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- Thanks for the ride, guys.

Although, I feel like the probing wasn't necessary.

So, the existence of aliens has been a

hotly debated topic for a very long time.

Those who have claimed to have witnessed a UFO

themselves are often dismissed as crazy,

but of all the documented UFO sightings in the last

100 years, there are some that are so well documented

or were witnessed by so many people that

they very well may have happened.

So this week, I gathered the most intruiging cases

ever documented to share with you all.

So here you are, the 10 most mysterious

UFO sightings of all time.

Number one is the Mariana Incident.

On August 15 1950, Nick Mariana became the

first person to capture film footage of a UFO.

While at a baseball diamond in Great Falls, Montana,

Mariana captured two bright lights streaking

across the sky on his 16mm movie camera.

What's significant about this event is that

Mariana contacted the local newspaper and the

local U.S. Air Force base about the event before he even

got the film developed.

That means that he couldn't possibly have known

if any doctoring of the tape looked convincing

adding authenticity to the credibility of the tape.

He claimed that upon return of the tape from the

U.S. Air Force base that several frames showing

the spinning disks were missing, suggesting a coverup.

Although, I'm not exactly sure why they felt the need

to cover this up, I mean the footage looks like it

was shot on a toaster, not exactly HD evidence.

Number two is the Trans-en-Provence Event.

This UFO sighting has been called the most carefully

documented UFO sighting of all time.

On January 8th, 1981, a retired farmer named

Renato Nicolai was working in his garden

at his home in France when a small saucer shaped craft

about two meters in diameter dropped out of the sky

hovered in front of him for about thirty seconds

and then disappeared back into the sky.

The French government investigated and found evidence of

compacting and heating of the soil where the craft appeared,

along with a black mixture that wasn't oil

but instead some mysterious metallic mixture.

I'm telling you man, these french farmers know something

we don't know.

(X-Files Theme)

Or he's just crazy.

Number three is the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

In December of 1980, there were a series of

strange events that occurred near Suffolk, England.

The most famous of which was the Rendlesham Forest


At 3am, air force personnel were dispatched to investigate

a downed aircraft.

What they discovered was a triangular alien spacecraft

standing on three legs.

They left, and upon arriving in the morning,

they discovered that not only was the craft gone,

but there were scorch marks and depressions in the ground

where the craft once was, along with trace amounts

of radiation.

This event is known as the most famous

UFO event to have ever happened in Britain,

next to the birth of Ozzy Osbourne.

Dude is weird.

"I'm Ozzy Osbourne muh muh muh muh muh"

Number four is the Chicago O'Hare Case.

On November 7th, 2016, there was a group of United Airlines

employees that reported to federal authorities

that there was a metallic saucer shaped craft

hovering over gate C17 for approximately two full minutes.

Several independent witnesses outside of the airport

also confirmed seeing the craft, which, after making

an appearance, shot into the sky with such a

high velocity that it left a blue hole in the clouds.

Strangely, the FAA declined to investigate the sighting,

claiming that it was just a balloon or weather phenomenon.

Yeah, big metallic balloon floating around,

see those all the time.

No need for alarm.

Number five is the Harbour Mille Event.

On the night of January 25th, 2010, there were multiple

reported sightings of UFOs near Harbor Mille

in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

The reports all say the same thing.

Three unidentified objects flew over Harbor Mille

while making zero noise.

Oddly, unlike other sightings that usually claim that

the craft came from the sky, these all claimed

that the UFO emerged from the Atlantic Ocean.

What's most intriguing is that an investigation by the

RCNP concluded that the UFO was in fact something

but they refused to reveal exactly what.

Of course, none of this may have ever even happened,

considering us Canadians sometimes have impaired judgement

due to usually being drunk off beer and maple syrup.

So, yeah, who knows.

Number six is the Colares UFO Flap.

This UFO encounter is unique, because unlike others

on this list, this encounter resulted in a reported

alien attack.

During 1977, there was a series of UFO encounters

on the Brazilian island of Colares

all of which resulted in the inhabitants of the island

being attacked by intense beams of radiation.

A total of 35 patients were officially diagnosed with

radiation poisoning, including burns and small

puncture wounds within the burned area.

These sightings led to the Brazilian government

dispatching a team to investigate under the codename

Operation Saucer, but later recalled the team

and classified the files.

You know, just as an aside, if you're going to give

a top secret alien investigation a codename,

pick something inconspicuous like

Operation Groceries or Operation Lightbulb.

Don't call it Operation Saucer, it's kind of

a giveaway, just saying.

Number seven is the Warren Air Force Base Encounter.

The Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming

has been the site of a number of alleged UFO visitations

since 1965.

The most famous incident occurred in 1976 when

retired officer Bruce Fenstermacher reported seeing

a cigar shaped craft about 20 meters long moving towards

the missile silos.

Military and police personnel frantically converged

on the site, but by the time they arrived the craft

had disappeared.

The strangest thing is that despite several witnesses

all having the exact same story, the encounter

was not included in any official report.

(coughs) Coverup!

Excuse me, my allergies.

Number eight is the Belgian UFO Wave.

Between 1989 and 1990, there were a large number

of UFO sighting above Belgium.

The Sightings hit a peak in March 30th, 1990,

when 13,500 people reported seeing

huge black triangles in the sky, moving in silence.

The Belgian Air Force was able to track

several of the UFOs by radar and even scrambled

F-16 fighter jets nine times to intercept them,

all unsuccessfully.

Amazingly, on three occasions, they were able to

maintain a weapons lock for three seconds on the UFOs,

but they changed course and sped away so rapidly

that the lock was broken.

Whatever these UFOs were, it sounds like they were

messing with the pilots, they let them lock on

for three seconds before taking off at light speed.

It was probably just payback for us making them

look bad in Independance Day.

- And what the hell is that smell!

- [Voiceover] Number nine is the Westfall UFO Occurrence.

On April 6th, 1966, a UFO was allegedly witnessed by

over 200 students and teachers at two difference schools

at Westfall and Melbourne, Australia.

All accounts say that a silver or silvery green craft

about twice the size of a car hovered around

a group of pine trees behind the school and then landed.

The craft was in full view of the entire crowd

for 20 minutes before it rose from the trees,

tilted at 45 degree angle and then flew into the sky.

An investigation confirmed that no private planes

took off in the area at that time, and the military

confirmed that there was no activity in the skies.

Despite hanging around for 20 minutes, there is

shockingly no photographic or film evidence that exists

related to the encounter.

It's pretty odd, though, that as soon as this thing's

discovered outside of the school, potentially spying

on young kids, that it takes off into the sky.

I wonder who the pilot was.

(Michael Jackson Music)

And number 10, the Battle of Los Angeles.

You might recognize the title 'The Battle of Los Angeles'

from the sci-fi movie or the Rage Against the Machine album,

but it was in fact a real event that occurred in

February of 1942 over the city of Los Angeles.

Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor,

several unidentified flying objects were seen

flying over the city of L.A.

Believing that the objects were japanese aircrafts,

the U.S. army shot 1400 anti-aircraft shells into the sky

yet nothing was shot down or even hit.

The encounter ended with the UFOs flying back

to the sky and disappearing.

It also ended with them knowing that we can't

harm them, meaning that they're likely to

come back one day, except this time they'll be

bringing probes.

Yeah, prepare for some metallic buttlove, people.

It's goin happen.

And that's it for this time guys,

keep in mind that this list was just of UFO sightings

that I personally thought were most interesting

but there are many, many more out there.

So, if you're interested, I'll put a link in the

description to a Wikipedia article of

a complete list of documented UFO sightings.

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