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Hi, I'm Jill Huijbregts and this is my dressage vlog.

This is my mother.

In my vlogs I will give you a peek in my life as an international Grand Prix rider.

Hi, it's day two, yesterday we went to Ermelo to inspect the ring.

It's showtime today.

Like I said yesterday, I'm competing at 14.10 and we're leaving at 11.30.

Mum has fed them carrots.

I'll tell you about our planning.

I'm going to turn them all out first.

Mach too, but I'll put his neck on.

Otherwise he'll get dirty.

Then I'm going to clean my saddle.

I already cleaned my bridle.

I have to put them in the truck and then I'll get Mach.

I'll wash him entirely, because he has to look good.

There he is.

After I've plaited him, he'll be ready.

Then I have to ride Ens, Graaf has the day off.

After that we're leaving for Ermelo.

For the Dutch Championships.

I'm going to clean my saddle.

And put everything in the truck.

I'm wearing my show shirt.

With short sleeves.

That means we're heading in the right direction.

It's quite warm in the main ring at the championships.

Our Horse YouTubers Live Event will be held there too.

When you're sitting there it's nice and warm.

But when you're riding it's rather hot.

So to avoid fainting I'm wearing my short sleeve shirt.

I'm going to get my saddle.

Sometimes I think:

Jill, you should have known better.

I've cleaned my saddle, but I still have to ride Enzos.

I'm also already wearing my white breeches under my sweatpants.

But I still have to ride Enzos.

So I brought my blue breeches.

Anyway, I'll use my clean saddle.

It won't get that dirty...

This often happens, I only have one saddle for three horses.

But I've ordered another saddle.

That means I'll have two saddles for three horses.

But I have to wait a little longer.

I can't put my saddle in the truck yet either.

I can put my bridle and my other stuff in the truck.

And I think I'll get Enzos' stuff out too.

And then I can wash Macho.

Hey boy.

He's got fresh straw to eat because we cleaned his stable completely.

And he's got hay in the corner.

But he always eats his straw first.

He's plaited and clean.

I've worked hard, my hands are cold.

It's quite cold today.

Here's Peewee.

Mum just turned in Enzos.

I'm going to ride this monster now.

All his stuff is ready.

This is today's saddle cloth.

The new boots I showed yesterday.

It's time to ride Enza.

Sleepy head.

I'm ready.

Look how pretty, real championship braids.

Come on!

We're here.

There's way more trucks than yesterday.

It was very quiet yesterday.

And now it's busy.

Mach is back there somewhere.

We have to pay our entrance fees.

And we have to go to the loo, we've been in the car a long time.

Well, only an hour really.

I'm tacking up.

Now I'm going to get dressed myself.

It's better to tack up without wearing boots.

Now it's time to get dressed and warm up.

I'll see you after the test.

We're on our way home.

I came 5th so we had to do the soundcheck for tomorrow.

8 out of 11 are allowed to ride their freestyle.

So there was a soundcheck in the main ring.

I came 5th out of 11 competitors.

I scored 67.95%.

Mach did really well.

He was really relaxed.

So I was very happy about that.

There were some really good parts.

And we keep scoring around 70% lately.

So it's a shame that when you ride a similar test -

At the Championships.

That you only score around 67%.

I don't really care if I come 1st or last.

But it's a shame that your feeling doesn't match your score.

I never complain about judges, you might as well take up showjumping.

But this is a bit confusing.

Never mind.

I'm still happy, the most important thing is that Macho did well.

I've got no reason to complain.

I'm going to ride my freestyle tomorrow.

Also for practice, I'm doing my freestyle next week in Lier as well.

We're going to try to do well tomorrow.

We're nearly at the stables.

Mach can enjoy his own stable tonight.

He loves that, so that's why we decided to drive.

He loves to roll, and have Ens and Graafje for company.

I'm going to put Macho in his stable.

And have a look at the others.

Jente's coming today.

She can help me with Graaf and Ens.

And Mach will want to go in the exerciser too.

Tomorrow's a new day.

When I've cleaned up I'm going home.

Everything has to be clean for tomorrow.

That's my plan.

Do you know this guy?

We going to have pancakes.

I'm still wearing my white breeches.

We've got right of way!

We nearly died.

We dropped Mum off.

It's Jarri's mother's brithday.

I had some cake and wished her a happy birthday.

Then we heard that Mum and Dad were having pancakes.

So we're going to have pancakes too.

And then today's over again.

So we're on our way to have pancakes.

Did you let them know you're allergic to nuts?

This looks very Mexican.

Are you wearing a sombrero?

We're going to bed.

We're going to watch The Blacklist.

Only one episode.

I'm still wearing my show clothes.

Doesn't matter.

Thanks for watching! Tomorrow's another early start.

I'll film my freestyle at the Dutch Championships.

See you tomorrow!

That's all for today, see you next time!

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