Practice English Speaking&Listening with: New custom AM9 shoes for Danny Hart | SHIMANO

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Inside this box we have something really special.

It's a brand new shoe for Danny Hart...'s completely custom.

And this is actually the very first time...

...that Shimano have made a custom shoe for an athlete.

Danny hasn't seen these at all yet... guys are really the first people to see it...

...and so am I.

Should we open this box and have a look inside?

I think we should, shouldn't we?

Let's take one of them out... nice is that?!

That is a new AM9...

...fully black and it's got a gum sole.

And on top of that he's got his own logo on the strap...

...and the smaller details round the back...

...are just Hart and his own logo.

That is a really special shoe...

...and I'm sure Danny is going to be excited.

Should we go and give it to him?

Let's do that!

Have you seen them before?

Genuinely not seen them?

- Have you seen them?

I've seen them...

- Looks cool!

Just how I designed it.


Subtle, but with a nice little touch on the side...

...I was really keen to see how that turned out...

I'm really happy with it.

It's great.

Thanks a lot guys!

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