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How do special day and night ingredients require the assistance of a puppy to capture?

How do dragon owls, abalones, and white pelicans become the most flopped dishes in the food stalls?

Any festival, people celebrate the day, we must start work

Plastic stool, folding table

Thundering oil

See how Guangzhou builds its own night and night rivers and lakes

Old taste, nightingale

Guangdong, where the commodity economy is developed, the white smog is long and stuffy

Known for hard work

Guangzhou people who often work until midnight, often staying up late


First launched a nighttime business

Night food is a tribute to the sweat of the daytime work

Also enhance friendship

Business negotiation bridge

The south of the summer is accompanied by more than just hot heat in Guangzhou.

There are storms that cannot be avoided.

Typhoon 15 and 16 have come one after another

Let the original and lively Hailing Island be extremely calm

Guests come here

Generally it is food, beach, surfing twenty one 00:01:45,700 --> 00:01:50,200 Usually we are filled with guests here. twenty two 00:01:50,221 --> 00:01:53,130 The impact of the typhoon twenty three 00:01:53,131 --> 00:01:56,970 Our guests here twenty four 00:01:56,971 --> 00:01:58,230 Basically, about two-thirds less

Han Wei. A food creator on Hailing Island in Yangjiang. At least 200,000 passengers taste his craft every year.

Different from other food creators

His place for cooking is on the sea.

There are only nine sea food stalls throughout the island.

I have been a chef at sea stalls for more than ten years.

Eleven years of experience at sea

Trained out Han Jins precise grasp of seafood cooking

Especially the various crabs on Hailing Island.

Either way, the diners are coveted

Its a fishing season, and with the influence of the typhoon, there are fewer types of seafood.

The most popular sand crab and stone crab

I cant see it during the fishing season.

I have to wait until after the fishing season.

Make bricks without straw

Han Yu can only put hope after the annual fishing festival

Can not be beautiful

Open fishing festival is near

The typhoon came to join in the fun

Have to postpone ten days

Although there are still two days to go out to sea

But many fishermen have been unable to hold back.

Blazing strong storms

Preparing to go out to sea on their respective boats

I am looking forward to it, no money to eat.

Telling the gods of the South China Sea, open fishing today

All fishermen's future miles

The tail of Typhoon No. 16 has not crossed the sky above Hailing Island.

The overdue fishing festival is one day later than the original plan.

Angry weather is not ideal

But the long wait for three and a half months is finally a draw.

The majestic sight of a thousand sails

Once again

On Hailing Island

Fishermen with hope

Started a new round of farming, animal husbandry and fishery

The weather on the island is hot

So when we are busiest and busiest

Is dinner and midnight snack

Taking advantage of the fun of the fishing festival

After lunch

Han Zhen also sailed to the sea to try his luck.

I most hope to catch a crab like a bread and a hoe.

This kind of crab

More difficult than blue crab

Hanzhens crab like bread and steamed buns

In fact, it is called bread crab.

Also known as the yellow crab, rounded shape, small thighs, slow movement

They dont like sports because of their size constraints.

Full body full of crab cream

King of the cream crab

Every time we come out, we have bread crabs.

Should I have it today? Have! The weather is so good today, there should be!

Breadcrumbs can only be captured by trawling. Positioning, downloading, placing, trawling, and netting, after half an hour of slow towing

The first net is ready to pull up

There aren't many crabs, a lot of Pippi shrimp! With

Wow, there are bread and crabs, its amazing! Not very big

Very small. Crab is very small at this time

If after a while

It should be fine.

At least twice, very little gain

Han Zhen took a little disappointment

gone back

The third day of the fishing festival

The typhoon No. 17 is going to hit the front again.

Fishing boats have returned to Hong Kong to avoid the wind

How is it so small? So small

The typhoon is coming, there is no seafood.

