Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Glorious Seventeenth of April (anthem of Kampuchea) - ដប់ប្រាំពីរមេសាមហាជោគជ័យ

Difficulty: 0

The bright scarlet blood

Flooded over the towns and plains of our motherland Kampuchea,

The blood of our good workers and farmers,

Our revolutionary fighters' blood, both men and women.

Their blood produced a great anger and the courage

To contend with heroism.

On 17 April, under the revolutionary banner,

Their blood freed us from the state of slavery.

Hurrah, hurrah,

For the glorious 17 April!

That wonderful victory had greater significance

Than the Angkor period!

We are uniting

To construct a Kampuchea with a new and better society,

Democratic, egalitarian and just.

We follow the road to firmly-based independence.

We absolutely guarantee to defend our motherland,

Our fine territory, our magnificent revolution!

Hurrah, hurrah,

Hurrah! For the new Kampuchea

A splendid, democratic land of plenty!

We guarantee to raise aloft and wave the red banner of the revolution.

We shall make our motherland prosperous beyond all others,

Magnificent, wonderful!

The Description of Glorious Seventeenth of April (anthem of Kampuchea) - ដប់ប្រាំពីរមេសាមហាជោគជ័យ