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it's Friday night Grace Chapel family it's so good to be here with you hi

everyone well we are in for a fun night tonight

we're gonna spend a few minutes with you and in fact we're gonna show some of

your pictures that you sent in from last week of you with your dogs and so we've

got a lot of great pictures can't show them all so many came in but we're gonna

show a number of them we also have our fun trivia night tonight we're gonna

have a laugh out loud moment with Tim Hawkins we're gonna we're gonna spend a

little bit of time in Philippians chapter 4 what are we gonna talk about

tonight contentment w're gonna talk about contentment tonight we also are gonna

have a little bit of worship we're gonna sing Christ is Enough together and we

also have our musician of the week but we thought it would be fun tonight to go

Hawaiian style and to go to the beach and so tonight we're actually going to

take a trip with you to Maui and we're gonna go to the beach together so I

think we're gonna have a lot of fun this evening and we pray that you would be

full of joy in your homes - not in your homes tonight but we wanted to show you

first some pictures from that were sent in from this week from the church family

and so we have some pictures of you with your dogs let's take a look at some of

them like I think this first one is here we go pet picture time yes this first

one is of Sam DeVore with her dog who's shy that's that's that's the dog's name

weird how much people start looking like their dogs because Josh looks a lot like

their dog doesn't he that's perfect thank you for sending that in does that mean you look a

lot like Lucy moving on okay we also got one from the Hasdale family I think we

got there oh there they are what a great picture Melody and Lilly and Melody's

one of our Jr highers so welcome to you young ladies that's awesome I

think the Marshals sent a picture in as well Heather Marshall there she is with

her three dogs I'm pretty sure that the two big dogs on the left are probably

hers and that baby little poodles probably Zach's dog yes yes that fits

him mm-hmm I think we have another one from the Stevens oh there it is wow that

dog looks cozy in that spot yes indeed yeah it kind of reminds me of

Phil Roberts in the way his done yes it does a little more hair in the top and

hey we love you anyhow Aaron I don't have any to talk brag about the Cocks

isn't Jessica sent a picture of her dog in oh that's a great picture back in the snow that was a fun day can you

believe it snowed so much twice that was really a treat great to see your face I

love it and then we also I think Brooke Jones sent one in oh that's cute she's

dressed up isn't that a beautiful what a sweet girl picture beautiful picture lighting like

she loves her dog that's awesome thank you Brooke for sending that in I

love it I think we have one from the Hefflebaurers tonight oh there it is

that's a little one have you ever seen a family that has kids that look more like

each other than the Hefflebauer family I mean there is only one Hefflebauer mold

they all look exactly alike you everyone thanks for sending that in Lindley sent a

picture in oh that's a pretty picture look at the fall leaves doesn't that

look good yeah I love it little he always has a great smile on

yes she does always pull enjoy and then Kerry Sanchez sent one in this is a

funny picture that's her baby that's her baby that I think thinks it's a lap dog

it is probably bigger than her yes and who is Kerry Sanchez oh that's my sister

yes it is she comes and visits a lot so so are you ready for some trivia tonight

you ready because here's what you got to do hmm if

you have the ability you can go to another device you can email in your

answers and we're gonna do our best job to sort through the correct answers and

then award winners and every winner is gonna get a $10 gift card to Amazon so

here we go I think Kristin you're gonna ask the questions tonight okay it's okay

sounds good how many hearts does an octopus have how many does an octopus

yeah I was thinking about the math on this so we as you

means we have four limbs or tentacles and an octopus has eight and so since we

have one heart I think the math might be two I'm gonna guess - okay good guess

this is a sports one number two what NFL quarterback has been in the most Super

Bowls that's the easiest one ever Clayton Kershaw

did he play football I think so okay that's your hope now number three what

does the term pee or piano mean in music theory I'm going with my same

answer I gave last time about music and the answer is accordion

that's just my music answer are you having a desire to learn how to play

that I'm gonna play the accordion some day in heaven okay number four what

is the first element on the periodic table you know I know that they sell the

brand Element at Tilly's so I think it has something to do with Tilly's and I

didn't do very good chemistry so I'm gonna go with that oh no I didn't either

who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel okay this I feel the most