Although the fishermen brought back the bread crabs brought by Han Zhen, although not many

But can also temporarily solve

Han Zhen can't wait to open the stove

Start his best golden garlic steamed crab

And breaded crab risotto

As the saying goes, after the fall is the season of crab fat 98 00:07:04,771 --> 00:07:08,070 But the opposite is true for breaded crabs.

Bread crumbs at this time, the crab meat is white and tender

First heat the pot

Put the pork belly under the pot

Put the bread and crab paste down

Then put the crab and crab cover

Put it down together

Then you can pour it into the rice.

Claypot rice absorbs the flavor of breaded crab

There is also the smell of meat

Han Han personally cooks

Making your own night banquet with hard-to-eat ingredients

Come and try it

Sharing with the brothers who have been fighting for many years, he knows how much money is hard to do.

I hope that four meals a day will not be lost.

Is the greatest blessing in ordinary life.

Yumi Township, Zhuhai Town

After the night, the troubles are like the center of the city, a kind of folk taste known as super low-grade.

Let the diners inside and outside the town gather together

Ganwu Town is located at the intersection of the rivers and seas in the western part of Zhuhai

a wide range of aquatic products

People living in this land of fish and rice hide many unknown skills.


Also teach children to class.


You are so busy today.

Don't go out and catch mice?

The bitch is a puppy, go tomorrow!

Take a few more pounds back! it is good!

What makes them famous is the unique foraging skills.

Can dig out the ingredients in this land that are difficult for ordinary people to find.

Uncle catching mud fish

I will dig the mouse 131 00:09:14,581 --> 00:09:16,260 These mice were dug back two or three weeks ago.

This is our speciality

Many people will eat at night.

The mouse in Minggus mouth is not a mouse that we cant avoid.

But with sugar cane

Field vole with rice and wild fruit

All of them are sugar cane

Many voles have eaten this for fifty or sixty years.

The voles will harm the farmland

The annual lunar calendar September is coming to January

Ming Ge and two small partners will form a squirrel adventure team.

Focus on the hobby that started in this childhood

After the Mid-Autumn Festival is the season to catch the voles

Autumn wind is coming

The voles are especially fat

Great one!

Catch up!

Either morning or evening. Better catching in the morning

To successfully capture the voles

In addition to mastering its foraging rules

Still have to rely on the help of the rodent expert

The most important thing is the dog, let the dog dig the voles

This bitch has just given birth to a puppy

The "maternity leave" of the mouse-hunting boss has just passed

Ming Ge can't wait to team up to the battlefield.

The old sugarcane forest has disappeared

Where the voles can feed, there are only banana forests and rice fields.

The trio ran for three hours with three dogs.

I chose a dense banana forest

As the home of today

Want Want and Mom to dig the voles

As the saying goes, dogs take the mouse to do nothing.

but in fact

Using the dog to find the mouse all the way is a coup from the old man.

This dog grows to ten to twenty pounds.

Train him to catch the mouse

Teach it, teach it to catch the voles

Run one, very small, can't catch?

With the guidance, it does not mean that you can do more with less. The significance of the unique work is that the predecessors passed on the essence of practice to future generations.

Mingge dug the voles is following the five rules set by the ancestors

Searching. By the dog's sense of smell

Look for the caves of the voles. dig. After digging into the cave, start dredging

smoke. Judging the number of holes by smoking

And rushing out of the hole. Shou. The splitter waited for the voles to flee at different openings.

catch. Eye-opening


May be a small mouse


Just born, it is good to bring wine! Two

Seven, eight

After nearly half an hour of digging, smoked, kept

The harvest is not satisfactory

Three people with small gains and big hopes

Continue to follow the pace of the three assistants

The mouse does not treat people.

Every inch of land that passes through is quickly filtered by a mine-like sight.

Ming Ges sharp eyes seem to have found clues


I saw a big one

a big one from my side

what? So big one.

Catch up!

Is it big? Yes

Grab! I am guarding here.

The atmosphere is getting more and more tense

This is not over here.

