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Following coordinates transmitted by Weyland-Yutani, Russ Jorden and his family trekked to the

same derelict spacecraft visted by the Nostromo's crew 57 years prior.

Jorden's hope, of course, was to gain a percentage of rights claimed by Weyland Yutani for whatever

findings were discovered.

It was Russ's belief that whatever this was, it was a big find, and the Jorden family would

likely be set up for life - even if the majority of profits went to the company.

Russ and Anne Jorden went to investigate further, leaving their children, Newt and Timothy,

in their vehicle to wait.

They were gone for what Newt could only describe as "A really long time," and to her horror,

Newt's father returned with an alien parasite attached to his face, which would eventually

lead to the Xenomorph infestation within Hadley's Hope.

So, what exactly during Russ and Anne's investigation inside the derelict?

Christopher Golden's novel, Alien: River of Pain, details the events that occurred on

the Acheron colony before Ripley and the team of marines arrived, and reveals some interesting

findings from the Jordens.

Excerpts from the novel describe the following:

At first glance, the gargantuan object rising out of the ground looked almost organic, as

if it were the huge, curving remains of some giant alien beast.

As the crawler slowly rolled nearer, he saw that the shape did, indeed, have some kind

of organic influence in its design.

And there could be no doubt that it had been designed.

But not by humans.

Oh, my God,” Anne whispered.

Theyd never seen anything like the objects horseshoe shape, or its strange, bio-mechanoid

construction, but it most certainly was a vessel.

A starship.

Judging from the way the rocky terrain had been torn up, leaving great piles of debris

clustered around it, he felt sure it had crash-landed here, digging up the stone and ash as it scarred

the ground on impact.

They wore belts equipped with core samplers, flashlights, and short-range comms that would

allow them to communicate without having to shout.

Hefting cameras and testing equipment, he and his wife climbed down out of the vehicle

and dropped to the surface.

Clicking on his helmet light, Russ set off toward the derelict object, trudging through

dust and then climbing onto a rocky ledge that protruded from the ash.

Anne caught up to him as he studied the shape and the weird texture of the ship.

Anne took the lead, trudging down from the jutting stone, through drifts of ash, and

up a cascade of rocks beside the hull.

Russ ran his gloved hand over the surface, its texture rough and lined when stroked in

one direction, but smooth when he slid his palm across it the other way.

They began by attempting to walk the entire periphery of the ship, but just a few minutes

after theyd begun, Anne froze up ahead of him.

She glanced in either direction along the broad, tall corridor.

The floors and walls were made of some otherworldly alloy, tubes like veins running along the

ceiling and the innermost wall.

She switched off her helmet lamp to conserve its battery, gripped another light that was

attached to her belt, and turned it on.

Russ did the same.

Streaks of some fluid had dried on the wall in several places.

She reached out to touch the stain, but hesitated, then pulled her hand back.

That tunnel would take them to the tip of the ships horseshoe designthe one

closest to the crawlerwhich suggested that the more significant finds would be to the

left, in the bulk of the vessel.

Anne suggested that they should leave, that they should call in what they've found up

to this point, and take the kids back into town.

If we go back, well never know what they really find out here,” Russell said.

Even our little cut of this find could set us up forever.

Do you understand?

But if we want to protect ourselves, keep the company from fucking us over, weve

gotta know what it is weve found.”

Anne considered her husband's objections.

It stood to reason, they had they had gone that far.

And she agreed to continue further, on the terms that they would spend no more than half

an hour inside, not wanting their children to be left waiting outside in the crawler

any longer than necessary.

They agreed, and continued forth.

Anne twisted around and saw the shadowy cleft in the wall.

Holding her breath, she edged nearer, and in the light from her belt she could make

out an opening that was much larger than shed thought.

Floor to ceiling, it curved into the wall, a wide swath of shadow.

Ducking her head into the cleft, she froze.

It spirals down,” she said.

Their version of stairs?”

Russ suggested.


Definitely goes to another level, though.”

The spiral reminded her of the inside of an abandoned seashell, which underlined for her

the strange bio-organic feel of the ship, as well as the emptiness that haunted her.

You sure we shouldnt have gone down there, to check out the sub-level?” she


Maybe, but Im going to guess that whatever passes for a pilots cabin is at the crux

of the horseshoe.

I could be wrong, but we dont have time to think too much about it.

Whatevers down there, itll be more than just corridors.”

As he spoke, the ships inner darkness seemed to deepen.

Anne turned her head and shone her light on the wall, revealing scars in the strange metal.

She stopped again.

Look at this,” she said, staring at the pits and gashes in the wall.

There were others on the floor.

