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Hey guys, welcome to Our Fuzzy Pals.

Today we're going to be doing an unboxing of Bullymake with our fuzzy pals Harry and Jasper.

If you've never heard of Bullymake before, they are an online subscription box for dogs,

and everything that they design is designed for power chewers.

And we definitely wanted to get this, because our dogs are definitely power chewers.

So their box costs about $39 a month, and you can choose from either monthly or 6-month

or 12-month subscriptions, and the prices get lower the more you order.

So this is actually our first Bullymake Box, and we're gonna be unboxing it together with

our fuzzy pals Harry and Jasper.

So, Bullymake.

Let's see what we get.

Jasper, no, don't eat the knife.


Okay, cool.

So they're already starting to munch on the box.

I believe with every box you get, you get 23 chew toys and 34 treats, and you can pay

I think it was $9 extra to get an extra toy, which is what we did here, because we're

having these two guys share one box.

So we did go ahead and choose that extra toy.

So they're really curious what's inside.

Let's see what we have here.

Alright, let's take out the toys first.

So we've got a football-looking like thing here.

Looks like there's not really a theme here.

I don't know.

No, no theme.


Well, anyways, this is a football, and it's really sturdy, and you can...

uh oh, I think that's a chipmunk.

Let's continue.

You can stuff treats in here, or you can put this in the freezer with something yummy,

and they can chew on it.

Our second chew toy looks like a donut, and this is also really sturdy...

I wonder if it tastes like anything.

So all of the treats are made in the USA, so that's really nice.

And it looks like we also have this tug of war rope thing.

Oh, they're back.


Do you guys wanna try... do you guys wanna... okay, you guys are so excited.


Why don't you try that one.


Oh, yum yum.


Well they're gonna go off and do that.

Let's take a look at what kind of treats we got here.

So we have these Bullymake apple-chicken bars, and they look like... oh, they're back because

they hear the bag.

I think we have maybe three bars in here, but we can open it up and see what we have.

And then we also got mint leaves.

I guess these will make their breath smell good.

So when you place your order, you can choose what kind of treats you want.

These two guys are on a grain-free diet, so I selected grain-free.

These are totally grainless sausage bites.

I'm sure they're gonna love all these treats, I've never found a treat that they don't like yet, so...

Alright, so here's the sausage bits.

Here's the mint leaves.

Yum yum.

And then here's the apple-chicken bars.

So here's the other toy that we got, it's a rope toy thing.



Hey, hey.

Okay, well that... let me take the tag off first.




I think they really like this toy.

So... but I got to take the tag off.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.




Cool, well they seem to like the toys, so that's good.

Okay, and Jasper's gonna go and chew up the packaging as well.

Okay, so, let's do this chicken bar thing.

Bullymake apple-chicken bars.


These are huge.

These are like... oh my gosh.

Well they're gonna be... oh, you're getting really excited.




I don't think they really break up in halves, so...

Okay, Harry.

Alright, alright, okay.


Harry, down.


I think they're gonna be chewing on this for a while.

Alright, sit.

Harry, sit.

Good boy.



Jasper, down!

Good boy.


Good boy.



Good boy!

Alright, well so that's our first Bullymake Box.

We just wanna kind of test it out to see what it's like.

Leave a comment in the section below if you have any questions or suggestions, and if

there are any other boxes you would like us to unbox, let us know.

Just leave a comment below, and make sure to subscribe to our channel Our Fuzzy Pals.

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