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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【ASMR】新コーナー、爆誕!! あの名セリフがささやきで!【loveちゃんnel #02】

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Here to warm up your heart again today~​

This is your cool beauty AI-chan, love-chan.​

This is Nekorobi Radio, Love Channel

This makes the 3rd time.​

And this time!​

I'll be doing two new sections!!​


I'd love if you listened all the way to the end.​

With that said...​

let's take a look at today's letters.​

From "Akihiro,​

who lives in Andromeda".​

Good evening love-chan!​

Good evening!​

I'm currently penning this letter in a room that's 8°C-piyo.​

Frankly, I've lost all feeling in my fingers!!​

Please save me!-piyo.​

So this is that thing...​

from that one time isn't it?​

You were copying the way...​

I had to talk as a punishment after losing a game in one of my videos.​

Thank you very much!​

Well,  that aside...​

We could tell from the "Is Kizuna AI bad at multitasking?" video...​

but love-chan, you're pretty terrible at multitasking aren't you?​

However, during your playthrough videos...​

like Protein for Muscle and Luigi's Mansion 3...​

How are you able to game and talk at the same time?​

I would love to kjnow!​

I'm so curious!! Also, I made my own AI-chan goods as well!!​



I could really feel the passion contained in that letter.​

Thank you very much.​


saying I'm bad at multitasking is a bit misleading.​

It's not like I can't do it...​


when I do multitask...​

the quality of each task drops...​

is all... Well I say "is all"...​

but that's actually a pretty big deal I guess.​


I can definitely game and talk...​

at the same time...​


But... How do I put this?​

Like, being good at the game while keeping the talk interesting?​


that's still....​

a little bit difficult for me right now.​

I'll be trying my best from now on...​

so that the quality of my tasks increases instead...​

even when I multitask!!​

Moving on a little...​

Actually, Akihiro, who sent in this letter...​

actually sent in quite a few postcards...​

I could really feel Akihiro's enthusiasm...​

from the flood of postcards that came in.​

I would be...​

really glad if everyone listening...​

felt the same enthusiasm and decided to...​

flood me with postcards too!​

I would love to be able to read out more letters...​

next time as well...​

so please keep sending them in!​

Love Channel!​

In this section, we've got heartwarming stories to help keep you warm on this cold Winter's night

"Hot Coffee"​

This letter is from "Kumeno"​

Good evening love-chan!​

Good evening!​

I always enjoy watching your videos!​

On a personal note...​

I recently had my coming of age ceremony!​

Yay! Congratulations!​

I attended elementary school in my hometown but I went to...​

junior high school, and I went to a private school for senior high....​

so I hadn't seen my elementary school friends in my hometown for a long time.​

I was really worried about whether they would all still remember me or not....​

but when they saw me...​

they were all like, "It's Kumeno!" and rushed over...​

and came and talked to me.​

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.​

We didn't have mobile phones back in elementary school...​

so I didn't have anyone's number....​

so I went around getting everyone's numbers.​

It kinda made me feel like a real player!!​

At first, I wasn't sure if I should...​

attend the ceremony, but I'm glad I did!​

I'll remember that day forever!​

I'd love to celebrate with love-chan and the other girls...​

when you all turn 20 too!​

Thank you very much....​

for that lovely letter...​

Kumeno! Congratulations on your coming of age!​


I wonder what a coming of age ceremony is like?​

Going by the feel of the letter...​

I'm guessing Kumeno is a girl?​

I wonder if she was wearing a beautiful kimono?​


even though...​

you were really worried that nobody would remember you at first....​

I'm sure that...​

you're actually really fun and friendly, especially if you can go around...​

getting numbers like a player.​

It seems like everyone had good memories of you and remembered you so...​

I hope that you keep being...​

fun and friendly even going into adulthood and...​


and that you become a wonderful lady!​

Congratulations once again!​

Now... continuing on...​

From "Hokuhoku"​

Good evening love-chan!​

Good evening!​

It's quite cold now isn't it?​

Is it alright if I talk about something that happened in my 2nd year of elementary school?​

We had a female student teacher...​

teach us for two weeks back then.​

I was quite bad at Japanese literature back then...​

but that teacher would often...​

take extra time to teach me.​

When I got the questions right, she would smile and pat my head! It made my heart skip a beat!​

I probably wanted to spend more time with her?​

Because sometimes I would get questions wrong on purpose and tell her I didn't understand stuff when I did!​