Something had melted right through, which made her stumble back and look up and around

to make sure whatever had caused the melting hadnt continued to leak.

Anne fell in behind him again, but she kept her eyes on the walls and floor now, and she

saw numerous places where similar scarring had occurred.

Not just the melted spots, either.

There were scorched holes blown in the wall, as if some sort of weapon had been fired.

If not for the obvious age of the vessel, the way the dust and rock had eroded its hull

and begun to swallow it, she would have begun to worry.

The corridor lit up with a sickly yellow illumination and Anne gasped.

The walls were different here.

If the ships construction seemed to hint at the organic, this was something else entirely.

These walls were covered with a smooth, ribbed substance, black and gleaming like some mélange

of insect cocoon and volcanic rock.

She ran one hand over the surface, grabbed a sharp ridge and applied pressure, snapping

a small piece off in her hand.

Chitinous and hard, its thinnest edges were brittle.

When they came to another open cleft, spiraling down to a sub-level, they stopped and stared

at it for nearly a full minute.

This cleft differed from the first.

It, too, had been covered by that chitinous material, as if to adapt it for a different

sort of species altogether.

Look, lets just make it to the crux of the ship, to see if thats the engine

room or pilots cabin or whatever.

Well take footage of it, and then get the hell out of here.

As long as we get that far, they cant shut us out entirely.

Whatever might be of value to the companyartifacts, technology, whateverif its down there,

and we pass it by, well regret it forever."

Were talking crazy,” Anne said.

Abandoning the colony without a backup plan, with no exit strategythats foolish.

But thisyoure right.

This could be it for us, the thing weve been searching for.

The kids are out there waiting for us and theyll keep waiting.

Weve left them longer than this, and they know how to entertain each other.

Its for their sake that we cant leave here without knowing what it is weve found.”

Anne took one more look along the corridor, her light gleaming on the strange ridges and

curves of the glassy black walls.

A flash of connection sparked in her mindcocoon to web to spiderand she shuddered at the


She didnt like the idea of them trapped inside some kind of spiderweb.

Not a web, she thought, frowning as she studied the walls again.

Its more like a hive.

A waspsnest.

Either way, she didnt like it.

Anne led the way into the cleft, and she and Russ followed the spiral down into the lower

level of the derelict ship.

Russ said nothing, but she could see from the way he held himselfthe cock of his

head and the slight hunch of his shouldersthat he felt the dark weight of the ship around


Just as she did.

Her heart beat faster and her breath turned shallow as they wound their way down, helmet

lights throwing ghost shapes on the walls.

They found the first dead thing at the bottom of the spiral.

Holy shit,” Russ muttered.

Anne held her breath as she stepped into the corridor, staring at the thing in the juddering


She was trembling.

In life, the alien had been very tall and powerfully built, with an extended torso and

a long head.

It seemed humanoid only in the sense that it had two arms and two legs, but otherwise

it was entirely other.

Something about it suggested an insect, which gave her an unnerving connection to her thoughts

about the hard substance that coated the walls.

Yet this was no bug.

Its skin wasnt skin at all, but some kind of armored carapace.

Richly blue in spots, it had faded to gray in most places, and the carapace looked to

have gone thin and brittle.

She felt sure the thicker, darker shell was closer to its living appearance.

Its tail wound behind it, sharp and skeletal, with a tip that would have made a wicked weapon.

Not quite a stinger, Anne thought, but if the alien used it that way it would have killed

a person just as quickly.

Its beautiful,” Russ said.

Anne turned to stare at him in disgust.


Look at it,” he said.

Its like nothing anyone has ever seen.

Until now.”

Its horrible,” she said quietly, staring at the blue-tinted jaws and the tail.

This thing was born to kill.”

Its been dead for a very long time,” Russ said.

But Ill tell you what it was born forto make us rich.”

He gave a quiet laugh and turned away, moving down the sub-level corridor.

Anne stared another moment at the dead alien, and then followed.

Russ might be right, and she knew this thing couldnt harm herits cadaver was little

more than a shell, not unlike the derelict spacecraft they were exploring.

But she couldnt escape the feeling of its presence.

When she had first entered the ship, she had been sure its halls were as empty as that

abandoned church.

Now every shadow felt full of menace, of teeth and slithering, sharp-tipped tails.

The sub-level had been completely taken over by the chitinous walls shed seen above,

but still there were many spots where something had melted through, sprayed and burned its

way into the floors and walls.

They walked through the darkness, lighting their own way, and at a curve in the hallway

they found three more of them.

One had been torn in half, its desiccated corpse a dried and twisted thing, half on

one side of the hall and half on the other.