confident in it's Miguel Rice yes thank you for all your work

around our campus by the way I didn't know he was an artist yeah he's fantastic in

fact during this time off he's painting the ceiling at the church okay here we

go number six how many cards in a deck of

cards how many cards our deck of cards the answers are gonna come at the end

but I'm gonna give you a heads up also at the end tonight we're gonna ask you

to take a picture with yourself or your family whoever you're with with your

favorite game that you've been playing during this time at home and you can

email that live@GCLancaster as well so email your answers in we'll take some

pictures of you and your family with games that would be great we'll show

some of those tonight and maybe next week as well last question here it is

what is the only fruit with seeds on the outside that's got to be pineapple it

has all those pokey things on the outside of the pineapple it's just gotta

be a pineapple I'm sure of it is a pineapple a fruit or vegetable I believe it's a

fruit okay I'm obviously just a genius which is appropriate since we're headed

to Maui tonight yeah I think that's great so we have a special little you

know sort of comedy moment for you we're just calling it our Laugh Out Loud and

and this is one of our favorite comedians Tim Hawkins and this is just a

little clip he puts on I would encourage you to check out his website and maybe

catch some of his videos but let's go to Tim now this is a clip that he had done a

while ago oh that's right and it's kind of just a little funny because of what

we're going through right now so it's especially relevant and what we're going

through right now with all the hand sanitizer that we're using and he just

makes some funny observations about church which probably are are much more

applicable today than ever yes so here we go Tim Hawkins there's a lot of hand

sanitizer in church anybody noticed that I don't know at my church they have

these two hand sanitizer stations right by the front door greeters that is not a

good message people come in on Sunday how you doing nice to see y'all it's

good to see you thanks for coming visit you're gonna love it here

we just love people you can just be yourself you can just be yourself we

don't care we don't judge you we just love you sit back and whatever questions

you have you let us know we'll let you know whatever we can do for you okay

y'all newly married you got four kids for kids that is amazing

that we love kids here kids are like a little gift from God is what they are

they're just wonderful little creatures that God gives us mm-hmm

yeah where y'all from Arkansas okay

I just think everybody's gonna come back so in need of being sanitized I just

want you to know I am NOT gonna be paranoid at all when everybody gets back

to church so anyhow yeah so we were thinking tonight for a little devotion

time just with the family our family whether you're home alone right now or

if you're with your family and we just were thinking for family devotions we

could maybe go to the beach would you guys want to go on a flight to the beach

with us let's let's take a trip together why should we stay here that's all in

our imagination right now that sounds wonderful here we go you know really

cheap flight we were the only ones on it I didn't know we were gonna have to ride on the wing though yeah the bummer is it messed up my hair

yeah it messed up my hair too yeah by the way speaking of messed up hair that was Micth Brill that was there