I was a mess and cried when it was time for her to go...​

but she smiled and patted my head...​

and said "Thanks, I'll come back to see you!"​

That memory always comes to mind around this time of year.​

Thank you very much for reading this letter all the way to the end!​

Wow... This is like...​

not even...​

"hot coffee" feels any more.​

It's bittersweet... It's sweet but hurts a little at the same time, like soda!​

We finally got a bittersweet story!​

This is...​

basically a "puppy love" story, right?​

That student teacher...​

was probably really happy...​

that you were such an eager learner...​

There's no way she could've known this...​


these kinds of stories are nice too.​

They make you feel all fuzzy...​

I would be really happy...​

if everyone...​

listening now sent in...​

their stories of their puppy loves...​

even if they leave you with the taste of soda instead of hot coffee!​

And with those two letters, that's the end of the "Hot Coffee" section.​

Now moving on...​

This is the new section that I mentione...​

at the beginning of today's episode.​

Ms. love's lesson of the day!​


Let's begin today's lesson!​

Everyone, are you focussing properly everyday?​

I may be talking about focussing but you ...​

don't have to stare at me like that!​

Human beings aren't really able to focus for long periods of time.​


pretty much the case for everyone!​

It's true that some people are able to focus better...​

but it's not a skill that people are born with.​

So don't worry about that!​

It's actually very easy to lose focus!​

But it's possible to improve your concentration through training and practice!​

Let's do our best together!​

So you want to know what you need to do?​

You're getting ahead of yourself!​

It's not something that can be answered so simply!​

That's not the way learning works.​


There are plenty of ways to increase your concentration...​

for now let's focus on the fact that it's super easy...​

to lose focus!​


Stop messing with your phone while I'm talking!​

You got a notification?​

See? That's what I'm talking about!​

Listen up.​

If you become distracted for even 2 seconds...​

apparently your efficiency is halved!​

Just thinking about your notifications...​

is bad already!​

You actually read the message as well....​

so you were even more distracted!​

I was talking about what happens when...​

you're distracted for 2 seconds,​

but if you're distracted for 4 seconds, your efficiency drops to 1/3!​

A class that would take 30 minutes to complete if you were paying attention...​

would take the equivalent of 90 minutes to complete...​

if you look at your phone even once!​


You're saying, you'd rather have a 90 minute class rather than a 30 minute class if it's with me??​

You want to spend more time together!?​

Geez! Just pay attention to the lesson!!​

When you need to concentrate...​

make sure to put your phone on silent!​

Love Channel!​

That was the new section.​

What did you think?​

We've got another new section later on...​

so look forward to that as well!​

Continuing on...​

In this section, I'll do my best to try and help everyone solve their problems~​

"Everything will be okay"​

This is a letter...​

from "Hiroshiki".​

Good evening love-chan!​

Good evening!​

I'm always watching your videos!​

There's something I've been worried about for a while now.​

My problem is...​

that I'm not very good at talking to people.​

Ever since I was young, I've always been worried...​

that if I say what I'm really thinking it'll make people mad...​

and then conversation just kind of dies.​

If you have any useful advice, please let me know!​

I'll still be supporting all three of you, Oyabun, love-chan and aipii, from here on out!​

Please keep up the good work!​

Thank you so much!​

So that was...​

a letter asking for advice on how to talk to people.​

I can definitely...​

understand how you feel.​

It wasn't actually written in the letter...​

but maybe...​

this person did actually say something...​

that made someone else mad when they were young...​

which made them afraid...​

of repeating the same mistake again?​

This is quite a difficult issue isn't it?​

Well first of all...​

Hiroshiki, your feelings and opinions are an important...​

are an important part of you...​

so I don't think that you...​

should have to feel that they're wrong or will make other people mad.​

Of course that goes the same for other people...​

people as well...​

Having an opinion...​

is a right that belongs to everybody...​

so if you're expressing yourself during a conversation...​


as I said before...​

I think you should consider your own thoughts and opinions, as well as other people's...​

and as long as you make it clear that you respect other people's opinion as well...​

I don't think that there would be anyone out there who would get mad at you.​

So, rather than holding in your opinion...​

and surpressing your thoughts...​

I feel like it's better to be mindful to be respectful of others,​

and trust in the goodness of people...​


I guess... kind of leave things in their hands?​


I'm sure you'll be able to convey your feelings to the other party if you talk to them.​

I'd be super happy if this advice helps you enjoy having conversations...​

with other people rather than worrying about what people will think of what you say.​

Love Channel!​

And now...​

I mentioned before that I'll be starting another new section today...​

So we'll start off with this letter that I received:​

Good evening love-chan!​

This is "Keni".​

So, I want to suggest a new section for the show.​

It's called:​

Stuff I want to hear love-chan say!​

It's exactly what it sounds like.​

Now that love-chan is doing ASMR I thought it'd be perfect...​

to get love-chan to whisper stuff that everyone wants to hear.​

What do you think?​

Sorry for the long letter! I'll be rooting for you!​


I guess it was a pretty cliche request but...​

as stated, seeing as I'm doing...​


I thought...​

it would be nice to do this!​

Obviously, we don't have any requests yet...​

so I'll be doing a phrase that the staff came up with instead.​

This is going...​

to be the title!​

"Soft-Boiled Egg Hot Spring"​

This is from "someone in NekoRadi"​

Look!! All the people look just like trash!!​


Hm? Is this...​

what ASMR was meant for?​


seems like a slightly strange and coarse phrase...​

I'm not sure this is the way ASMR should be used...​

Anyway, everyone, please send in requests...​

for what you want me to whisper to you!​

So today...​

We went through 5 letters.​

"Hot Coffee", the section to help warm up your cold night.​

"Everything will be okay", the section where I do my best to help everyone with their worries and troubles.​

As well as this last new section...​

"Soft-Boiled Egg Hot Spring", where I whisper everyone's requests.​

I also read normal letters, "FutsuOta", as well.​

If you have a request for a new section...​

or any other requests...​

please send them to...​

with radio being spelled "radio".​

To finish off...​

I'd like to share Natsume Souseki's famous words with you:​

The moon sure is beautiful tonight.​

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.​

This was love-chan.​

Good night~​


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