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greeting familiar faces dialog one hello

Kate over time again huh yes I've got to

if I want to get a pay raise how are

things going

everything is alright yes not too bad

thanks and you I'm doing good thank you

how's jack oh he's all right but busy as

usual maybe we could have it together

sometime sounds like a good idea

you are the boss okay I'll call you

dialog - hi long time no see you haven't

been sick have you no I've been in

America for the past month how nice

where were you exactly LA I got back


have you changed jobs no I've been

visiting some relatives there that's


what are you going to do now nothing

much same as ever meeting new neighbors

dialog one nice to meet you I am Lisa

your new neighbor nice to meet you too I

am David where are you from Lisa I am

from China China is a good place how do

you like America I like it very much

it's a good place - are you used to the

life and the weather in America

frankly speaking not yet no problem it's

a matter of time

oh how time flies it's time for me to

pick up my little girl thanks for your

time see you next time see you if you

have any difficulty please don't

hesitate to let me know dialog - nice to

meet you I am your new neighbor

nice to meet you your face looks

familiar to me

let me see oh you are the youngest

daughter of green yes I am may I have

your name my name is Jack Chen oh you

are the best friend of my father

exactly I have heard a lot about you I

hope it's not the bad things about me

how was your father he is so fun send my

best wishes to him thank you very much

meeting accidentally dialog 1 Jack is

this Jack isn't it well well John fancy

meeting you here

small world isn't it yes what are you

doing here on business I'm here on

holiday with my wife and you so am i

only yourself no the whole family they

are over there dialog - I can't imagine

meeting you here

me too so how's the family

oh you didn't know my parents got

divorced they got divorced yeah my dad's

shackling up with a young woman she's

almost 20 years younger than him she's

just a little older than me oh that's


I am so sorry to hear this news I know

it's ugly chatting up others dialog one

nice day isn't it

yes very good what's the weather like in

London just now it's like in London warm

and sunny does it usually rain a lot in

London I suppose so we'd get a lot of

rain but we also get good weather

Beijing can be very hot in summer

I prefer autumn yes I like autumn and

spring - dialog - hi may I have the

pleasure of buying you a drink okay

thank you

how do you like vodka I'm afraid it's

too strong for me then I suggest you

have a taste of Shanghai cocktail that's

a good idea there is a floor show in our

lobby bar would you like to see it sure

let's go introducing others dialog one

Jack have you met Lisa no I haven't oh

then let me introduce you to her right


this is my friend Jack nice to see you

jack how do you do miss Lisa glad to

meet you too I've spoken with you on the

phone yes I remember

dialog - I'd like to introduce you to my

friends Mike Mike this is mr. Smith

hello Mike nice to meet you this is my

wife nice to meet you sir and a pleasure

to meet you too mrs. Smith

thank you it's nice to meet your

acquaintance have we met before

no I don't think so

self introduction dialogue one

can I help you yes I've come to apply

for the position as an office secretary

I'm Smith the clerk of human resources

department what's your name my name is

Wang Fang mr. Smith how do you do nice

to meet you miss Wang we have received

your letter in answer to our

advertisement I would like to talk with

you regarding your qualification for

this interview I'm very happy that I am

qualified for this interview now talk

something about yourself please well my

name is Wang Fang W a and G Wang and F a

and G Fang I was born on May 17 1982

dialogue - I believe you're mr. Smith

aren't you yes I am how do you do my

name is Jack I'm glad to be here

how do you do jack it's nice to meet you

may I introduce myself my name is Alice

how do you do miss Alice it's nice to

meet you how do you do

it's my pleasure to meet you same here

complimenting others dialog one good

morning John jogging again yeah would

you like to join me okay

Hey look what a beautiful sweater you

have do you think it looks good on me

yes it goes beautifully with your pants

you won't believe it but it is really

cheap I wish I could find one just like

it you look young for your age you are

the only one who has said that dialogue

- I like your new coat do you think it

fits me yes it looks terrific

you look nice I bought it at half price

you are a good bargain er I like the

color of your tie - thanks you flatter


it wasn't very expensive either that's


it sure looks expensive you have made a

good choice thank you for saying so

refusing others dialogue one can I see

your parents sometime tomorrow sorry

they are too busy these days how about

this weekend

sorry that's taken two when would they

be free well I'd rather not if you don't

mind dialogue - what do you plan to do

on Sunday morning nothing special how

about going to English corner with me I

don't want to go and that's that why not

go with me

you know I'm poor at English especially

oral English that's why you should go

there if you don't dare to speak English

because you're afraid of making mistakes

you simply will never master English

festival greetings dialog one Merry

Christmas the same to you are you doing

anything special