his dog I I recognize that head Mitch my bad so hello to you guys and we

wanted to share with you tonight for just a few minutes and I'm gonna ask you

even if you have your Bibles to grab them or you can open up a device

Philippians chapter 4 and and you're probably familiar with this passage but

I just love what the Apostle Paul says and we're gonna just talk about this a

little bit tonight but but he just says this I know what it is to be brought low

and I know what it is to have plenty he goes I have learned in whatever

situation to be content and we're going to show you that on the screen in just a

moment but but we want to just talk about tonight is just the importance of

contentment even during this season and and maybe a few ways that we can have it

because you'll notice he says you have to learn contentment so how is it that

we can learn contentment through this season we really could come out of this

stronger spiritually if we choose to in contentment an area that I think we

could all grow in and we're going to talk about that tonight as well it's so

contentments been defined this way it means to be pleased it means to be

satisfied Spurgeon said this a man's contentment is what's in his mind and

not his material possessions I like what Max Lucado says he says this

the good life be not with circumstances not with certain when circumstances

change but when our attitude toward them does so it really is an attitude of the

mind and so often we engage in in wishful thinking that when I get this or

when this you know when these restrictions are over when the safe at

home ends then I'll learn to be content and I'll get it then and what I would

say to all of us tonight is we don't have to wait till then we can actually

have contentment now our circumstances don't have to change I was thinking

Chris when we went to Hawaii a couple years ago we had somebody fly us out

there so you could do their wedding yes it was such a joy it was so much fun and

I remember snorkeling and my favorite part was the turtles yes that was so fun

but I also would think back on when we were first married and when we lived in

our little tiny mobile home we were so we enjoyed that so much and I was

thinking about the time that we were we had driven out to Indiana when we were

we were 19 20 21 and where you were going to school full-time and then

decided to go to seminary so our money was tight we did not have much at all we

went to seminary we didn't really have much money to get back home back in the

Chevette we did in that Chevette and we had it so full and packed remember we

could we just barely could feed Briana she was 11 months old through the holes

but anyways we we were tight on money it was a hard it was hard but I remember

once we needed new tires on our Chevette and it came to $59.99 exactly where

we're praying and asking the Lord how we were gonna come up with that and that

evening our old pastor had come knocking on the door and said to us I think that

the Lord just laid this on my heart but I just want to give you guys $60 yeah -

I don't know why but he's just saying I want to give you $60 and we just saw

God's provision so we had a penny to spare we had a penny

yes and and the reason why I share that is we had so much joy and so much fun

even though we did not have much material possession but we saw God

provide we had so much joy there as much as we had the same amount of joy we're

in Hawaii let's be honest we've all been in situations to where we've been really

blessed then we're on a vacation in Hawaii and we get in fights and we

complain or we say it's too hot or I didn't really like that dinner so Paul

the Apostle Paul saying he learned how to be content in any and every situation

whether well fed or whether hungry in fact look at at Philippians chapter 4

verses 11 and 12 have it for you on the screen it says this not that I was ever

in need for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have I know how

to live on almost nothing or with everything I have learned the secret of

living in every situation whether it is with a full stomach or an empty with

plenty or little and so what Paul was saying was this is that while he was

under house arrest he was still content they were still joy in his heart when he

maybe lived a life where he had a lot and he was a Pharisee he would have been

at a time in his life where he had plenty he knew what plenty meant but

what he knew is this is that really contentment was a state of his mind and

not based on his material possessions or his current situation so what I wanted

to do is just briefly share with you kind of just bit world at gratitude

place in contentment the necessity for growth in the area of contentment I

certainly have not arrived in that I can't say that I haven't complained at

all the last couple of weeks or coveted a different circumstance there's been

those moments maybe you've had them too and then I want you to see the world at

God place and we'll just do that briefly but I just want you to see first the

world that gratitude plays and Philippians 4 it says rejoice in the

Lord always I will say it again rejoice Greg Laurie has said this came in a pill

form gratitude would be a miracle cure so if you can learn to be thankful for

what you we already have instead of what we think we need it could make us happy

did you catch that if we could learn to be grateful with what we have

instead of desiring what we think we need we could be happy that could make

us happy and I believe God desires that we would have that contentment that that

is his will for us I was thinking when you said the pill form it reminded me of

as a mom and having to do take our kids to the doctor's or give them medicine

that they didn't want but it was really for their benefit

when Brianna and CJ were about three and four years old

Brianna would come out of the room sometimes and say CJ stuck his tongue

out at me and I said no that's not even possible of course he couldn't he's

loving this story right yes and she would say that mommy really he is

sticking his tongue out at me well short time later we're in the doctor's office

probably getting shots or something and the doctor said did you know that CJ had

the little thing that attaches the tongue to the bottom I don't remember

what it was and so it turns out he was sticking his tongue out at his sister

but it just did to get it out of his mouth but what was hard about that is

that caused a little bit of pain for him to get that clipped to get it

clipped yes and in the end it was really what was best for him otherwise he could

have had a speech impediment that's exactly right so here's the point

sometimes we have to do things for our kids that hurt them but we know in the

long run it's good for them mm-hmm here's the point sometimes God puts us

through the school of hard knocks and we learn contentment through trials through