Another had an enormous hole through its mid-section, and the floor beneath it had been melted away

into a yawning chasm.

A draft swept in from there, but whether from outside or from elsewhere in the ship, they

could not tell.

There were doors all along the corridor.

Some of them opened easily, while others were stuck shut by that strange, hardened, resin-like


The first two that Russ opened contained nothing more than dust and small, strange bones.

In the next there were thick metal alloy shelves with mounds that were now rot.

It was impossible to know what they had been before rotting.

Cargo, do you think?”

Anne asked.

Of some kind,” Russ agreed.

Food or some other materials.

Those first two rooms were pens, though.

Like stables.

Alien livestock or something else

Whatever they were, these creatures were taking them somewhere.”

That didnt sound right to Anne.

Didnt feel right.

I dont think so,” she said.

Not the things we saw back there.”

What do you mean?”

Whatever those creatures were, they werent the ones piloting this ship.”

He nodded, but didnt respond.

They continued on, discovering other massive alien corpses in clusters of three or four,

perhaps twenty in all.

Several minutes later, maneuvering through the claustrophobic underbelly of the ship,

they encountered something altogether different.

New remains.

Anne froze.

Now she understood why the corridors were so high and so wide.

They hadnt been built this size for the sake of grandeur, but simply for scale.

The remains of this new creature were more humanoid than the first, but even larger than

the othersnine feet, Anne guessed.

All that remained of its body was its skeletonbones inside some kind of exo-suit of the same design

as the ship, with the same techno-organic texture.

This dead thing had been one of the ships crew.

She knew it.

Where are the others?” she asked.


Russ said.

You think there are other species here?”

No, noothers like this one.

Wheres the rest of the crew?”

Russ had no answer.

How long have we been gone from the crawler?” she asked.

Dunno,” he said, checking his watch.

Thirty-five minutes?

Not more than that, I dont think.”

Taking a deep breath, she reached out and took his hand, not liking the fact that their

gloves kept their skin from touching.

All right.

Lets get some images of this guy and the others, and then we get out of here.

Five minutes more,” she said.

Russ agreed.

They worked mostly in silence, both of them uneasy.

Anne felt disappointed in herselfin both of them.

By all rights they ought to have been ecstatic.

He had been right.

This was going to change their lives.

Their share of whatever the company made from this salvagefrom the ship and its tech,

from the alien corpses and whatever Weyland-Yutani might learn from themmeant they would never

have to work again.

They should have been weeping with joy, screaming in celebration.

Instead, Anne felt like she couldnt breathe, felt the weight of the air inside the ship

as if it might suffocate her.

She just wanted out, and judging from his silence, she knew that Russ felt the same.

It took them ten minutes.

When theyd finished in the sub-level, they lugged their gear back up the spiral, then

paused together and looked along the corridor toward the crux of the ship.

Both of them.

They had been married so long, knew each other so well, that no words were necessary for

a decision to be made.

This close,” Russ said.

Five minutes or less, well be at the crux.

See what there is to see.

A few images, and were back outside in fifteen, twenty minutes at most.

The kids are probably napping by now.”

Im sure its been more than an hour,” Anne told him.

But Russ knew that it wasnt an argument.

They both glanced back the way theyd come, toward the breach in the hull that would be

their exit, and then he hefted his gear onto one shoulder and took her hand.

Together they walked toward the crux.

Around the next corner they discovered one of each of the two alien species, locked in

a terrible embrace.

This bug-like creature was different from its brethren.

It was larger, and had a large, ridged plate on its bright blue head that seemed to be

a kind of crest.

What the hell happened here?”

Russ muttered.

War,” Anne said.

The question is, where did the bugs come from?

Were they on the ship, in the cargo hold, or were they already here on Acheron, and

attacked the ship after the crash?”

And what about this one?”

Russ asked.

Why is it so different?”

Anne studied the deadly embrace again, studied that blue crest, and frowned.

Its a queen.”

What, you mean like with bees?”

Doesnt this all remind you of a hive?”

She gestured at the crusted walls.

Maybe the others are like drones, and this one is like a queen.”

She shrugged.

Or maybe that crest on its head just makes me think of a crown.”

The alien she thought of as a queen had impaled the crewman with its tail, but the crewman

had given as good as hed gotten.

Hed thrust his left arm up inside the queens jaws, as if he had tried to destroy its brain

with a bare hand.

Come on,” Russ said.

Lets finish this up.

I dont want to be here anymore.”

They walked on.

Minutes later, they found a vast chamber where many of the crew must once have been able

to gather.

The dome curved high overhead, and it was crusted with the same chitin they had seen


This is just creepy as hell,” Russ said.

I feel like I cant breathe.”

