Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SUB【ぼっち女子】ひとり回転寿司に行ってみた/おひとりさま/conveyor belt sushi

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I am going out at night today.

I had a doria (doria is a rice casserole) for a while ago but already I am little bit hungry now

So, I went to Kaiten-shushi (conveyor belt sushi place)

I go conveyor belt sushi place by myself sometimes.

I sit down counter seat,because table seats are full already.

There are wasabi, soy sauce and chopsticks on the tale

When I get there, the conveyor belt sushi lane was not moving yet

I make a green tea first. There is a powder green tea pot on the table

Hot water comes out when button is pressed on the wall

Be careful not to burn your fingers

And then, the conveyor belt sushi lane has just begun to move.

This is tuna sushi

I love wasabi and eat wasabi a lot

Be careful not to add too much wasabi

The sushi what I order is so beautiful and looks so good

This is called Aori squid. This sushi covered mesophyll green leaf.

This picture is not taken well, but still looks so yummy.

it's so good

Mesophyll enhances the taste

The squid sushi is soft texture. I do not like hard texture squid.

The grandpa sitting in the back is cute

This place is great! we can eat fresh

delicious sushi frankly and easy to eat. Its cool.

Well, What kind of sushi should I order next

Order using the touch panel

Sushi is here

Grilled cheese Salmon

Sushi has good color

Grilled cheese smells so good

Guarantee Grilled cheese with wasabi is the best combination

Order the next sushi while eating sushi

Need to stretch arm and press the order panel because the button is a bit far away

I used to order grilled salmon and still do. I like this sushi so much

Put away the dishes


Watch out for too much soy sauce

The scallops flavor spreads in my mouth.

it's tasty

Put the away the finished dished in this whole box.

You can play Gachapon (machine vented capsule toy)

Win the game, you can get a toy.

If you lucky, you can get Pokemon stamp.

but stamp pad ink do not cone with it

Total number is 5

Now, I am really full.

gotisousamaThank you for the meal

I pay and go home.

I'm back

Thank you for watching

The Description of SUB【ぼっち女子】ひとり回転寿司に行ってみた/おひとりさま/conveyor belt sushi