Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Cleaning Tips for Your Checkout

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Hey! Welcome to our new video

about the mostoverlooked cleaning spots.

Cleaning your homewell before moving out

is important in orderto get your security deposit back

and avoid anypossible cleaning fees.

Before you start scrubbing,

make sure to check our top 10 cleaning tips.

Start by cleaning the kitchen cupboards insideand out.

First, take out all the plates and otherutensils

and clean their interior thoroughly.

Don't forget to wipe down the handles and cupboards' exterior as well.

Next, clean the cooktop with asuitable cleaner.

It's important to use a cleanerespecially suitable for your cooker

to get ridof the grease and avoid any damages to the cooker.

Make sure to clean the backsplash panel of yourcooker

with a strong degreaseror an alternative cleaner.

One of the most overlooked items when it comes tothe checkout cleaning is

the kettle!

Make sure toclean it well both inside and out.

Pro tip!

Addwhite vinegar or lemon juice to the water andcook it!

Clean your fridge thoroughly beforethe final check-out.

Make sure to take outall drawers and shelves

as lots of food particlesand dirt can gather in these places.

Don't forgetto wipe down the exterior of your refrigerator

of any unwanted food splatters or fingerprints.

After cleaning,

turn off your fridge and placea towel inside

to absorb all the ice thatwill melt down from the freezer.

Make sure totake out the garbage and clean the trash can.

Use a special limescale remover to easily get ridof the stubborn limescale in your shower cabin.

To make it easier for yourself,

let the solutionsoak all the dirt before you start scrubbing.

Don't forget that limescale will also form inyour sink,

both in the bathroom and kitchen.

Makesure to perform the same process with your sinkto make everything clean and limecale-free.

Make sure to thoroughly clean the interiorand exterior

of your windows or balconydoors with a glass cleaner.

Don't forgetto wipe down the windowsills as well.

Replace the dust bag of your vacuumcleaner with a new one before you move out.

Switches, door handles, and knobs

collecta lot of dust and dirt throughout time.

Use an anti-bacterial cleaner to disinfectand polish them regularly.

Do you also have anintercom handset,

air vents, or heating radiatorsin your home?

Then you should add these to yourcleaning list as well.

If your apartment comes witha washing machine,

you will need to clean it aswell before your check-out.

First, take out the detergent drawer and clean it with a sponge.

Next, clean the detergent shelf, the tub and thesilicone ring.

Pro tip! White vinegar does the trick.

Finally, clean the washing machine with a specialcleaning solution.

Leave the door wide open afterthe final washing

to avoid foul smells formingin the machine.

We hope these tips are helpful!

If you have any questions about cleaning,

feel freeto get in touch with us.

Thank you for watching!

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