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you are planning to rent a car abroad so you look online for the best deal you

check the reviews and contract requirements

you think you've organised everything perfectly until you run into serious

problems when you pick up the rental car because of the small print you have to

take out an extra insurance policy or you have to pay a very high deposit

amount what will you do well what can you do you check the car for damage sign

the car rental contract and hurry on your way and turn to enjoy your holiday

after your adventure it's time to return the car together with the car rental

company you do a last damage check but they want a scratch fortunately you are

so smart to take pictures to prove that the car is in the same condition as when

it was issued to you you ask for an indemnification form and go home

what's this a big bill for damage to the rental car did you run into hassle when

renting a car abroad always submit your complaint to the car rental company in

writing no response to your complaint don't give up and fight for your rights

please contact the European consumer center we will help you for free


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