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[flashy big band music]

[music ends]

[energetic rock music] -Hyah!

Hyah! Lord Zeus? [Zeus] -Of course!

-Heh. Huh?

Ah! [grunge rock music]

Again. [metal clashing]

Gotcha that time.

[music ends]

[Amir Rao] -On behalf of our small team at Supergiant Games,

I'm really excited to announce our rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades,

is coming to Nintendo Switch.

You play as the immortal Prince of the Underworld, trying to escape Hell.

And each time you die, it's like coming home.

You advance the story, get stronger, and gear up for your next escape attempt.

It's a game you can sink dozens of hours into,

and if you've already done so on PC, you'll be able to transfer your progress

to the Nintendo Switch version with cross-saves.

So, if you like the fast-paced action,

rich atmosphere, and character-driven storytelling of our past titles,

like Bastion and Transistor,

we think you'll find something to love in Hades.

[flashy big band music] [Ariko] -Hi everyone, and welcome to Indie World,

a look forward at some games making their way to Nintendo Switch.

I'm Ariko... [Tyler] -And I'm Tyler.

[Ariko]-and that was a look into the Greek mythology-inspired dungeon crawler: Hades,

[dark acoustic music] from Supergiant Games. [Tyler] -In this game,

you'll ally with members of the Greek pantheon,

wield truly legendary weapons and fight your way through the underworld

as you attempt to escape The God of the Dead.

[Ariko] -Unleash the fury of Olympus,

when Hades makes its system debut on Nintendo Switch this fall.

[music ends]

[funky synth music] [Tyler] -Wow Ariko, are we back in the 90s?!

It's so...radical!

[Ariko] -With all of its groovy GIFs,

animated mouse pointers, and amazingly useful toolbars,

Hypnospace Outlaw is a portal back to the early days of the internet.

[Tyler] -Y-You mean GIF, right? Scour the weirdest corners of the net,

dodge computer viruses, and hunt down hackers and other virtual villains,

as you seek to crack cases on the digital streets of Hypnospace.

[Ariko] -You won't have to wait long to start cruising through cyberspace.

Hypnospace Outlaw launches August 27th on Nintendo Switch.

You can pre-purchase the game,

or download a demo of it from Nintendo eShop later today. [music ends]

[harmonious orchestral music] [cat meows]


[female VO singing] - ♪ Rowing through the seas of time

memories that were left behind

[music intensifies] ♪ bring us closer to the end of this journey

where we could last for... ♪

And I'll take your hand

and that you feel

all the stacks run takes to move on to

[music calms] ♪ a place, a world unseen to us all

but it's OK we'll be

together my friend. ♪♪

[music ends]

[peaceful orchestral music] [Ariko] -In this cozy management game,

make some lasting memories before you have to say a final farewell

to those not long for this world.

[Tyler] -As the Spiritfarer Stella,

help the spirits of the dead make their way into the afterlife

by transporting them across the seas on your hand-crafted ferry.

[Ariko] -Befriend passengers, customize your boat,

explore an imaginative world or just go wherever the wind takes you.

While you may be transporting your spirit friends to the afterlife,

it doesn't mean you can't have a little fun along the way.

[Tyler] -You'll be able to set sail very soon,

as Spiritfarer makes its maiden voyage on Nintendo Switch later today.

[relaxing tropical music]

[music ends]

[Picogram] -Hi! I'm Picogram, the developer for Garden Story.

One of my goals for Garden Story is to inspire community stewardship,

and showcase the importance of coming together

to help one another when times get tough,

I hope players enjoy the world that I've created,

and perhaps learn to call it a home away from home!

[Jenny] -Hi, I'm Jenny, from Rose City Games.

We're proud to be working with Picogram to bring this game to life,

and super excited to announce Garden Story will be coming to Nintendo Switch,

which means you'll be able to hang with fruity friends both at home, and on the go!

[relaxing 8-bit tropical music] [Tyler] -The time is ripe, and there's a community to save

in the wholesome action adventure game: Garden Story!

[Ariko] -While newly appointed Guardian Concord may only be a grape fresh off the vine,

it's up to them to help rebuild their community

and stave off the dangerous Rot.

[Tyler] -Cultivate friendships, gather precious resources and restore buildings

to help unite the Grove, so everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor together.

Garden Story will bloom on Nintendo Switch next year.

[eerie synth music] [Tyler] -You've crash-landed on an alien world,

and the only way to go... is down.