The assistant on the other side heard a cry.

Inform the owner of the discovery

Around seven or two

From 8 am to 3 pm

Eyes are fast, repeating five or six hours, and returning to have both joy and worry

Often bitten by voles

If you catch it bad, you will be bitten by it. This is what I bite three days ago.


Holding out a total mentality of harvest

No matter how much or not, the squirrel adventure team always has a sense of satisfaction.

End the day's busy

Guangzhou people love the habit of eating rats

Everyone knows

There is also a saying that the rat has three chickens.

The voles of the voles are sweet and tender, and the bones are soft and crisp. People here like to use fried, glutinous,

Braised, hot pot and soup to cook the voles of the voles

Endless taste

Put the oil under the pot and stir the ginger slices

Put the leaves and star anise

Then put in the rat meat

Vole after the water is dried

Add a little rice wine

There is also soy sauce and seafood sauce to continue to stir fry

Finally, cover the lid and turn it to a small fire.

This is the traditional dish

Yellow voles

Those few are good.

I have eaten less in recent years.

You just gave it to you

If its not an acquaintance,

I dare not eat at all

The voles who must be dug back from familiar places dare to eat.

You try to use voles to cook rice better.

Field mouse, the lingering childhood taste of the clerk

Although the field is gone

The environment has changed

Wherever there is a voles

Mingge and his friends will continue to pursue

Use this special day and night to deliciously

In the context of the old days and nights

Game is only a flavoring agent

Seafood is the mainstream of the late night cafeteria

Shantou is the pilgrimage site for Chinese day and night lovers.

among them

Most famous in the steamed casserole

The porridge bottom created by the Chaoshan people

Produce wonderful changes after meeting various ingredients

But in the Chaoshan area 40 years ago, there was no precedent for using casseroles to cook porridge.

Mom, sit down.

I cook a bowl of fish porridge for you to eat.

Shark fin squid porridge

Every night, the last bowl of porridge is cooked for my mom to make a nightingale.

Leave the best one to cook the last pot of porridge every night for your mom.

This little thought lasted for ten years in this small shop in Shantou.

Same as other night shifts

Busy from 5pm to 4:11am

Its not over for the morning of the operation of the casserole porridge shop.

I have to check every new pot bought back.

Have an echo

You have a crack like this

Do not

This small shop of less than 20 square meters was founded by his father.

Relying on a small casserole for 22 years

Wu Chaoqi, 30 years old, has been a chef for ten years.

I went to work in the field from the age of 16.

At the age of twenty, I came back to take over the craft of my father.

Wu Chaoqi just turned 20 years old

Far from Malaysia, he received news that his father died of illness.

Immediately resigned from his hometown work.

Going back to China to take over the father's business

Some health


Later changed it, the quality of the fish must be fixed.

My father was with the supplier at that time.

I can't do it. 272 00:18:04,771 --> 00:18:06,270 I have to pick the goods myself.

Buying fish depends on luck.

20 kilometers from Minjiang River to Shantou Seafood Market

In order to find good ingredients

This night road

Wu Chaoqi walked for ten years

Wind and rain

The seafood market in the early morning is crowded

To grab the ideal ingredients in the hands of many early-rising foraging people

In addition to the experience you have to look at luck

Is this ok?

Very fresh, very bright eyes

The fish is red, it is very fresh, this meat is very hard.

Using various kinds of fish to cook casserole porridge is the new highlight of Wu Chaos taking over his fathers business.

But to pick and handle a variety of different fish

Not a simple and easy thing

Only one layer of sand on the surface

Must be treated with hot water

Can wash this layer of sand off

Come back and forth in the market

Need the ingredients to hand

The sky is already bright

The fish you buy must first open the belly.

Clean out the internal organs inside the stomach

Then we wipe off the blood from the internal organs.

Then we can put the refrigerator

Come back in the afternoon

If the fish is not processed in time, the smell is difficult to remove.