tribulations you see he said he had to learn contentment that it was something

that did not come naturally how many of us really honestly are naturally content

or do we naturally complain you know it's kind of like if you have kids and

they played just fine with their toys until another kid comes in the room and

it's time to share we tend to hoard we tend to want what we want and

sometimes God has to take things from us in order to cause us to learn to be

content in him and I love what Paul says in Philippians chapter 3 verse 12

not that I've already obtained this or that I'm our

be perfect but I press on to make it my own because Christ has made me his own

so really the question I have is this is am i of myself am i growing in

contentment I'm not perfect yet but am I getting better at it and this could be a

time and a season for all of us that we could actually exponentially grow in

contentment you know every kid likes to see how they're growing we've had growth

charts before right on our wall we still have one and we have it of all of our

kids and now we have one of Ellie it's this little but I'm like growth charts

less and less because I I just seem like I'm going down but nonetheless that's

okay but I hope that none of us go down in

terms of our growth in contentment that like are we that's one thing never last

week we talked about how we could still sow seeds even in the time of difficulty

and it will reap a harvest in the future that's one thing that we could all be

doing right now is we could be sowing seeds of growth in this area of

contentment haven't already attained it but we're pressing on and then the third

point that I wanted to share was this the third word I wanted to use is the

word God it's the word God and so so so we recognize that we must grow in

contentment that that contentment really comes as we grow in gratitude but also

we recognize that contentment is there only because we have God and we also

know that we can never attain anything unless we have his strength listen to

what it says in Hebrews chapter 13 verses five and six Hebrews 13 and six

as this keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what

you have because God has said never will I leave you never will I forsake you and

the the New King James Version says it this way let your conduct to be without

covetousness be content because you have God he's ultimately the one who

satisfies our souls Greg Laurie said this because Christ will never leave me

I can be content it's not about what I have it's about who has me it's not

about what I have but it's about who has me Chris you always share that quote -

from John Piper that says God is most glorified in us when we are most

satisfied and there's nothing more satisfied

satisfying than our relationship with God and so I love Philippians 4:13 it

says this and this is from the Phillips translation I am ready for anything

through the strength of the one who lives within me or as you probably

recognize it I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me did you know

that the content context of that is contentment but Paul is saying is you

know I can be imprisoned as he was when he wrote the book of Philippians I could

I could have plenty and have my bank account full I could have the freedom to

go wherever I wanted I could be sitting on the beach in Maui right now it

doesn't matter that isn't what determines contentment I

can have contentment because I have God and I can be content because of the

strength of Christ that lives within me so in a real way we have to practice

contentment through gratitude but also we need to ask the lord lord help me to

grow in this contentment help me to be thankful today so I just want to ask you

for a moment what are you thankful for tonight can you look around your room

can you consider your own spiritual life your relationship with God your faith in

Jesus apart from me Jesus said you can do nothing about in me that is where we

find satisfaction I started with that Spurgeon quote that's went like this a

man's contentment is in his mind and not in his material possessions I want to

just change that a little bit and I know that's risky how could you ever mess

with a Spurgeon quote it sounds arrogant to even consider that as a possibility

but I'm going to try what I would say is this I might change a little bit instead

of a man's contentment is not in his material possessions in his mind and not

this particular material possessions I'm gonna say it this way a man's

contentment is in his maker and not in his material possessions but

it's really when we seek him it's not just talking about him but it's knowing

him it's praying it's being in the word together and so tonight can I just

encourage you and challenge you all of us lord help us to grow in our

contentment let me let me just pray for all of us lord thank you for your word

the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want you're all that we need and you're the

