting pecking at the swelling and took all the puss out.

Then the ring came out.

Through the ring someone's karma came and another soul had come as a parrot to take out the karma.

So even mahaans have undergone the shadows of karma.

They also know why that karma came.

When Pattinathar was to be impaled, he said may be this is the result of my karmas.

There was another person called Maanda kavya munivar. He too was impaled.

It is a primitive method of punishment.

He asked a passing sage, why he got this punishment as he didn't do anything wrong.

"In previous birth you imprisoned a golden beetle and kept poking it with a needle.

That karma has came as this punishment to you.

Many of you would have done this. Then even you would have to undergo that karma. No one can escape.

Only if someone takes your karma one to one, you would be exempted.

You only escape in that birth but in next birth you will have to undergo.

Kanchi Paramachariya had chronic stomach ache because of ulcer, as he used to fast most of the time.

When people saw him suffering, they said Mahaperiyava himself is suffering how is this possible.

He said "I am undergoing my karma, why are you worried?"

Mahaans know that they have to undergo their karma as there are reasons behind it.

You try to avoid it but they undergo it willingly.

They know that if they avoid it, then they will have to undergo it later.

So they undergo karmas willingly but you all try to avoid it.

The Description of Karma - 8. - Can Karma be transferred to another person? - கர்மாவை இன்னொருவருக்கு மாற்ற முடியுமா?