Simple cleaning of all the fish

14 and a half hours of busy work finally come to an end

At four o'clock in the afternoon

For Archie

Its the beginning of a new day. 305 00:19:46,380 --> 00:19:49,020 Different from other casseroles

The first thing after Archie opened the store was not to soak rice or cut fish.

And boiled pork belly

Chaoshan casserole porridge is mainly seafood

Seafood lacks certain fat inside

This marinated pork belly is a supplement to fish fat.

Then make the taste more smooth

Chaoshan casserole

Are not boiled with water

On our side, we use pig bones.

Soy beans and rice to make this bone soup

Use this soup to cook a casserole

This pot of soup is about an hour and a half.

Dried fish powder is also the secret of A's father.

Deep-fried fish with peanuts

After being fried, grind it into powder

Used to add fresh porridge

All the necessary materials are ready

Wife starts to soak rice

Archie is responsible for cutting fish and meat.

You have to soak for 20 minutes with water.

Then pour it in when the water is open.

The second time the water is open

I have been to that cold water again.

Let it cool down and become a half-cooked rice.

Forty years ago

Chaoshan people do not have the habit of using casseroles and porridge

Early reform and opening up

Chaoshan people who have gone abroad to see the local residents of Guangzhou, using a narrow-mouth wide casserole to soup

Chaoshan people who are good at adapting to use casseroles for simmering porridge

Since then

Chaoshan casserole porridge floating national

Wu Chaoqi chose a small casserole to deliver heat to the interior in a balanced and long-lasting manner.

Relatively balanced ambient temperature facilitates the mutual penetration of water molecules and food

The longer the penetration

The more the fresh ingredients spill over

The more porridge you get out of it

We have a saying in Chaoshan that there is no shortcut to porridge, to stir up thirty-six times.

I want to cook a pot of porridge

The cooking steps can't be arbitrarily, the first time is to boil, and this time you need to stir with your hand spoon.

Release the hot air of the rice

Porridge will not be obsessed with

Will not stick to the pot

The second is to turn the small fire slowly, reduce the stir, will not stir the rice

So that the porridge is too thick

Porridge is cooked until the seven or eight mature

Chaoshan casserole porridge can be placed almost any material

Just mention the idea

The boss can almost meet individual needs

And the porridge made is very delicious.

Saving time in the casserole

But it is not labor-saving

Family of three from five in the afternoon

Always busy until the early hours of the morning

The hardship behind the stove is only a variety of people can experience

This is the case with dining.

Once busy, its the whole familys mobilization. Its hard.

But as long as the guests say happy

I feel okay.

a pot of porridge in a shop

three people

Not so much for the fathers care

Its better to say that its a stable life for the family.

A warm and thick porridge is famous for its tides.

Also made the life of Wu Chaoqi 370 00:23:23,340 --> 00:23:28,950 Zhanjiang, 800 kilometers away from Shantou, is known as the southern seafood kingdom.

There must be no poetry and wine at the party, and the banquet must have oysters.

I have never tasted the taste of Zhanjiang charcoal and oysters, which means I have never been to the city.

But Zhanjiangs oysters are not so charcoal

This approach

Late night

The diners who tasted the taste of each road ended the final overture of the nightlife.

Wang Zhide, who runs the real store, sent the last table of diners away.

But there is no end to the busy day.

What is new?

I took a stone and tried a dish.

Take this oyster, use this temperature

Use rain stone to do

Can give it a try

How long does this cook?

This is enough for two minutes to see the guest's request. If you want to eat six mature

Two minutes is enough

This will be very soon.

Eat delicate, more detailed

These seemingly simple cooking methods are the result of more than two months of repeated research by Wang Zhide and his chef.

Hobbies always inspire people's unlimited power

Caterers can't avoid running against time

Wang Zhide Zhanjiang people call him "the king of oysters"

Originally engaged in advertising design in Guangzhou

12 years ago, regardless of family opposition, I returned to my hometown to start a small business in Zhanjiang.

