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[Daniel] Next level fierce [Joey] bitchh my back feels like it's gonna snap in haaaaaaalf. [D] Alright come on pose pose. [J]Ok.

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Good day everyone and welcome to today's video where I'm going to be recreating my

boyfriend's Instagram photos

So you guys have really liked the past ones that I have done of recreating youtubers recreating the Kardashians

But now I'm taking it home to recreating my boyfriend's

I'm actually very excited about this because my boyfriend has a

wonderful Instagram page that I am very inspired by and he is just the most handsome man in the world so I

Wanted to I guess steal some of his ideas

So I picked out like some of my favorite photos of him, so yeah

I guess let's get started shall we oh we shall so the first one that I'm going to recreate is this one right here

Which oh my god? He is just?

Something so he has all this fase paint on which I think looks really freaking cool

So I'm going to try my best to recreate that look on my face probably gonna be really difficult

But we are going to try and I'm gonna try to be that

Sexy, but I'm not sure I can but let's try alrighty so I have some face paints to try and mimic oh

That's a flower for the other picture, but yeah, I have these to try and recreate this look so here's a time-lapse of me

transforming my face

Okay, this was extremely difficult to remake I feel like I was making progress with the nose

But it's so hard to get in the details of these with um the color

Just because the face paint isn't really that good and it's not precise enough, but here

I was able to smudge in the pigment, but over here. It's just like oh what happened to us

But again, that's what face tunes for its all a trick all right. Let's take this photo

Okay, so I didn't do both sides because I knew that it's just half the face in the photos you cheated the system, I cheated

oh wow

oh wow

Am I you? Are you jealous? No.

No, it's gonna have to be heavily tuned, but you know what we got something

Okay, so we are back and here they are, side by side

I definitely think the artwork on his face looks a lot better and

Obviously this was taken on a professional camera vs my iPhone picture

But I feel like I got the essence of what the photo was supposed to be, but yeah

I think it's a cool photo regardless. Well. I like it

What do you guys think oh and also this photo of him is my background of my phone?

So um I really like that photo okay up next is a real simple one this one

He looks like Draco Malfoy and because he has the blonde hair and like a Slytherin type jacket

I do not have that green jacket because it's currently in storage

But I do have like a Gryffindor version because it's maroon

So I'm going to try and attempt to recreate this I feel like it'll be a lot easier because we both have the blonde hair

And it's just laying on grass, so let's get to it basically

I just need to lay on the grass and take a selfie is that all you did Danny?

Yes, just think that you're on Riverdale. Oh

Riverdale vibes

Suck your cheeks in not that much pucker a little bit, but you don't have much to work with

All right, I think we got it I can get out of the stinky stank of grass all right so here

They are side by side

Like the Gryffindor

version of his Slytherin

um But here's also a photoshopped version where I have the green ones so it looks a little bit more similar

But this one was definitely a lot easier to recreate, and uh yeah, I think it turned out great

Okay up next is this photo right here that we actually took at a hot spring

uh in Mammoth so

obviously in LA we don't live near any Hot Springs, so I'm gonna have to get creative so

Let's go try and recreate this like a milky water look. Okay, so I fill the bathtub up with some clear water

It has kind of like a blue vibe to it already

But it needs to be milky so I'm gonna put some almond milk in and see if this makes it look like the milky

hot spring


Alrighty I think it looks about right

Okay, okay, so you need a wet quick. Where are the pictures? I don't know what you're saying

Lift your head up more, can you tell that I'm in a bathtub right now? No, *gasps*


Well, I think we got it we're good

He had better lighting because it was natural lighting, but here they are, side by side

I did the best I could to try and recreate this

Um again, the lighting was obviously a lot different and I was in a bathtub versus in an actual hot spring so this is the best

you're gonna get with an iPhone quality camera and um

In my bathtub so next is this photo right here that our friend Hope created for him

I think she also did the face paint for him, but uh she put this really cool ombre

flower look on his eyes

uh she's done it to me before as well, but I obviously want to recreate this because it's a really cool

Look so basically

I'm just gonna have to glue a lot of flower petals to my face, which sounds fun, so let's do it

Okay, so I got some fake flowers. That i'm going to glue hot glue to my face. *laughs* Just kidding. I got Elmer's Oh

Escuse me, yeah, basically, I'm just going to like glue them onto my face in a cute way

So let's let the process commence

Okay, so this is the best that I could accomplish

Uh it looks fine if you don't look close enough, uh but Danny Boy

Accidentally had the pool running a little too long, so it's literally about to overflow

But it actually kind of works because in his photo. It's like he's laying on

water so

I don't know if I wanna actually lay in this, because it's probably real cold, but you know what let's just do it

I gotta lay down on this cold floor.

Back it up. Oooo that's cold

Oooo I don't like it, back it up, i don't like it If I back up anymore. I'm gonna drown in this pool. No, you have to put your waist on the brick


You need to get the picture.

Okay okay okay

Put your arms over you.

Oh okay give me a moment

Okay, you look crazy so get it together next level fierce bitch my back feels like it's gonna snap in half.

Alright come one pose pose, ok

B***h no no ok

You F****r ok

I've fallen and I can't get up.

Here they are side by side

Chanel vs Walmart clearly

Um it was hard to get it to look that cute

Um I mean it's still a cool shot, but I mean it was the best I could do

I'm no wigsworth and last, but not least is this photo right here

Which was actually the very first photo that I saw of Daniel and what hooked me in immediately? I just thought he was

The most beautiful boy. I'd ever seen and I was just like wow

He's so cool. He likes vintage cars even though

I know nothing about cars, but I know it was just very attractive to me

Uh so we're gonna go head out and try and find a car similar to that it's gonna be real difficult

But it's la. I feel like we could find something so we're in the car

We're browsing around trying to find ourselves an old vintage red car. I have a feeling this is going to be quite difficult

But we might, we might be lucky that could work if we like if I Photoshop it red

I mean It kind of has the vibe

There's a Volvo over here, it looks old does that look, that's awful *laughs* ok

God I think we found it even though it's not red

It's a vintage and it looks really cool, so we're just gonna park right over here we're fraud. It's fine

That's what photos shouldn't up in face tunes for

Alright, so you need to sit down right in front of the license plate. Yup, yeah cheekbones for years

That's so weird we literally look the same are you my brother people ask us that all the time we're brothers and we're lovers.

Alright so here they are, side by side

Uh obviously I couldn't find that same car so this one's gonna have to do

uh but yeah I

Still think Daniel looks more cute than I do, but you know what we made it work, and I recreated it

That's best I could so anyways

I hope you guys

Enjoyed this video if you did please give it a big old thumbs up and let me know down in the comments who you want

To see me or try and recreate there, whatever

Um and I will check out those comments, and hit that Bell notification button it will tell you every time

I post a new video because the subscribe button sucks and also a huge

thank you to my boyfriend Daniel for the

Inspiration of this video you guys should definitely go check out his Instagram and follow him I'll link him down below

Uh he post really amazing photos, and I love him so you guys should go and follow him uh he's so close to hitting at millions

So it would mean a lot to him if you went and checked out yourself, so yeah, that's it for today

I love you. I will see you all tomorrow good damn bye

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