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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sh*t Injury Lawyers Say

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and so i have to meet you under the circumstances could you please tell me

what happened you were hit from behind

you were team won't the other driver ran a red light the other driver got

arrested for drunk driving the other driver was speeding your driver got a

ticket for reckless driving you've got his head on

the other side was arrested for driving the wrong way on the highway what

happened to immediately after the accident

you were treated in the emergency room

they had to call a specialist you were airlifted to the hospital they had to

call in a plastic surgeon

you had an m_r_i_ you had to undergo emergency surgery what injuries did you

sustain you received facial injuries you had a displaced


spinal chord injuries they had to put rocks and his near lake you had a

compound fracture you incurred dramatic brain injury if refugee camp you had to

have plastic surgery another number of complications that come up in a case

like this

some of the might include race it's a local beer loss of business opportunity

something of the risk injuries for pain and suffering foresee ability past

medical bills future medical bills economic damages future lost wages

rehabilitative care loss of business opportunity psychological injuries joint

and several liability sometimes we have to retain experts to assist us

with the development of your case

kind investigator accident analysis

expert accident reconstruction is anew rose psychologist the safety testing

expert economist an airbag expert urologist design expert trauma surgeon

physical therapist vocational list accident prevention expert occupational

therapist let me tell you how these types of cases are handled you need to

find out what to do you need to find out what you should not be doing

we need to have your rights explain to you you need to learn what you should

never do your lost wage claim has to be properly developed

insurance adjusters oftentimes take advantage of unrepresented parts let me

explain why it's in your best interest to hire a lawyer

you can't let me just to tell you what your cases were we handle all cases on

contingency fee basis if there is no recovery

then there's no fee

we will advance all of the costs of the development of your case attorneys

generally get you more money even after you pay their feet we take all the

financial risk

so you can concentrate on getting better

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