we're having some friends over in the

evening what are you doing oh I'm just

going to take it easy

that's a good idea let's sing okay

what is your favorite Christmas song do

you mean Christmas Carol yep my favorite

one is jingle bells

I hate jingle bells I preferred the

little drummer boy song but that's not

really a Christmas carol dialogue - have

a nice Thanksgiving

the same to you are you going anywhere I

thought about going to my sister's good

the holiday is a time of family reunion

how about you oh I'll probably just stay

at home enjoy yourself

you two have a wonderful Thanksgiving

borrowing money and things dialog one

will you do me a favor what can I do for

you would you mind if I borrowed your

car well when exactly next weekend I'm

sorry but it wouldn't be possible

Monday or Tuesday of next week yes I

guess that would be alright dialogue -

why are you still here I'm here to fetch

my wallet but I don't know where it is

take it easy in your memory where did

you see it last time maybe I forgot it

at home could you lend me 100 yuan I

need to go home by taxi of course is

that enough

yes that's very kind of you

don't mention it I have something urgent

and I have to go in a hurry mind how you


I will offering help dialog one good

morning I wonder if you could help me

certainly sir what can I do for you I

need to send effects and use the


sorry sir would you repeat that yes I

need to send effects and use the


ah you can do that in our business

center it's on the second floor Thanks

is it open now yes it is

dialog - you look worried

what's the problem the copy machine

doesn't work and my printer is broken -

what a pity is there anything I can do

for you can you print it for me of

course no problem how many do you need

ten copies okay

just five minutes thank you very much

for helping me don't mention it

making an apology dialog one I'm

terribly sorry

I really shouldn't have said those words

yesterday you don't have to apologize I

don't know why I lost my temper and said

so many stupid things

it was my mistake in the first place

I hope you'll forgive me for the mistake

even if it was your mistake

I shouldn't have behaved like that

please don't I'll be more focused from

now on so you won't take offense at what

I said yesterday actually I never did

dialog - hey Bob I know you will come is

everything all right I'm sorry I don't

have the

Oh tape ready that's okay

I won't need it until next Friday I'm

sorry you have to make another trip

really that is fun if you can have it by

next Thursday everything will be good I

think everything is going to turn out

really good I hope you will be really

pleased with the final tape yes I'm sure

I will be thanks for your help

expressing thanks dialog one will it

work again

yes just have a try I really don't know

how to thank you I'm glad I was able to

help it's very kind of you don't mention


it was the least I could do if there is

ever anything I can do for you don't

hesitate to let me know thank you

I will dialog - I got the job he

recommended to me last week that's great

congratulations I really don't know how

I can thank you enough oh it's my

pleasure after all you are very

qualified for this position thank you

very much indeed you've helped me

rebuild my self-confidence don't mention


you've always been good what do you say

we go out to celebrate that would be

great saying goodbye dialog one I'd like

to say goodbye to everyone

when are you off

flying home on Sunday afternoon well

goodbye see you soon please don't forget

to say goodbye to the rest of the family

for me thanks and say hello to your

family dialog - I just dropped in to say

goodbye what time are you leaving I'm

going to try to leave by 10 o'clock take

care and give my best wishes to your

parents I will hope to see you again

next year don't forget to call us if

you're in London I will goodbye asking

for directions dialog 1 excuse me can

you direct me to the toy department

please it's on the seventh floor as you

get off the elevator you'll see it on

your left can you direct me to the


sure go straight ahead and you'll walk

into it thank you you're welcome

dialog - excuse me could you please tell

me how to get to the railway station

turn left at the first light will it

take me long together no it's not far at

all do I need to take a bus well it

depends you can walk there if you're not

in a hurry otherwise you can take a

number 10 bus thank you don't mention it

making and receiving a call dialog one

hello can I speak to Mary please hold on


thank you hello this is Mary who's that

hi Mary this is Lily I'm calling to ask

you if you'd like to see a movie tonight

I'd be glad to well I'm going to meet

you outside of the cinema at 8:00 p.m.

it's a deal

dialogue - hello good morning John hello

who is that speaking it's Jane I'm so

sorry that I made such an early phone

call it's nothing

what's wrong did you get my note

yes I just got it I'll think it over and

call you back

fine see you later goodbye not getting

the person dialog one hello 3 3 to 4 4 0

hello oh hello Sally this is will here

could I speak to Jim please

I'm afraid he's not in at the moment he

went out about an hour ago and he's not

gone back yet any idea when he might be

back well he shouldn't be long he said

he was just going to get some paint but

I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped

off at the pub on the way back well I'll

try again later all right goodbye


dialogue to

hello hello is this four four seven four

seven one six I'd like to speak to mr.