[Ariko] -Surrounded by water on all sides,

dive into the depths of Subnautica's vast oceans to collect resources,

craft underwater structures,

and uncover just what happened to this watery world.

[Tyler] -If you really want to delve deep,

build your own submarine, and discover the exotic flora and fauna

that call this planet home.

Just watch out for some of the more aggressive animals

that may not take kindly to your expeditions.

[Ariko] -And for explorers seeking a frozen adventure,

the sequel: Subnautica Below Zero will have divers

trying to survive the frigid temperatures of planet 4546B.

Subnautica and Subnautica Below Zero

will both launch on Nintendo Switch next year.

[lighthearted piano music]

[Tyler] -This animation style really is something Ariko!

[Ariko] -As young game designer to-be, Takeshi,

your goal is to entertain your little brother Hiroshi

with the latest chapter of your game,

in this charming RPG.

[Tyler] -Choose the monsters that Hiroshi faces on his quest

and craft cool challenges, but don't make things too difficult.

You'll need to strike a delicate balance

to make your game a truly unforgettable adventure.

[Ariko] -Discover this heart-warming tale of brotherly bonding,

when Takeshi & Hiroshi launches on Nintendo Switch later today.

[tribal synth music]

-Lani! Please sister. -Bolu, I'm coming!

[music ends]

[Shruti] -Hi, I'm Shruti Ghosh,

one of the co-founders and art directors at Nodding Heads Games.

I'm here to talk to you about our very first title, Raji: An Ancient Epic.

Raji is an action adventure game, set in ancient India,

that dives deep into the rich tapestry of Indian culture,

taking inspiration from Hindu and Balinese mythology.

All of us here at the studio

have grown up hearing such wonderful Hindu tales of epic proportions,

surrounded by architectural marvels

and the vast diversity India has to offer.

We hope you'll enjoy playing Raji,

as much as we have loved and enjoyed making it.

[tribal orchestral music]

[Ariko] -Defend the world against the forces of the mighty demon lord,

in Raji: An Ancient Epic.

[Tyler] -In this intense action adventure, mastering divine weapons,

such as the fearsome Sharanga bow and the three-pronged Trishula,

is vital to your survival.

[Ariko] -With its striking art based on ancient Pahari paintings,

and the medieval architecture of Rajasthan,

this is an adventure unlike any you've seen before.

[Tyler] -Polish your weapons and get ready to battle,

when Raji: An Ancient Epic

releases later today "as a timed console exclusive" on Nintendo Switch.

[blissful 8-bit music] [Ariko] -From decorating the rooms,

to attracting new customers,

to managing your guests,

there's barely a dull moment in quaint management adventure,

Bear and Breakfast.

[Tyler] -As fresh-faced innkeeper Hank,

it's your job to turn this dilapidated shack into a thriving B&B.

[Ariko] -Customize each room to your heart's content,

increase your establishment's reputation,

and watch as customers flood in to stay at your little slice of paradise.

Did we mention Hank's a bear?

[Tyler] -Just be careful about what dwells deep within the forest as your business expands.

You never know what secrets are hiding out there in the wilderness.

[Ariko] -Be among the first to book your reservation when Bear and Breakfast

launches on Nintendo Switch

as a timed console exclusive next year.

[cheery acoustic music] [Tyler] -Lace up your walking boots Ariko,

we're going on a hike!

[Ariko] -Explore the peaceful mountain landscapes

of Hawk Peak Provincial Park in: A Short Hike,

a game all about going at your own pace.

[Tyler] -Whether you stick to the marked trails,

or go a-wanderin' through the backcountry,

there's plenty to discover as you take in the world around you.

You could even find some treasure hidden off the beaten path!

[Ariko] -Make sure to say hi to the other hikers making their way around the park too,

they're bound to lend you a helping hand.

You can even go for a jaunt on the water,

should the mood strike you.

[Tyler] -You'll be able to hit the trail very soon,

as A Short Hike launches later today on Nintendo Switch,

as a timed console exclusive!

[mischievous orchestral music]

[music ends]

[Nicolai] -Bonjour!

My name is Nicolai Troshinsky.

I am delighted to present to you, Card Shark,

the new game from Nerial, the team that brought you Reigns: Kings & Queens.

On Card Shark, I have two roles. I am both the artist,

and the card cheat.

As a wild card of its genre,

our game will teach you real card tricks and manipulations.

We're thrilled to bring Card Shark to the Nintendo Switch.

