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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 11 Scientifically Proven Ways to Attract the Man You Truly Desire

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- Now, if you're like most women,

you probably attract the guys that you don't really want.

The creepy Camerons, the needy Nicks,

the lame...

What is a guy's first name who start with an L?


You get the point.

You probably have no problem attracting

certain types of guys,

but you're here right now because the guys that you do want

are probably not necessarily pursuing you.

Don't worry, you sexy single lady,

I'm here to help you attract the man

and the type of guy that you really want,

so if that sounds good to you,

comment below saying I'm ready to find love

while the intro plays,

I'll see you in a second.

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Hey there, my name is Adam LoDolce

from where I help the 21st century woman

create a love life that she absolutely fricking loves

and this video is all about attracting

the man you really want.

Now, the internet is full of a ton of (beep)

especially when it comes to teaching you, ladies,

how to attract men.

Now, over the past year, I've heard a researcher

here at Sexy Confidence and I really want to combine

my experience as a dating coach

and real data, real research, real scientific insight

and also just a basic common sense

and combine all that stuff to give you,

sexy single ladies, the best advice possible.

So this video is a combination of all that

to help you attract the man you really want.

Here are the best to attract men.

Number one is through kindness.

Now, one major study asked 10,000 men and women

what quality they find most important in a mate.

And the number one response all way across the board


Now, this doesn't mean you have to be the type of person

that a man can walk all over, just do anything he wants.

No, what this means is that you care about the other person

and you want to make them happy

so long as the happiness doesn't come

at the expense of yourself.

And so long as that person is reciprocating.

So be kind, so long as he's kind, as well.

Number two is youthfulness.

Now, for you ladies who are watching this video

who are maybe a little bit older,

notice that I didn't say youth.

I said youthfulness.

The definition of youthfulness

is behavior or appearance characteristic of young people.

Note that word behavior.

Again, for you ladies who might not be on the younger side,

don't click away from this video

because most women assume that men are only interested

in young women.

But in my experience of coaching a lot of women of all ages,

I found that it has actually less to do

with the specific age,

it has a lot to do with the attitude of that person.

Someone who is 60-year-old can be incredibly youthful,

they love to be social, spontaneous, excited about life

and just have a lot of energy to bring to a conversation.

Whereas some women who are 22-year-old can be so old,

lame, boring and way too serious.

So when you're going out there and meeting people

and having conversation,

remember to bring that youthfulness to the conversation,

bring that new energy as much as possible.

And you ladies, one of the biggest complaints I get

from women who are a little bit older

is that they only meet guys who are so fricking old,

like they're gross, like an old, saggy balls attitude old.

You don't want that, okay?

So remember, before a firs^t date,

remember to bring that youthful attitude to the table.

Number three, women with high self worth,

AKA high value women.

Now, confidence doesn't mean going out to every guy,

needing every conversation, asking the guy out

and leading the direction of how everything goes.

No, it doesn't mean that necessarily.

And actually, that is bringing a lot of masculine energy

to the table.

I want you to be sexy confidence.

It's really feminine confidence.

And really what that ultimately comes down to is knowing

that you deserve relationship, being confident

in what you bring to the table

and knowing that you deserve something amazing.

So I want you to start setting standards to yourself,

you're part of this community.

You're an amazing sexy single lady and don't forget that.

And if you find that you're meeting guys

who aren't treating you that way,

set that standard and tell them, you know,

use that amazing four letter word which is

next and find that next guy.

Number four is curves.

This all comes down to the classic hourglass shape

that a lot of men evolutionarily are looking for.

Now, most of this video I talked about attraction

as it pertains to things that you can't necessarily

change about yourself but I would be doing you disservice

to not talk about the physical side, as well.

A women's figure, of course, is a component of attraction,

I'd be lying to you if I said it wasn't.

And the hourglass shape is something that men just

on a very instinctual level look for and respond to.

Researchers have actually documented really a magnetic

male attraction to a waist to hip ratio of about .7.

This is the classic hourglass.

And an iTracking study last year found

that men start to evaluate a woman's hourglassness

within the first 200 milliseconds of viewing them,

I like big buts and I cannot lie.

But, of course, not everyone has a perfect hourglass shape,

and that's okay, that doesn't mean you can't attract men.

But what it does mean is you wanna take a look

at the clothing that you wear and find clothing that really

does accentuate and bring out that type of a figure.