Wang please I'm sorry

mr. Wang is out right now may I know

when he'll be back

I don't know but he will certainly be

back for lunch can I take a message for


thank you please tell him to be at the

airport one hour earlier before the

departure time tomorrow morning

very good I'll let him know as soon as

he comes back but may I have your name


this is Lin Ming thank you bye


putting the call through dialogue one

hello dodge automobiles how may I direct

your call

could I have extension 39 please well

please hold on okay thank you

I'm sorry the numbers engaged would you

care to wait please

for how long

in a minute or two dialogue - hello I'd

like the extension for one-30 please

sorry the number is busy now

will you please hold the line no I'll

try again later good luck

hello extension four one three zero

would you put me through again please

okay the line is free just a moment well

it's ringing

go ahead please ending the call dialog

one hello I wish to speak to Linda this

is Linda speaking this is Mary Mary I

recognized your voice right away I'm

glad you called me Linda listen um I'm

calling to ask you some questions about

Jim you know him don't you

sure why are you asking about him well I

want to get a part-time job

at his store oh well Jim's a nice guy I

mean he'll give you decent hours a

decent wage and plenty of breaks well I

suppose so but

Oh somebody's at the door I'll call you

back later bye bye dialogue - that's a

terrific story oh sorry Mary I'd better

go now

is the boss coming by yeah and I have to

finish this report by 3:00 can we

continue after that sorry I'm afraid I

can't talk long I will have to go to a

meeting after 3:00 okay I'll let you get

back to your work I'll call you again

later okay okay let's call it a day and

we will continue tomorrow visiting

someone at the hospital dialogue 1 hi

May I'm coming I didn't see you at work

this morning are you all right oh I've

got a bad cold my head is dizzy and my

nose is running oh I'm so sorry to hear


have you seen a doctor or taken any

medicine as a matter of fact I have the

doctor said it'll go away after a day or

two he's prescribed me some tablets are

you feeling better

yes it helps me but I just have to wait

and let my system do the work do you

need anything

groceries oh no I'm fine

my refrigerator is piled up with food

but if it's not too much trouble for you

I'd like something to read sure I'll get

it for you books or magazines

I'd like both dialogue - hello mrs.

Brown I hope you're feeling better today

oh yes thank you I'm feeling much better


I think the fevers almost gone that's

good and you're looking well by the way

how do you find the hospital here both

the doctors and nurses are very nice

good to know that are you allowed to

have some fruit I brought you some

oranges that's very kind of you thank

you very much

is there anything I can do for you no I

don't think so

thank you all right I'd better not stay

too long you need more rest I'll come

again tomorrow please don't I'm much

better now I know you are very busy if

you need anything please let me know I

will thank you for coming and for the

oranges - don't mention it

goodbye and take care of yourself bye

bye paying a private visit dialog 1 hi


I'm so glad to see you how are you doing

fine I miss you so much

Uncle Jim me too we haven't seen each

other for years

halfway yes it's been three years now

how time flies

now you are a young man out of a little


how is aunt Debra couldn't be better

how are your parents doing not bad

they plan to visit you next year really

I'll be so excited to see them make

yourself at home let me make some tea

for you okay thank you

Uncle Jim dialog - coming hello I'm mrs.