[mischievous orchestral music] [Tyler] -Fleece and cheat your way to the top

of 18th century French society in Card Shark,

a new adventure that's all about playing your cards right.

[Ariko] -As you move from the parlor to the King's table,

build up your array of card tricks and use your ill-gotten gains

to buy your way into some truly high-stakes games.

[Tyler] -Just make sure you don't get caught.

Your fellow gamesters do not take kindly to cheaters.

[Ariko] -Card Shark will make its opening gambit on Nintendo Switch next year.

[heroic orchestral music]

[music ends]

[heroic orchestral music] [Tyler] -Fame, glory, and gear await in the land of Novastraia,

and it's up to you and fellow heroes of the frontier to go and find them!

[Ariko] -Set a century after the events of the previous game,

Torchlight III tasks you with delving into the foul dungeons of Alberen

to take on powerful foes, and collect more precious, precious treasure.

[Tyler] -For those who wish to flaunt their glittering hoard,

you can build your own forts,

where you can upgrade and show off your gear to the world.

[Ariko] -And animal lovers will be happy to know that pets make their return,

complete with their own skill sets to assist you

on your journey for even shinier plunder.

[Tyler] -Your legend awaits when Torchlight III

comes to Nintendo Switch this fall.

And when it does, adventurers on Nintendo Switch

will get this exclusive Red Fairy pet!

[blissful piano music] [Ariko] -I don't know about you Tyler,

but I feel like I'm in an optical illusion!

[Tyler] -Manifold Garden draws inspiration from physics-defying artworks

to create some truly mind-bending puzzles

where gravity is yours to manipulate.

[Ariko] -You'll need to change your perspective

if you hope to navigate through these infinitely repeating structures.

Don't worry about falling infinitely though,

gravity will bring you right back where you started,

should you take a wrong turn.

[Tyler] -Wrap your head around these perspective-twisting puzzles soon,

[Ariko] -as Manifold Garden releases later today on Nintendo Switch.

[lighthearted orchestral music]

[music ends]

[Kent] -Hi, my name's Kent. I'm the Director of Evergate.

[Cynthia] -And I'm Cynthia and I'm the Lead Artist on Evergate.

Evergate has been a passion project for the last four years.

It is a dream-like 2D puzzle platformer set in the afterlife,

where you must guide a child-like spirit, named Ki,

on a journey through life, death, space and time.

[Kent] -With Evergate, we wanted to introduce a fresh new mechanic,

the Soulflame, that gives players an extraordinary flexibility

in how they navigate the afterlife,

while also giving an experience with heart-felt emotion

that we hope will touch players with its innocence and humanity.

[Cynthia] -Thank you to everyone who has supported us in making this dream a reality.

We're extremely excited to be bringing Evergate to the Nintendo Switch.

[lighthearted orchestral music] [Tyler] -Help Ki traverse the afterlife in Evergate,

a haunting yet beautiful adventure from Stone Lantern Games.

[Ariko] -As you journey through this ethereal world,

use Ki's powerful Soulflame to slow down time

and unleash the unexpected powers

hidden within the mysterious crystals that dot the landscape.

[Tyler] -With clever use of the Soulflame, unlock the power of multiple crystals,

to solve challenging puzzles.

[Ariko] -Experience this touching story about two kindred spirits,

when Evergate launches later today on Nintendo Switch.

[flashy big band music] [Ariko] -It's almost time for us to wrap this up,

but before we go, here's a quick glimpse at even more indie games

that our partners from around the world are currently hard at work on.

Let's checkem out!

[rhythmic synth rock music]

[music ends]

[flashy big band music] [Ariko] -And that's our show!

Thank you so much to all of--

[goose honk] Was that you, Tyler?

[goose honks] [goose honks intensify] [Tyler] -Oh no. They're loose!

[Ariko] -Roll the trailer, ROLL THE TRA--!

[music ends]

[dreamy piano music]

[music ends]

[flashy big band music] [Ariko] -Is it over? ...Phew!

[Tyler] -As always, it was a pleasure!

[Ariko] -By the way, we're hosting an indie sale

over on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch right now,

including discounts on some of the games we showed in this presentation.

Make sure to check it out later today!

On behalf of everyone at Nintendo,

a big thank you to all of our amazing partners and developers

who are hard at work bringing their labors of love to Nintendo Switch.

[Tyler] -And of course, thanks to all of you out there for tuning in!

[Tyler and Ariko] -Until next time, happy gaming!

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