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(haunting music)

(gentle music)

- It's a form of Scandinavian Shepherdess's call,

or cow call.

They, as far as I, as far as I've been told,

the cow shepherdess's would use a certain call

to bring their particular flock back and they would,

and these animals would know where to go.

And so when we were thinking of dramatizing this moment,

how do you dramatize Elsa's need to go beyond her home,

everything she knows, everything she has loved

to find her purpose in the world.

It was almost like the idea of something calling her home.

Into the unknown

(haunting music)

Oh oh oh

- What we've done is based on kulning,

I wouldn't say it's authentic.

I mean it's based on it and it's a very high call,

we have the pop singer Aurora who's just incredible

and such a special quirky person,

you know, performing it.

We couldn't have been happier with it.

The other thing about it is that what the actual tune

that she is kulning is the Dies Irae

which is a musical reference that goes way back

to early times in the Church

and it's like the Day of Wrath,

it's all about death,

it's like a musical signal for death.

So it's this idea that the call may be dangerous,

the call may lead her through danger on the way

to where she's meant to be.

- Wow it's I mean, so perfectly

thematically tied to the movie.

- It was right there for us,

and there is some in the first film if you listen.

It's in the score and the soundtrack.

- So you are looking back and listening to

some of these older tunes and melodies

and then incorporating that into

the songs as you're writing them?

- It started with Into the Unknown.

We wrote that (singing) that kids

are now singing in the mall to each other.

We wrote it for that and we wanted it to become

a duet with Elsa where she responds to the call.

She sings it back and they sing it in harmony

and it goes into major and it climaxes

with this kind of duet.

And after that we kind of back fitted the call

that she would have to be hearing throughout

the entire movie was that sequence of notes

and we spotted it in different places.

- ♪ Here I am

I have come so far

Are you the one I've been looking for

All of my life

Oh show yourself

- You are what you've been waiting for

is just like such an immensely powerful lyric.

- Barack Obama.

(both laughing)

- I was getting, where did that come from?

- I don't think he invented it either.

It's just like the idea that

part of your job as an adult is to

become your own, to show yourself who you're meant to be.

And it's like you're not waiting for your hero.

You are the hero.

- We saw some footage today

and there's some of it where

I assume you are on a web cam

and you're working with Josh Gad

who's in the studio.

Does that feel weird to kind of have that remove?

I mean you're working so intimately together

on recording these songs there.

- You know most of the time, we like to be in the room

because it's just more intimate,

but when we can't possibly make it out,

we live in Brooklyn,

it's the next best thing.

We have a special button.

We press it when we want to talk.

And we let it go when we want to listen.

It's just a cool little.

We're in our tree house with our CB radio

and we get to hear this perfect quality audio back

and it works.

- And of course I want to congrats you

on the Oscar nomination this year.

- Thank you.

- I just had to find you guys in the Oscar luncheon photo.

And you're kind of front and center.

- We were right in the middle (crosstalk).

They called Kristen up first and me second

and they put us on either side of Oscar

and I'm sure there was no special meaning to that,

but it did mean that we had to

sort of stand there for the longest.

- It feels like, oh that's funny.

I didn't even think of that.

- Our feet hurt.

We were ready to go to bed.

- Well, hopefully it's a good luck charm then.


Into the unknown

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