Chen this is my husband we moved into

this neighborhood last week

nice to meet you mr. and mrs. Chen come

in please have a seat would you like

some coffee no thanks

we'll just stay for a minute well what

can I do for you then we're having a

party this Friday evening at our place

and we'd like you and your family to

join us oh I'd like to but I'm not sure

about my husband's schedule he always

works overtime the party will begin at

5:30 p.m. and will probably last for

three or four hours why don't you give

me your telephone number I'll call you

tomorrow and let you know please do this

is our phone number we live just across

the street do you need any help

preparing for the party mrs. Chen I'm

free every afternoon that's very nice of

you but won't it be too troublesome for


no no trouble at all what time is good

how about 4 p.m. I'll be there treating

someone at home dialog 1 are you the

guest to join the garden party yes I'm

from Los Angeles the reception desk is

the best view of building - let me check

your things for you thank you does the

party begin at 10 o'clock yes sir you

still have 40 minutes to prepare

something else the garden here is

beautiful and ancient yes and it is

well-kept - it really has a charm of its

own a party in the open gives a greater

sense of freedom than one held in the

room I wish you a good time thanks a lot

dialog - everything is ready please come

to the dining room

wow what a marvelous table you've got

here I've long heard Chinese dishes are

well known all over the world for their

color aroma and taste I hope you like my

cooking I think you are not only a good

teacher but also a good cook

thanks for the compliment let's begin

with chicken which will bring luck to

the guests according to Chinese table

culture it sounds interesting now that

I'll eat more please help yourself to it

thanks I like fried kidney best among

Chinese food

have a try of it well really unusual the

fried kidney is quite tender and

delicious birthday party dialog one

happy birthday Alice many happy returns

of the day here is a present for you

thank you Peter come into the dining

room I'm going to cut the cake soon and

have some sandwiches Thanks

who's that girl that's you on she's

pretty isn't she

she likes to dance ask her to dance

well I don't know don't be afraid she

isn't going to bite you who's afraid I'm

not at all would you invite her to dance

with you just a piece of cake dialog to

look someone is celebrating his birthday

yeah in America 21 is the age when

you're allowed to drink so many guys

celebrate it in bars what did you do to

celebrate your birthday in China

nowadays it's no difference from America

you can see many birthday parties but in

old times we have traditional ways to

celebrate it oh really

anything special we cook long lived

noodles and for aged people we prepare

long tivity peaches for blessing well

long tivity peaches what's that

they are made of wheat flour and they

look like real peaches baby party

dialogue one I've been meaning to ask

why we have the party before the baby

comes because the mother-to-be has more

energy before the baby's birth when are

you due by the end of next month I'll be

free then do you have any name picked


no I haven't got any idea are you hoping

for a boy or a girl I'm expecting a boy

well let's make a toast to the mother to

be hope her dream will come true and

have a healthy and bouncing boy dialogue

- these toys are lovely open this one

okay a stroller

it's from Wendy this one will fit for

all your babies but we're only going to

have one child you'll change your mind

after you have the first one look there

are more presents let me open these Oh a

baby sleep monitor system I love it

really this is from my wife and me I

thought it would be helpful

I was holding off on buying this until

after the shower

well now you can spend that money on

something else this is from tinting oh

she shouldn't have

housewarming party dialog one I want to

invite you to a party at our new house

and new house really yes

we've moved that's why we're giving the

housewarming party can you come well

that depends

when will it be this Saturday evening at

8 p.m.