Anne could only nod.

There was a platform at the front of the chamber.

On it stood a massive seat and some kind of gigantic apparatus that she felt sure must

have been used to navigate the ship.

In the seat was another of the crew, though this one wore a helmet that covered its entire


The pilot, do you think?”

Russ asked as they climbed up to investigate.

Or the navigator.”

Look at its chest,” Russ whispered, and she could practically feel his breath at her


But Anne had already seen the twisted, mummified bones jutting out of its exo-suit, and the

hole behind its ribs.

Thats how they killed him,” Russ said.

Must have used a weapon, or maybe one of their tails, like in the corridor back there.”

I dont think so,” Anne whispered.

Shed seen the way the bones twisted outward.

Whatever had killed the giant had come from inside.

She stumbled back from it, nearly slipping off the edge of the platform.

Catching herself, she grabbed the side of the navigators chair and turned to face

the back of the cavernous chamber.

When they had come in, the platform had been the first thing their lights had illuminated.

It had drawn them to it immediately.

Now she saw something else.

Many other somethings.

Russell,” she said quietly.

A disquieting feeling came over her, not quite excitement and not quite fear.

Look at this.”

Her light played over a low blanket of mist that hung just below the level of the platform.

As she looked, she saw that the vapor itself seemed to have some small luminescence of

its own.

Below it, spread out all around the platform in a recessed area of the chamber floor, were

dozens of large pods, each perhaps a foot or eighteen inches high.

They were oval, somewhat egg-shaped, though there was something almost floral about the

tops of the things.

Ugly flowers that would never blossom.

Never, of course, because they had been here for eons.

The mist…”

Russ began.

Its weirdly humid in here,” Anne said.

Maybe the ship is drawing in moisture from the outside, and holding it in this chamber.”

What are they, Annie?” he asked, staring at the pods.

More cargo?”

Anne shone her light around and studied the chamber.

A cargo space?

It might have been, she supposed.

She set her gear on the platform and moved down toward the objects.

Should we bring one back?” she asked, pushing off from the edge of the platform

and sliding down below the upper edge of the fog.

The pods appeared to have a leathery texture, yet they still reminded Anne of flowers yet

to bloom.

She frowned as she dropped to one knee, and studied the nearest one.

Are theypulsing?”

Russ asked from behind her.

I think so,” Anne replied.

A smile spread across her lips.

It wasnt possible for them to be pulsing, of course, because that suggested that life

remained in these pods, whatever they were.

Centuries or millennia after the ship had crashed and the bloody battle that had killed

so many on board, these strangely cool hothouse mists seemed to have kept these pods in some

kind of hibernation state.

She reached for the nearest one, her fingers hovering only a foot away.

Wait,” Russ said.

We dont know what they are.”

Anne turned to smile at him.

If the surface is toxic, it wont get through my gloves.”

Lets just set up the camera, take some images, and Simpson can worry about them,”

Russ urged.

Now wheres your sense of adventure?” she asked.

She saw her husbands eyes widen at the same time as she heard a wet, sticky, peeling

noise from behind her.

Russ grabbed her arm and hauled her toward him.

Get back!” he snapped.

Anne lost her balance and slumped against the edge of the platform.

Beyond Russ, she saw the pod opening, strings of mucous hanging from the four petal-like

flaps as it split apart.

Something shifted and jerked inside the object.

Russell…” she said, suddenly afraid.

Its all right,” he told her, glancing over at the pod.

The thing within launched itself at him, latched onto his face, and he tried to scream.

The sound became a horrible gagging as he stumbled back into her.

Anne cried out his name as she shoved and dragged and urged him up onto the platform.

Only there did she see the back of the hideous spider-thing that had attached itself to him.

Its all right, he had said.

But it was not all right.

Nor would it ever be all right again.

River of Pain makes some interesting suggestions about occurences within the derelict, discovered

by the Jordens.

These colonists came upon to view the aftermath of what appeared to be a last stand between

xenomorphs, including a queen, and what apparently appears to be engineers.

This of course raise some questions about the timing of this particular event.

Is it possible Kane, Dallas, and Lambert, simply didn't come across the same area as

the Jordens?

Such a massive ship could, and does, hold many secrets within.

This would at least explain all of the eggs in the ship's cargo - with the presence of

an Alien queen.

And could this glimpse seen by the Jordens somehow be related to events taking place

after Alien Covenant?

As we learned in Alien: Advent, David was apparently working on a Queen to perfect the

Xenomorph cycle...could this queen have been aboard the derelict all along?

What do you think?

Comment below and share your opinion.

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The Description of What Happened to Newt's Parents Inside the Derelict? - Explained