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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: David Martin’s cooking recipes – Sauce Pickles with Steak Tartare

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Ladies and gentlemen, today we will make a pickles sauce to go with beef tartar

Usually, when you cook that kind of dish

You use mostly ketchup, or sometimes a bit of Worcestershire sauce

But today we will do a pickles sauce with red palm oil. There you go.

Dear friends, to cook this beef tartar with pickles sauce for 4 persons, you will need

600 g of fresh beef meat, without fat, chopped with a knife

The most difficult being of course to bring the beef to the meat grinder

In addition you will need green onions, parsley and 3 spring onions, finely chopped

For the pickles sauce, you will need 3 egg yokes

10 cL of red palm oil, 1 table spoon of strong mustard

1 table spoon of mutard like savora

3 diced Russian gurkins, tarragon

50 g of fresh capers

2 tea spoon of ketchup 1 tea spoon of Worcestershire sauce

That's the English sauce

The juice of 1 lemon Curry

A pinch of red pepper

You start finely chopping green and spring onions

Then you mix them with the ground beef

Make sure not to add salt and pepper

Why? Because it will extract the blood in your plate

And you simply don't want that

Now that the ground meat is ready and in the fridge, let's start the pickles sauce

Dice the Russian gurkins

and chop the capers

The secret the make a great mayonnaise is to make sure everything, all the ingredients

are the same temperature

Don't go pick eggs straight from the fridge and mix them with oil at room temperature

You're sure to fail

Il a bowl, mix the two mustards together with the egg yokes

Then add the red palm oil, which you will have raised in temperature to make it more fluid

Add ketchup and red peppers

Just a bit of Worcestershire sauce, you know, the English sauce

And you whip

Finish up with a pinch of curry and the lemon juice

Finally, add the gurkins, capers and tarragon

Then put the dressing aside and go get the beef from the fridge

And to make it all better, add some green onion leaves on your plate

And to those who may think olive oil would be better, you're wrong

Palm oil is as good for cholesterol as olive oil

Before you taste, the only thing left to do is to put

some pickles sauce on the tartar and enjoy it wildly

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