well I'm going away on Sunday morning

very early will the party go on very

late until 2 in the next morning but you

don't have to stay that long

what about it alright I'll come but I'd

like to bring a present for your new


nothing I mean don't bring anything it

is unnecessary dialog - you've got a

very nice house really come on in our

new house doesn't feel like a home yet

well it's good enough now let's take a

tour of the house

I could hardly wait to have a look Wow

your home is very beautiful thank you

for saying so how big is the apartment

about 100 square meters how do you like

the neighborhood we just moved into this

neighborhood a few days ago so far so


it's so quiet and peaceful here

and the air is fresh and cool dancing

invitation dialogue one hello hello this

is Mike Mike nice to hear from you

could you come to the party I'd be glad


when is it due this Saturday evening how

do I make preparations for it the hood

robe or cloak anything you like just try

to make others not recognize you

okay well the party go on very late

until 2:00 in the morning but you don't

have to stay that long dialogue to whom

are you going to invite to the party

well I'm certainly going to invite Mary

and Susan yes of course

and are you going to invite Tom no I

don't think so

he doesn't like parties you're wrong

last night he dated his girlfriend and

attended a party really maybe he had no

way out you were just kidding

he often enjoys a party it's up to you

inviting someone to the bar dialog one

we're having a party in our bar tomorrow

evening come to the party you'll enjoy


I'm not sure if I'm free tomorrow if I

am here I will go to join you it will be

really interesting there should be food

drinks and music well just wait a moment

let me check my schedule and I will tell

you later don't forget to bring your

girlfriend I'm sorry to tell you we have

broken up since then it's really good

for you to come we may meet beautiful

girls there huh okay see you tomorrow

evening dialog - there's lots of bars

and who hi it's really nice yes

I knew this would be a good place for a

cool beer let's find a good one how

about that one over there it's got a

really good view of the lake it looks

good to me let's try it let's go

drinking in the bar dialog one this is

my first time being in a bar how do you

like this place sure I love this place

especially the decoration yeah what

would you like orange juice will be fine

for me bartender orange juice for this

lady and iced beer for me please Oh

fresh juice I love it let me help you

hold the drink thank you

dialogue - I thought you could have a

drink but

I don't drink alcohol it makes my face

turn red so what do you usually drink

when you go out tea and juice are both

fine with me

but you are in a pub right now all the

girls here know how to drink alcohol you

have to learn why do I have to learn I

don't like it at all because if you

refuse to drink people will think you

are too conservative so in your opinion

I should have a drink right at least get

used to it and better to have a couple

of glasses all right I will try dinner

invitation dialog one let's meet for

lunch around midday good idea we can try

the new pizza restaurant yes let's try


I've heard that it's really good okay

I'll see you there just after 12:00 what

would you like it's up to you how about

pizza pizza is good but I prefer

spaghetti dialogue too

have you ever tried the Chinese

restaurants at the corner yeah really

what do you think of it excellent I like

Chinese food very much

so do I I like Chinese dumplings you

mean yahzee yes I like it

very much their dumplings taste very

good I'm watering now let's go there for



shopping in the mall

dialogue 1

may I see some hats please

what size do you take I'm sorry

I don't know let me measure you your

size is six what color would you like

brown please

here are some nice brown hats try this

hat on it's a very good one yes I like

this one it goes very well with my coat

how much is it it's ten dollars would

you like to take it yes I'm glad to take

it do you want me to put it in a box no

thank you

I'd like to put it on now dialogue - can

I help you yes I'm looking for a watch

for me I see what price are you

interested in the price doesn't matter

but it must be a gold watch and

automatic um something like this perhaps

it's one of our best watches made in

Switzerland fully automatic with a


it's nice but haven't you got anything

better better better than this well we

have some Rolexes probably the best in

the world would you show me one please


shopping in the supermarket dialog one

can you tell me where the ingredients to

make Chinese food are I will show you

follow me that is good of you what do

you want I'm after things to stuff

dumplings with like Chinese cabbage bean

sprouts that sort of thing I also need

some soy sauce and vinegar the

vegetables are over there and the

flavorings are here where's the meat

counter over there dialogue - may I see

your ID sorry I left it at home do you

have anything with your age on it is my

driving license okay

yes show me please

here it is

well it's $10 in all cash or card card

here you are please input your password

okay haircut and facial dialogue 1 good

morning sir

take a seat please thank you I like to

have my hair cut how do you want it just

a trim and cut the sides fairly short

but not so much at the back nothing off

the top well a little off the top

how about the front leave that as it is

would you like a shave or shampoo no

thanks I can do all these by myself

dialogue - good afternoon ma'am what can

I do for you this afternoon

I want a facial would you like a

complete service what does that include

well it includes a thorough cleansing

invigorating the skin removing the dead

cells a massage and a hydrating mask

that's exactly what I want how long does

it take it takes 1 hour and a half it

costs you 101 all together if you want

to make up another 10 yuan will do good

I'll take the facial with makeup taking

a taxi dialogue 1 Hey

taxi good afternoon madam get in please

- the first elementary school please

okay bad luck the bus is still not

coming the traffic here is really

terrible do you want to pick up your kid

from school yes I am in a hurry no

problem I'm going to take a shortcut