June to August each year is the breeding season of Zhanjiang oysters

It is also the time when Wang Zhide is most worried.

How to be thin and small when eating raw

Keeping the stomach of the diners, this is a big problem

I am a Zhanjiang person.

I especially like to eat barbecue.

Every time on the 13th

I think of barbecue

But I think Zhanjiang barbecue is so delicious.

Can you do more, eat more?

So I took the first step.

Driving 15 km

Wang Zhide brought the most familiar Zhanjiang Tongming Bay

At the beginning of business

In search of quality oysters

He runs through all the brackish water harbors in Zhanjiang.

Finally, I met my brother here.

It is May

It is also the breeding season of oysters. These places are not oysters.

Now, taking advantage of the season of nursery, let me see how it is.

In the lunar calendar in May, all the oyster fishermen in the harbor are busy repairing the seedlings.

Knowing that there is no oyster can buy

Wang Zhide is still visiting after three or five

I am looking at the sea water.

Are there any pollution?

And the oyster grows well.

Oysters are very old food

In the Tunxi River of Zhanjiang, I discovered the clam shell more than 7,000 years ago.

Oysters are filter feeders that feed on floating algae and microbes.

It generates airflow in the water by vibrating the cilia on the raft

Let the water enter the plug

Then use cilia to screen suspended particles in water


One kilogram of seawater can be filtered in one hour after adulthood

Raw oysters from seedlings to seedlings

Moved to the deep sea in a tandem manner

This process takes seven to eight months

Generally hoisted between 30 cm and 1 m under water

This is better for the growth of oysters.

Easy to absorb sunlight and nutrition

A fat Zhanjiang number needs to be raised for two to three years.

And the average oyster can be harvested in a year and a half to two years or so.

Since the first charcoal grilled oysters in Tunxi County, Zhanjiang

The heat of the charcoal-burning Zhanjiang oysters in the night and night is spread from this remote town.

And lasted nearly 40 years

Although history

However, Zhanjiangs oysters have always been marked by the indecent hall

In the past ten years

Wang Zhide is working hard to change the first impression

I am the best oyster

Then in the process of oyster cleaning, I spend a lot more than others.


Have to go through the manual brush

There are still flowing hands constantly brushing

The mud on the surface is completely cleaned.

Create food with the thinking and aesthetics of the advertiser

Bringing new elements and new standards to Zhanjiang Health from the inside out

Traditionally, it is basically garlic.

Because many people eat garlic.

There are some bad smells

I was thinking about whether I could replace some garlic with some fruits.

So research out

How many?

Everyone likes it a lot.

From garlic oysters to fruit oysters

From cheese oysters to sour soup oysters

From the advertiser to the barbecue, to the founder of the oyster store, Wang Zhide spent 11 years.

Make a single carbon-fired oyster into a "moon banquet"

The last one is oyster

Mom, this oyster

Newly developed food

I wish you a happy Mother's Day. Thank you!

Because of his love, he is a means of making births and making a living.

It is the sustenance of the inner ideal

In the daily life of fireworks

We have seen a new generation of persistence and innovation in the nightingale world.

Dajiang Town, located in the southwest of Xinxing County

The ecological environment of the green mountains and green waters is regarded as the back garden of the Pearl River Delta.

I usually go hiking.

Sometimes I will go to the river to see

Is there any delicious?

Wu Yulin, who grew up in this back garden, is a famous "mountain person" in Dajiang Town.

He is famous not only because he likes to run in the mountains when he has time.

But his keen food feeling

Always discover the beauty of the mountains

Hard life before

Seven people, parents and brothers and sisters, certainly must not eat enough, catch some fish

Grab some shrimps and crabs and solve a meal.

Because you have to fill your stomach

So old man running in the mountains

The habit of the past has become a hobby

And every time you go up the mountain Wu Xinlin

Its natural to bring a bunch of bait and cover the bait half-covered.

