Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Essentials To Bobby Brown’s Ski Gear

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Hey what's up I'm Bobby Brown from Denver Colorado

and this is my kit right here

Salomon NFX yeah that's one of my favorite skis that Salomon's

ever made it's sick for carving just turns everything real fun and I got them

center-mounted they're perfectly in the center for

riding switch and riding forward when I'm taking off switch I don't want any

drag on my nose just want to be as clean as possible and sometimes when you're

doing these things to get a little superstitious and you just wanted to be

exactly the same every time

these are actually my favorite boots just got them

Salomon Ghost 100 it's not too much you know stiffness only at 100

That's pretty much what I got It's kinda what I ride with every day

and you know I love it

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