dialogue to drive me to Kennedy Airport

please I'm sorry

my cars taken

where is the next taxi stand not far


it's over there but I'm just waiting for

someone you'd better walk there sorry

for that parking problems dialog one you

can't park here you'll get a ticket

parking in this business area is a

nightmare let's look for a parking lot

we have to there's one over there and

$10 an hour sheer robbery well do stop

whining let's go and get the parking

ticket dialog - may I park here sorry

that's not allowed this is a private

parking place only is there a parking

lot near here yes there is a parking lot

just over there there are many free

parking spaces there you can save money

on parking there can I find parking

space there it's hard to say just try

your luck thank you very much you are


being find dialog one please show your

ticket here it is I'm sorry to tell you

that your ticket is outdated oh it's

impossible I will give you a ticket

could you please not give me a ticket as

a student

I have not much money sorry this is my

duty how much do I have to pay the fine

20 yuan well here you are

dialogue - is this your car yes what's

wrong it's a legally part do you see the

red line yes but I parked here for a few

minutes it's still against the law so

what now I'm going to write you a ticket

please good man let me go covering for


dialogue one kite today I have reception

duties and I'm really busy would you

help me out what do you want me to do I

need you to cover for me at noon I have

to go on an errand okay I'll cover for


but you have to substitute for me this

Friday morning my mother will be coming

to see me and I have to go to the

airport to pick her up

let me see I will be free that day it's

okay with me

great it's a deal

thanks a lot I owe it to you I won't

forget it

oh come on it's a fair deal

dialogue - hello is that Sofia yes it is

who is that it is Lucy where are you now

why isn't the area code that of Beijing

I'm in shame do now I planned to go back

to Beijing

however the plane is not going to take

off because of the heavy fog so I won't

arrive until this evening I remembered

that you would get night shift today

that's the reason I'd like to know if

you could cover for me sure that's okay

thank you very much you are welcome

asking for leave dialog one may I have a

word with you

director certainly what's going on I am

going to my hometown this weekend how

long will you be off work ten days it is

a really long time but what for I want

to prepare my wedding although we are

very busy these days

it is a special occasion you haven't

that's very kind of you thanks a lot

don't mention it congratulations but

just make sure to turn in all the

necessary paperwork to ensure that there

are no problems with the day's you want

to take off dialog - hello mr. Compton

hi Susan what can I do for you I'd like

to take this Thursday

if that's all right with you may I know

the reason you know we are very busy

this week John's sister is getting

married this Thursday aren't you

scheduled to be on call yes but I

switched with Mary on Monday you know

she was ill that day so I have to oh I

see let me take a look

well that's no problem

Susan you don't need to come to work on

Thursday I really appreciate it mr.

Compton making a business appointment

dialog one

hello mr. hammers office this is Cindy

hello Cindy

this is mr wegg from ABC company I'd

like to make an appointment with mr.

hammer this week what time is he

available well he is keeping busy this

week what would you like to talk to him

about about the technical cooperation oh

I see this is very important

let me check his schedule and see if he

can arrange some time thank you

when do you have free time any day is

fine for me

then shall we arrange the time on

Thursday morning for mr. hammer we'll be

in the office for the whole morning

that works for me see you then

dialogue - hi Nick nice to hear from you

hi mark I'm calling to ask about the

weather they're not good I'm afraid

that's a pity because I'm planning to

travel there next week I've got a

meeting with a customer in your area on

Tuesday of next week really well you'll

come by to see us while you're here I

hope that's what I'm talking about

I hope we can arrange to meet up after

that that sounds good when do you plan

on seeing me could be either Tuesday

afternoon or Wednesday morning okay well

it would be best for me if you could

come to see me on the Wednesday morning

okay I will try my best I will call you

to confirm when I get into town great

talk to you then changing an appointment

dialog one I'm sorry to tell you that I

have to cancel our appointment what

happened I must meet someone at the

airport this afternoon I'm sorry to hear


shall we meet tomorrow afternoon let me


oh I have another appointment that

afternoon then how about tomorrow

morning sorry I will attend a meeting

tomorrow morning

it seems you

won't see me this week huh oh come on

you misunderstood me I'm really busy

this week what do you say if I call you

as soon as I'm free all right you better

call me soon dialogue - hello hello is

this mr. will yes this is Smith I wonder

if our meeting could be put back a day

or two oh let me see would it be

possible to postpone our meeting until

Wednesday oh yes sure would 2:30 p.m. be

convenient for you yes

2:30 p.m. is fine thank you very much

goodbye mr. will

I will see you in your office on

Wednesday afternoon I will be there

waiting for you keeping appointments

dialogue 1 hello mr. buffet hello young


you are so punctual you are flattering


being on time is the soul of business

what's more I'm meeting such a big shot

like you well anyway I like my guest to

be punctual please have a seat thank you

so what's the purpose of your visit

today I'm here to discuss with you about

several questions on monetary

cooperation in East Asia

I think the cooperation will be

profitable well give your reasons

dialogue - hello Lucy

I'm afraid you have to wait a moment

when can you get here I will be about 15

minutes late

the car is jammed before it comes to the

crossroad I guess there isn't much we

can do about it I'm really sorry you can

begin now don't wait for me all right

take it easy and drive slowly welcoming

someone at the airport dialog one when

will you be arriving in Los Angeles mr.

