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*there is no intro xd*

Hi Bloss <3

Today I will teach you how to download fonts for Ibis Paint

For you to use in the thumbnails of your videos

Let's start

When we are in Ibis paint we press TEXT

We press the screen and we will touch ADD TEXT and then SOURCE

At the top we will see a + and press it

That will take us to a Google tab

We touch DaFont

Here we will have many options of letter fonts to download

Up there are some options, we play TOP

And here you are going to search and download the ones you like the most <3

If you have no idea which fonts to look for and you are lazy to search one by one

You can search YouTube, there are many recommendations for letter fonts

And since this tutorial is very short

I had an idea...

Recommend fonts me too

And I finished

It's that easy :D

This tutorial is very short, I know xd

But it is very easy to do c:

Bye Bloss

I love you <3


Do not go!

Before I leave

Greetings to channel members

Thank you <3

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