strength that we need to learn how to grow in contentment so help us Lord help

each one in their homes tonight we love you we bless your name be glorified now

as we worship together we've chosen a song tonight a song of worship that we

think will be helpful in helping us grow in contentment let's sing together now

maybe you can just even sing out loud in your homes or just close your eyes and

enjoy this song

what a great blessing our Lord and Savior is to us yes he's all that we

need well as we kind of conclude tonight we want to give you the answers and the

winners to our quiz we also still have our musician of the week that will close

with tonight I'll tell you that is in just a moment

special recordings been made but let's give the answers to our trivia over okay

so number one how many hearts does an octopus have how many three three and

the winner tonight is Joann Brill Joann good job all right

the wife of Mitch by the way who had the dog on his lap okay here we go

second one what NFL quarterback has been in the most Super Bowls and I said

Clayton Kershaw wasn't Clayton Kershaw it was Tom Brady Tom Brady and Martin

Estrada won that tonight good job Martin I'm not surprised that's awesome what

does the term p or piano mean in the music theory well this is a person

that's definitely gonna know soft it means soft and Scott Hefflebauer got

that right our musician in the house tonight

awesome Scott okay number four what is the first element on the periodic table

and it wasn't an outfit and history slash PE teacher had the answer to this

Andy Wilson all right a we love the Wilsons that's fun number five who

painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

well it wasn't Michael Rice it was Michael DeAngelo perfect okay and Audrey

Audrey Weathers got that one right good job

Audrey we love the Weather's family thanks for helping us in in children's

ministry and also with Project Door Drop how many cards are in a deck of cards

the answer is 52 and Ashlyn Stegner got that right good job

Ashland great job and the last one what is the only fruit with seeds on the

outside and it was strawberries it was a strawberry not pineapple and Casey

Boyett won that good job Casey that's awesome well congratulations to all of

our winners and thank you everybody for participating the response is always

tremendous and so it's a race to get those in but we're glad that you all got

those in and I wanted to just for a moment give a little shout-out to Sophia

from Cocoantt we love you it's good to see you

tonight thanks for letting us be in your living room I think we have some

announcements to give you before we close tonight and and you know before I

do that I wanted to invite you if you have a prayer request we would love to

receive it we would love to receive hundreds of prayer requests and you can

do that through our website just go to the website and

there's a prayer tab right of the front homepage you can also email your prayer

request to live at and we will pray for every single one of

those and and and lift you before the Lord that is our delight and we have a

team of pastors who are doing that every single day of the week they meet and

pray and we would love for you to be on that list so maybe even send us a prayer

request now in fact we love hearing from you today I got a sweet FaceTime call

from Brook Jones actually I screenshotted that just for a moment so

I think we might have it for you but Brooke FaceTime me and just was so

excited to tell me everything that her family had been doing and I got a chance

to talk to her mom and her brother who had his Dodger hat on I'm proud of you

for that but we just love hearing from you what a

joy to hear from a young lady in our church and just how the Lord is working

in their family their home I wanted to invite you tomorrow morning to Men's Hour

that's at 9:00 a.m. we are gathering every single day of the week in fact if

you missed any of the live streams this week you can go to our web page and just

click the archive and you can find any of the live streams or you can also go

to the Grace Chapel YouTube channel and some of you might not know how to

maneuver to get there all you would have to do is type in you get Google search

YouTube Grace Chapel Lancaster it will come up you can subscribe to that page

you'll get reminders of what's up there but all of those past archived videos

are on there as well the live streams so enjoy some of those and then Sunday

morning at 10 o'clock we'll gather again for worship as a church family and then

Monday Pastor Brad will start us all over again with walk through the New

Testament and we will have another wonderful week together we love these

times of being able to come together with you I'm just going to pray for you

just briefly and then we're gonna we're going to sign off tonight and I'm going

introduced to our musician of the week Lord bless each one in these homes fill

us with a knowledge of the love that you have for us I pray father that you would

give us contentment in joy even in difficult circumstances Lord but we

thank you tonight that we have you that we have one another and that we've even

had this time together we are content in Christ in Jesus name Amen

so our musician of the week we've been holding this in suspense all night is

Susan Macey playing the cello and you're gonna love this she has recorded this

especially for the church family and with that we will sign off enjoy enjoy

this time with Susannah thank you Susanna for doing that thank you

everybody for joining us tonight

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