Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PS-10: Een pipetteerstation voor de flowcytometrie

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Whats so special about the PS-10?

Hi, welcome. My name is Laurens. Im so glad youre watching.

Behind me, you can see the new PS-10 from Sysmex.

The premier pipetting system for flow cytometry.

Of course, pipetting is a skill in laboratories.

Some people really enjoy it.

Others would rather be doing something else.

Whatever the case, weve created a system that does the work for you: the PS-10.

Because things can always go wrong, things like

- distractions. - Okay, thanks again.

Not working paperless.

- Incubation time. - Guys, whose alarm is this?

Losing your sample.

Thats a thing of the past, because now, we have the PS-10.

The PS-10 can handle antibodies from a wide range of suppliers.

The system already holds 90 and you can record many more in the software.

The PS-10s syringes provide high-accuracy pipetting.

The accuracy of the syringes is checked by a software module.

When the PS-10 pipettes for you,

youll have more time for other things, such as

data analysis of your flow cytometry results.

Your labs productivity is guaranteed,

whether youre working with one or ten samples at a time,

the system does the work for you.

A module allows you to create and implement your own protocols.

Now, lab technicians can really work paperless.

Youll also save time because you wont have to tick each box manually.

Sysmex systems are known for their low downtime.

But if something does happen,

our technicians are happy to help.

The PS-10 pipettes flawlessly while documenting everything.

As an analyst, you now have time for things that really matter.

Thanks for watching this video.

I hope youre just as excited about the PS-10 as I am.

Check the website for more information and who knows, maybe well see each other soon.

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