Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Alexander Rybak at the Greek Eurovision final 18.2.13

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Despoina: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to Eurosong 2013, a Mad Show.

Giorgos: Please make your strongest applause for our unique guests. Dima Bilan...

D: and Ruslana!

G: Marija Šerifović!

D: and Alexander Rybak!

G: And of course one more bigger applause for all our 4 guests!

G: So... It's the interview time!

D: Ah let me see.

G: As I sat and studied very well the Russian language... you will allow me Despoina to begin.

G: Dima! D: A? G: Aha!

G: You have been to Eurovision twice, which time was stronger for you, first one or the second one, when you won?

Dima: Despoina, you're wonderful.

I'd like to thank a lot my friends in Greece.

D: Dima has many friends!

Dima: I wish you good luck and be good.

D: Thank you very much.

Dima: And of course I do remember Greece, because it was for the first time in my life (the first Eurovision for him), so I still can't forget these hospitable people up until this day.

Thank you very much for this love, which exists till the present day!

D: That was what I was afraid all night that he would tell and he did it.

G: First, I will tell you what I ASKED him. Let me first remember...

So I asked him or better I said to Dima that he went to ESC twice and which was the stronger experience for him, the first time? Or the 2nd when he won?

And he told me that ...

He told us that, of course, he remembers the 1st time like a very strong experience.

It's unforgettable. He also made many friends here, but clearly, he can't forget the time he won.

Generally he can't choose which time was the stronger experience and they are equally strong.

D: What are you telling me? Great.

G: Yeah what have you thought?

D: Well done Giorgo.

G: Do you know any Russian?

D: I know this kind of Russian too..

D: Dima, what are you doing now?

D: There's again...Russian.

Dima: I have lots of concerts now. I sing with symphonic orchestra, and also, of course, I release music, albums...

I endlessly work, I endlessly travel from one country to another. That's it.

D: Yes.

D: Translate it now, to see how you'll go...

G: What did you ask?

D: Nice. So, i asked what is he doing. G: Yes,yes..

D: And he said he is on a tour all over the world with the symphony orchestra of Russia. And he is in studio for the recording of his new songs.

G: Very good. Now as you understand, we're connoisseur of the Russian language.. we can continue with Ruslana.

G: Ruslana, how has Eurovision influenced you?

D: I'm telling you for sure. IT didn't curse you.

G: How (in Russian) Ruslana: How (in Ukrainian)

G: influenced (in Russian( R: influenced (in Ukrainian)

G: on you (in Russian) R: on you (in Ukrainian)

G: Eurovision R: Eurovision (in Ukrainian)

R: You're very good!

R: I - love - you! I - love - you! I - love - you!

G: We asked her what has changed in her life since she won in Eurovision and she answered that all this energy, all this happiness, all those people that come, have added to her life.

This is her big change and you saw how energetic she is and I think you gave it back to her (via applause).

D: So, my turn now, and since it the answer I made before was a big success, I will repeat it because what did we say Giorgo?

That when a team does well, don't change it. Isn't that right? So...

What are you doing right now?

D: How did you remember that my dear Ruslana?

G: Thank you (in Russian) R; No, it's "Djakuyu" in Ukrainian

R: Djakuyu is "Thank you"

Marija: Good evening (in Serbian) G: Good evening (in Serbian)

M: Hello, Orthodox brothers!

G: Wow! D: Wonderful!

G: We talked of course about this amazing emotional bonding between Serbians and Greeks. We're both Orthodox.

M: Hello, Orthodox brothers!

G: And she told us that she loves very much Greece and she has many friends here, she comes often and for Serbians is very usual to visit Greece for a trip.

Isn't that right? They know very well Greece and they're coming often.

D: It doesn't matter. the voting part finished. That's why we can ask. Right?

G: We asked her if she has a favourite song as the voting part finished and we could asked her. She liked the 3rd and the 4TH.

AR: Good evening (in Norwegian)

AR: Believe in yourself!

D: Wow so wonderful!

G: I think you understand what he told us.

He told us very simply that he loves us a lot and he wanted to come here to support us.

G: Yesterday he was in Stockholm tomorrow goes to New York, but he had to come here, we have a good heart and we are sexy. That's what i think he told us. Right?

D: Yeah. I understand it right. So Alexander..

D: He said that he would like to come in Greece and play because we do love music, we're a country that loves music and he would like to come here and play with some children. I don't know how many.

G: Thank you so much!

G: Those were our 4 unique guests. A big applause please, to Ruslana, Dima Bilan, Marija Šerifović and Alexander Rybak! We thank them so much!!

The Description of Alexander Rybak at the Greek Eurovision final 18.2.13