Under the stone in the stream

Three minutes will be fine

Have crabs come out to eat and grab it

Less than ten minutes

Small and medium mountain crabs come out along the bait

Sometimes there are a few pounds, sometimes you can make a meal with three pounds.

Originally wanted to catch the snail

Sometimes I cant catch it when Im late, Ill take it back.

Wu Yulin took a little harvest and a little regret

End of the day's busy

No matter where you are in the mountains

Still relying on the sea

Guangzhou people are always full of passion and expectation for the fourth meal of the day.

Ayi, there is nothing you want today.

Only hehe. Still a little harvested


a lot of

Grabbed for an afternoon

Brothers, come to dinner at 10 o'clock tonight.

Mountain crab

The locals call it shrimp spicy

Although smaller

But rich in protein

Fat and multivitamins

Clearing heat and dispersing blood

a busy day

I always want to have some authentic taste to work hard and tired.

Day and night when the mountain is about to enter

Getting along with the local

Tan Qingqing uses his own unique method to cook this day and night.

The crab caught by Lin Ge today is very good.

I have to give it to Lin Ge first. Wow good incense

Deep-fried crab, spicy egg soup, and fried rice noodles are all features of the new day and night.

However, in the hearts of Wu Xinling and Pan Qingqing, the taste of the snails and the process of sucking the snails are not perfect.

Originally wanted to grab the snail,

But the water is too turbid, I cant see it at all.

I see that there are many typhoons today, it often rains, so it is difficult to catch

See if you can catch it tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Everyone has a cup of tea, good!

Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In addition to the necessary moon cakes

The emerging peoples moon-watching table is even more delicious.

Mountain pit snails live in sediment

a clean water environment rich in humus, often in the soil of microorganisms and phytoplankton in the water

Young aquatic plants, moss, etc.

The mountain snail crouched out at night, and the shape was small and pointed.

The color is the same as the stone in the stream. If you want to touch them during the day, the rich experience is the key.

Look in your own eyes, turn the stones and move the leaves during the day to find

Sunny noon

Mountain snails occasionally come out to enjoy sunbathing

For Wu Yulin

Repeatedly bowed for four hours

Finally, there is a little gain

Resting with the clear water every other day

And the soil is light and the impurities are removed.

Is an indispensable process

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival

Perilla fry snail is the best moon-watching food for emerging people

Mountain pit snail is cold and cold food

The perilla leaves can spread cold

The combination of the two is a golden match in the diet

Put ginger on it. Perilla

In the past, the mountain snail was a make-up for people to fill their stomachs.


It has evolved into the heart of emerging people.

While cooking

In addition to the traditional basil stir fry

Also innovated a lot of matching

Mountain snail


Shankeng snail pig bone soup

Gently suck from the screw

Snail sliding in the entrance


Mountain pit snails are not valuable ingredients

Can only be regarded as hometown delicious

But every emerging person loves its fresh and fragrant

This is one of the reasons why I am longing for the mountains.

Staying up late with the fireworks atmosphere can always add people's emotions and joy

Fast-paced Hong Kong is the birthplace of staying up late

Endless stream

The endless stream of cars is eating while walking.

Since the 1970s


You have a big label in Hong Kong

Fast traffic

Walking fast

Eating fast is just one aspect of the daily life of Hong Kong people.

When night falls

Hong Kong people in front of the night shift will return to the most leisurely state of the day.

Three or five confidants gather together

Eat slowly

After 5:00 and 6:00 after work

Three or five friends came to drink beer and chat

This day is over.

among them

The most desirable food for Hong Kong people is the food stall.

Plastic stool folding table

Ordinary ingredients release the smell of rivers and lakes in a frying pan

Human fireworks, never lingering

This is the imprint of Hong Kong food stalls.


There are more than 800 roadside stalls in Hong Kong because of policy control

Only 26 companies are licensed today.

