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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: $700k vs $33?! Does Kathryn Newton Know Her ???? | Expensive Taste Test

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you guys I'm so expensive hey everyone I'm Kathryn Newton and I'm about to do

the expensive taste test the rules are simple I just have to pick which one I

think cost more and I don't know if I'm gonna be very good at this but you know

I like to pretend I'm expensive sometimes so this one just looks

this one just looks different than this one this one looks like it came out of a wrapper this one

looks like I came out of a box am I wrong gosh I don't know there's like

teush on it that looks French hmm that's really good but I think this one's gonna

be the more expensive one mmm I haven't even tasted it yet I still think this

one cuz it looks French is chocolate French I don't know is

that right I'm gonna get it right hmm I got it right oh my god I get to pick

diamonds like which ones real and they're both really pretty and I would

wear them both anyway okay I'm gonna check my diamond I picked this one oh my

god I know my diamonds. Look at it

you can see how they're sitting how the foundation is just sitting in the little

pallet now let's try it on my skin this one's a little more milky a little more

like my foundation I think this one is more expensive

no? Well then, I'm not a makeup artist for a reason guys I love Clé de Peau I should have known you

guys I know my diamonds not my foundation priorities

this is very pretty that has a nice blend I'm looking at the texture I'm studying the texture

I'm seeing why this one is breaking so much more you guys this looks in the

same they look exactly the same I have no idea they're both pretty

colors and I'd use either one I was going to say the darker one was more

expensive okay good I got it, the darker one

which ones look more real so these are quite feathery are they more lifelike

does that mean that they work better and these are also nice I like these so

maybe I'm just gonna pick which one I like more I like these more wrong well I

guess yeah these might be more expensive if they look like more full bushy

feathered I'm still just excited about the diamonds I got that's all that


smells like plastic. Smell this one hmm you'd be surprised you think that

cheese would be really odiferous but this smells like absolutely nothing it's

definitely harder cheese than that one this cheese it's very squishy here we go

that is flavorful it's a little bitter it's a little sweet nice and we're

moving on to the harder cheese . I pick that one oh good okay good yes yes $40 cheese I better

eat it now come on guys can't let it go to waste

oh my gosh water this one has slight little bubbles this

one has no bubbles I'm just freaking out about the fact that these two waters

smell different no this one one smells like it was refrigerated this one just

tastes like it's been around I'm just gonna finish the expensive one though

ooh sparkly things this one I know it's this one because I know when something's

expensive it has to have a clasp on it so you don't lose it guys come on

but also it's just more sparkly how much this costs 20,000 mm so I get to keep it right because I got it right

Lets see the lining of these things okay oh I know I

know this this is Judith Leiber this one I love Judith Leiber she has a poodle

bag that I want so bad but it's sold out and I can't afford it. Judith if you're watching

this hook a girl up please I don't know a couple thousand oh my god

right of course only that

I'm a savant I don't even know what it means it's fine thank you guys for

watching I hope you had fun and be sure to comment below who you want to see do

the expensive taste test next and make sure you subscribe to Cosmo

this is fun

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