Number five is women who give indicators of interest.

Researchers who study speed dating events

where men and women basically make decisions

in a matter of seconds or even minutes found

that just simply showing a little bit of interest

in the conversation can build

a massive amount of attraction.

So when you're talking to a guy,

really listen to what he's saying

and if you're digging what he's saying,

even break the touch barrier slowly but surely,

find a reason to maybe laugh and touch his arm.

You're sending an enormous amount of signals to him

that hey, I'm interested and maybe a little bit more,

showing that indicator of interest to him

also will boost his confidence

and he's gonna bring his A game,

like he's gonna get excited.

If he feels that you're not digging him

or you're not interested, what is he gonna do?

He's gonna move on to someone else.

Number six is about positive attitude.

Now, for starters, this is not groundbreaking, right?

Clearly, negativity is not attractive.

Positivity is attractive.

But men really are attracted to like pleasant, positive,

just generally cheerful women, they're just interested

and studies have shown that.

And I will personally attest to this,

I have gone out on many dates in my life

and there are some women you can just tell

all they want to do is talk (beep) about other people

or be negative, or you can tell

that their lives are just not put together.

And I remember when I met Jess,

it was just like a breath of fresh air

because they way she...

She had like these amazing lenses

that she saw the world through

and she was just always so happy

and so positive about everything and I loved it,

it was very magnetic to me.

Number seven, honesty.

Now, it's not like you need another reason to be honest,

you should be honest regardless, not to just attract men.

But actually research does find

that honesty actually affects judgment

of physical attractiveness, as well.

Interestingly enough, this study showed

that participants deemed honest people

as being more fit, healthy and kind.

So who knew telling the truth really is sexy?

Eight is a smile.

One of the easiest ways to improve your appearance

is just smiling.

And a lot of what I talk about

in my trainings, in my advanced courses

is this concept that I call smalking,

which is smiling while talking

and some people struggle with this,

I used to struggle with this myself,

but it's something you can actually train yourself to do

when you're meeting people for the first time.

And just by being aware of this and holding the smile

when you're having conversation,

try it, try it tonight, the next time you talk to someone.

It is amazing how well they're going to perceive you

and how they're going to perceive you

is being a much more attractive and inviting person.

Number nine is playing with your hair.

Now back in the day when I used to coach men

on how to flirt and meet you, sexy single ladies,

I would always coach them to take a look

for a woman who's kind of...

When they're talking to you, playing with their hair,

or even kind of like combing it a little bit

because what they're basically doing

subconsciously or consciously,

and it is showing you that hey, I'm interested in you.

This is just a natural reflex

that women will do and men will sometimes do it,

but more so touching their faces

when they're attracted to the other person.

So go ahead, play with your hair

and you're gonna be sending very subtle cues

that hey, I'm down.

Number 10 is just your overall energy and vibe.

Have you ever met some people and you just thought

within like three seconds of meeting them,

like yikes, I'm not interested.

And then other people you meet

within a few minutes you think

damn, I like this person, this person's great.

Well, what that comes down to

is your body language, your vibe,

what energy you bring into the table.

And I found that this is a lot of what I would work on

with both men and women when they're going,

meeting new people, it's just working on their vibe.

So next time you go out,

I want you to keep an eye on for other people's vibe

and see what works and what doesn't work.

Just opening your eyes a little bit

will make more attractive to other people.

And finally number 11 is your brain.

Now, let me tell you something I learned a long time ago.

Smart, confident guys are attracted

to smart, confident women.

On the other hand, dumb, insecure guys

are intimated by smart women.

If you agree, I'd love to hear yes, I agree in the comments.

And sadly, most men that you meet

are gonna be dumb and insecure.

But I don't want you to change your ways too much

because what happens, a lot of women will keep meeting

a lot of dumb, insecure men and say,

"Well, I'm smart and maybe I should change my ways."

Don't do it, don't dumb yourself down.

Of course, be humble, don't brag

like don't belittle people if you meet someone

who might not be the smartest guy in the world,

but at the same time, like don't be afraid to show

your intellectual side, it's totally okay.

So there you have it,

those are the 11 ways to attract men.

If you agree with all this,

I'd love to hear from you in the comments,

and maybe if I missed something,

leave a comment below

and share with this amazing community.

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