Jones Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. what flight

United 603 all right mr. Jones I'll meet

your plane would you I'd appreciate that

my pleasure

dialogue - hi Matt nice seeing you again

here in Shanghai hi Lucy thank you for

meeting me at the airport how was your

flight anyhow it's a long way to

Shanghai isn't it it is how many pieces

of luggage do you have let me help with

one oh I can manage them myself thank

you all the same if you're ready we'd

better start for the hotel okay let's go

I really need a good rest office

reception dialog one

good morning how can I help you I have

an appointment with mr. Smith I am

coming to send him some paperwork may I

have your name please

build of from abb China nice to meet you

mr. dove have a seat I will let him know

you are here dialog - hi I'm here to see

mr. Matthews do you have an appointment

no I don't whom should I say is here

my name is Wang Li may I know what it's


of course for business I spoke with her

about a week ago and she told me to just

stop by when I was in the neighborhood

please wait a moment

I'll see if she is available business

dinner dialog one you must be miss Wang

I am Kelly Truman yes I am when Lily

just call me Lily it's great to meet you

mr. Truman thanks for suggesting a lunch

meeting I've got a hectic schedule so

this is a great way to kill two birds

with one stone me too and it's my

pleasure you must be wondering who my

friend here is I've taken the liberty of

inviting my assistant mr. Thomas he'll

be taking a few notes great nice to meet

you it's always good to have someone to

keep track of things when you're talking


nice meeting you too well

go through the buffet line and then we

can get down to business

dialogue - mr. Beck on behalf of the doc

wand group I wish to extend our warm

welcome to your visit in Beijing thank

you very much mr. Beck which things gave

you deep impressions during the time you

stayed in Beijing lots of things Chinese

long history Chinese people's

friendliness in Chinese food etc now

help yourself please

Wow I can't say anything more then

appreciate your splendid banquet let's

propose a toast for our friendship

thanks for your cooperation

cheer up getting promoted dialog one you

work so hard

nearly every day of the week I know but

I'm lucky compared to most people how

come in what ways are you lucky because

I love what I do

though I have to stay long hours I love

it as I have so much work to do while

others suffer from the crisis very good

and I'm coming to tell you a good news

that you are going to be promoted really

I feel excited am I going to be the head

of the task force in Manhattan perhaps

but I'm not sure by now just wait for

the appointments hope you will be ready

when the appointment finally comes

through okay I'm looking forward to

hearing from the board of administration

dialogue - Mary you are promoted to the

manager of your company congratulations

thanks Jane I was really surprised a

grand reward for job well done

thank you I mean there were a lot of

qualified people out there sure but the

work you did was really exceptional you

definitely deserved it

thanks a lot you were always responsible

and careful

I'm sure this promotion is just a

stepping stone to even greater things

Jane I appreciate it very much

thank you I'll try my best quitting the

job dialog one sorry to interrupt you

mr. Lee what's the matter Sarah I am

sorry to say that I've decided to quit

could you name reasons

well my resignation is mainly for the

consideration of my parents they are old

and can hardly serve themselves

I think they need me we plan to move in

a month to be frank you are really a

loss to our team I honestly hope

you have a wonderful future best regards

to your parents thank you very much I

really appreciate your consideration

I'll treasure this forever

thank you again dialogue - I'd like to

talk about the job this is my

resignation mr. white I want to quit my

job what's the trouble

I think you are working well I don't

think mark has the talent to be a leader

he pays little attention to working

method it's too torturous to work with


go on I'm all ears sorry I know it is

not decent to say behind his back I'm

sorry to say I can't put up with him I

decided to resign take a seat and cool

yourself down it shouldn't be you that

decides to leave instead it should be

mark who will leave oh really

right I am tired of hearing complaints

about him you will work in a friendly

United and cooperative atmosphere soon

thank you very much mr. white don't

mention it

quiet down and get on with your work

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