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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chicken Finger Football (GAME)

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(rooster crowing)

(animal roaring)

- It's gonna land on Gifticality, Link.

- Yeah, welcome to Good Mythical More.

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We're gonna play Chicken Finger Football.

You know, typically you just play football

with your fingers, like you make a football out of paper.

- Paper football.

I was never into that, that much.

Because it wasn't chicken.

- You're gonna like this.

- As we're doing this, I would like to hear

how we ranked everything else, 'cause I'm just so curious,

so curious, so curious. - Carl's Jr. huh.

- [Stevie] Well, unsurprisingly, you did both get McDonald's

correct and you thought it was bad.

So that was like your lowest ranking one,

but it tied with a Post Malone favorite, Raising Cane's.

- Oh, really? - We didn't like those.

- [Stevie] Also gave low score to, but Rhett,

actually, you got that correct based on the whole

"I've never had it before" logic.

- Was that the first one we tasted?

- [Stevie] That was the second one.

Actually the first one right off the bat--

- The Honest Chicken.

- [Stevie] Right off the bat, when Link was like

I know what this is, it's Church's Chicken, he was correct.

- Oh, and you thought it was gonna be a good day

at that point. - I was feeling it.

The only other one I got right was what?

- [Stevie] McDonald's and Church's Chicken.

Rhett got Raising Cane's, McDonald's, and Popeye's correct.

Which you rated Popeye's second highest--

- Really? - out of everything.

- They also fry shrimp there, but they do that

in a different vat, probably.

I was waiting for like a shrimpy chicken

and that never happened.

- The batter had a familiarity to it.

(Stevie stuttering) (Rhett stuttering)

- [Stevie] That last one, we saved because we thought

that you would guess, it was KFC and you both guessed

Carl's Jr. and were underwhelmed by it.

- I give it an eight, I gave that my second highest,

I stand by that, I still think that KFC's pretty good.

But that Carl's Jr. tender was really good.

- If you make it through the goal post,

let's see if you can also either land it in ranch or

put some barbecue sauce down here

when we move this over, so.

- Okay, this isn't gonna be that easy.

You gotta sort of get down here.

- Yeah, 'cause I'm turning it for camera,

which makes it a little more difficult.

- Oh!

Okay, this is possible though.

You wanna give me like, a couple of gos and then?

Kinda like a typical field goal kicker.

- You're kinda close to it, okay.

- I'm close to it?

- You're not getting any air.

There you go.

- Okay, now I gotta just line it up right.

One more, one more, it's like a mortar shell.

I'm doing four and then we'll switch.

- That's like a mortar shell, is that what you're saying?

(Rhett laughing)

- Okay.

- You hit me.

- I've got the technique figured out.

- Can you move it, move it towards the camera a little bit?

All right.

- Whoa!

- There's one.

- What, Link, you found your calling

if you could do that again.

- I can't have any more callings.

You're implying that like up until this point,

I haven't had a calling.

- Well, give me an example of another one.

- Well, this show.

(Rhett laughing)

Identifying Church's Chicken chicken fingers.

- All right, you know what, see if you can land

in the barbecue sauce if you're all that.

- Okay. - What?

You're good at this.

- I'm offended by your surprise.

I'ma hit that, man.

- What, you're like a natural.

I'm gonna pull this back because you're landing

right there every time.

- Yeah, keep it on screen because I want to see people.

- You're gonna have to let up a little bit

'cause that's where it's going.

- I'm just gonna get back.

I'm off, but my nugget's not.

That's all that matters.

Oh, it went short.

All right, your turn.

- Okay, you got any pointers?

Give me some nuggets.

- Thump hard, thump with confidence.

I think you were thumping too gingerly.

Let's see, so, that's a good spot for that.

It went in front, missed.

Okay, that one also missed.

That one was a little short.

Rhett, I think you've not found your calling yet.

Don't give up, you'll find your calling one day, buddy.

One day you'll know what you were born to do.

- I'm not gonna be in the chicken NFL.

Oh, I got one!

- You made one and it almost hit the, almost hit the--

- Oh!

Now I've found my rhythm.

- All right, but that was your four tries.

- Hold on, I gotta go into the...

Okay, I got it now.

- Now it's my turn.

All right, bring in that sauce.

Now this one's actually shaped like a finger football.

Oops, my first miss of the day.

That hurts.

Same place. - What happened, man?

Has the wind shifted?

- I'm aiming for the, move the sauce that way.

- You gotta give it a little bit more.

- Oh, that was good.

- And that went in the trash can.

- Went into the trash can?

I thought it was gonna bank,

it banked off the inside,

and I thought it was gonna go in the sauce.

That's really what we're going for here.

- Now it's all about the sauce.

- I wanna hit that sauce.

- Could you move the sauce four inches to the right?

Oh God.

- Is your finger bleeding?

Or is that sauce?

- That's sauce.

I'm not trying that hard.

Trying to get it, I can't get it to,

I'm trying to get it to arch up a little bit.

- Angle it back more.

- What's happening?

I was on such a good streak.

- You hit the microphone stand.

All right, that's four, man.

- But I didn't even get close.

What is, whoa!

- That was a spin move.

- I don't know what's happening.

- All right, let me try again.

Okay, I'm gonna hit this sauce.

That's what this is about.

That was close. - Close.


I did just observe something about your technique though

that I want to try.

- Oh, that was so close.

That went through but, thought I was gonna hit that.

Come on, daddy.

Hit the sauce.

That's the right force factor.

- That's a tough one to do it with. It's so round.

One more?

- This is my final attempt.

- I caught it.

Okay, you know what?

You didn't give me the pointer, the key pointer, I think.

Your hand...

- Is on the ground?

- You've got your hand off of the, you're doing this,

so your hand, I can't do that, I can't get my hand flat

because I gotta switch places with you.

That's what it is.

I'm blaming that.

- All right, let's see if you're right.

- Now, I can get under it.

See how much under it I was?

- Hold on, let me move the sauce over here.

- It's the same exact thing on this side.

- You're not coming anywhere near the goal post.

You're aiming them at me.

Aim through here.

Are you trying to hit me every time?

Through here now.

- I've hit you five times in a row.

That was at least the right level.

- You're behind, you're behind, you're behind.

Rhett, I think there's only one conclusion we can draw.

- I suck at this.

- I'm better at you.

- (chuckling) Better at, better.

Okay, I'm gonna aim over there.

That's my new technique.

It still hit you.

Every single time.

- I'm like a chick magnet.

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