I have been running a food stall here for 35 years.

The key to the side dishes is "flat, awkward, positive"

The 63-year-old Lu Hanyu personally experienced various changes in the Hong Kong food stalls.

Since 1983

He moved the stall flavor into a large estate.

The governments intention to build this mushroom pavilion is

One or two public housing estates will be built, and there will be four bunks in each mushroom pavilion.

Slowly become this kind of food stall

The old roadside food stalls have long been replaced by the villages mushroom pavilion.

More than two hundred kinds of mushroom kiosk cooked food stalls in Hong Kong, which can survive for 30 to 40 years.

Liu Yiyus victory food stalls have always sought the attention of the neighbourhood.

Every day at 2:3 pm, he always appears in the market.

Your heart, these long cauliflowers can't be

To pick the kind of flower that is not blooming

Every holiday

The eldest son Lu Zhaoting will follow his father and learn.

Lu Zhaoting knows well that the identification and selection of ingredients

Father has a unique vision

I have been in Hong Kong for seven or eight years in seven or eight years.

I have an understanding of the ingredients.

Seven years of career in the market, he was rigorous about the selection criteria for ingredients.

Every piece of meat, every dish and even every onion must be assured by your own hands.

This crab will take it back slowly and will die soon.

But this crab is very fat and full of flesh.

Thousands of choices are the best

After two hours of picky eaters

Father and son rushed back to the gear

Prepare for a busy weekend and stay up late

Dragon scorpion, lobster, abalone, white peony,

The ingredients that these large restaurants will have are the most popular dishes in the Lv Yingyu food stalls. His business philosophy has subverted the positioning of traditional food stalls.

He uses the finest ingredients to combine traditional food stalls.

At a popular price

Serving people

In order to attract customers early adopters

The first thing he thought of was

Hong Kong people's favorite dragon

Long Yu

Its flesh is not tender but smooth

Big and delicious!

Now this is only a hundred kilograms.

Forty or fifty pounds will be delicious.

The processing of the dragonfly is more complicated than the average fish.

Bloodletting is very important

The blood is clean, the meat is white

The blood is not clean, the meat is black

Deep sea fish with ciguato

Eat it will be paralyzed

Fish fillets should be thinned

0.2 or 0.3 cm for the edge oven

Even eating a skin like eating crispy meatballs

Very cool

I know that Hong Kong people love to beat the stove,

First thought of the launch of the dragon pot

But this hot pot is not a soup with fish fillets, so simple

First oil

Meat quality will be very flexible

Fry and fry, then put in a good soup

258 yuan of Longyan hot pot course launched

Streets flock to

He boldly launched the black truffle green shrimp ball

Bamboo sea king wing

Abalone, mushroom, goose

New dishes such as shrimp and toast

One or two hundred pieces will allow diners to taste the taste of star-rated restaurants in the night market of the food stalls.

Launched as a package

Let the neighborhood choose more

Don't have to think about it so much

A few dishes, the price is cheap, small profits but quick turnover

From 7 pm to 1 am

Father and son coordinate with each other to run the audience

Chef Big Brother is responsible for the total control of the kitchen


Each other

In fact, doing our trip is miserable.

Especially for us, you have to do any holiday.

When people celebrate the same day, we also have to work.

a seemingly inconspicuous food stall

In fact, its not simple

The price is average, the food is very cool.

These are the exclusive labels for the food stalls.

It is also a development and inheritance of day and night culture.

We have made 30 years of food stalls

If one day my father said that he would not do it, I am willing to do it.

Taste the essence of a city

Must walk day and night

An old table can spell a moving story

a burst of fire

Stir up the human temperature

One night, delicious

Can drive away fatigue

relationship between people

No modification, stay away from alert, relax and be intimate


Stay up all night

There is also this happiness and warmth.

The Description of 老广的味道第4季 ep2 宵夜 | 1080P