Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ambient.Update #1

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Hello, dear friends and welcome to the first update video of the Ambient game development.

In this videos I will show you new features of the game

tell you some news about it's progress and all this important stuff.

Today let's start of general gameplay features.

Here we have Astrum - one of the game main characters

we will play as her in the Ambient. Prologue game.

As in all action-adventure games our main character can just move around and jump for now.

What about flying though - it will not be available for now because in this age Astrum still cant fly.

I tried to make moving around as fluid and natural as possibleand well

Im still trying to do so. There definitely will be a progress with it soon, but for now you have what you have.

Now lets move on to the magic cast system in this game. Its actually really simple.

What we have now is 4 magic words: its Flavescent, Golden, Ceil and Veronica.

Each word represents the color of the spell,

and by combining them we will have a new color and the new more powerful spell.

But when you combine many colors you can end up with dark magic, so keep that in mind

To cast the spell you must hold right button of the mouse

type the spell with buttons F G C V and use the spell with left button of the mouse.

See? Simple enough. Only as a true wizard you must remember what words to combine!

For example, here we have Golden.

its just simple Levitation spell. With it we can levitate some simple objects and of course our nice little sister!

Next, there is a Flavescent that will represent a simple light spell.

Oh and here is my favorite one - Fire spell. Its Flavescent + Veronica.

then what's about Teleportation? You can cast it with combining Ceil and Flavescent!

Now lets move on to a bit more powerful spells

For example - Lightning spell.

And here is one more to show - some kind of explosion around Astrum. Lets try it out!

There are also a few working spells and much much more ones I want to make work properly soon.

And all this you can try out and discover by yourself!

Because Im planing to launch a public alpha demo with whole this level and a bit more bag fixes in two weeks!

Of course its free, but if you want to support the project,

check out my patreon page and feel free to donate.

Every contribution is important no matter how big or small

because with every contribution I can make the game a bit higher quality

and also ask for professional help so some parts

of the game development I cant fix myself, could be fixed by professionals.

Like for example animation! I suck at animating, so

I need a bit help with it.

Also if you are a good animator and you are interested in helping the project

write to this email pleaseBecause we really really need your help.

Follow us on all this social stuff to be aware of latest news about the game.

Thank you for watching! Wish you muffins.

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