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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: On The Spot: Ep. 52 - We've Been Deported to Brazil | Rooster Teeth

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My first team tonight had their meet-cute happen at a bar a Few years back

He was looking for a confident woman with looks to die for and she was looking for a nice guy with a winning smile

Neither [than] found that so they just settle for each other instead, please welcome elise booms in zach anner

My second team tonight met each other behind a dumpster in the seedy part of La where the two of them were naked and fighting

over half-empty bottle of vodka and a coffee stain 1992 issue of Penthouse magazine

Please welcome Bruce Green and James wolves

I'm your host John rice. You're walking on the spot

Wow, that's really good. You are happy to be on the show, John. It's not a talk show. Gee

Thanks for having me back not at all. What's going on?

Why can't it be a talk show?

do you have like a nice little story you can tell [us] about like a

Celebrity you uh you ran across at one of your awards ceremonies. I just farted into these cushions

these are new

Bruce with [your] antics um walking [on] the spot this episode is brought to you by Movement watches in trunk Club

John you could be pleasured by a very tiny person behind me yes, I

Could are you are you I'm too tall

Um John I appreciate you went home to me

I'm not gonna let you talk about you turn

Yeah, like [I] at least really likes to do stuff [like] that, but it's completely uncomfortable the entire time she does stuff like that

Thank you for having me John wonderful to be here


Okay, so yeah, I have we have sponsors, and I thank them let's go ahead and go to team names

What what do you want bruce nothing? What more do you want with this goddamn show I like the love the show yeah

I like this I like the rug can we get a shot [on] the rug look at that just a single camera

It's good Riddler's cam

Like an eel juice rug [yeah], at least. What's your guys as far as unit

It's like the best example of polishing a turd. I've ever seen

You know the little [coats] they put on backs of books yeah. Oh, you were Gonna. Give [me] a blurb for my

That's right. You are you are an author [that's] [right]. Yeah, and you're the author of an author photo. Yeah

Sure, he took a picture of me, and it's on the book now

And it's not the ones that we take the selfies. We take it moment. I was gonna say yeah

What's your fucking team name this books written by a penis?

What is it [uh]?

We're by rock Fuddruckers blood rockers and percy Jackson and lightning thief. Yeah

Oh that is not an actual percy Jackson book title Percy Jackson the lighting thing

Yeah, how many characters it was in a person [Jax] [am] [I] [really] the one for me?

Do you have a problem with our team name no?

I don't probably to your hud rockers and percy Jackson and the lightning. [oh] hold on. What do we are yeah?

We can't get any simpler than that John crocker's in person. We can't change who we are [okay]?

Okay, [so] your mediocre restaurant a bad movie got it. Oh


[Joe] this episode of on the spot is not brought to you by Fuddruckers [now] [anymore] here

Or you're see next [thing] or percy chat as it goes down both of those cluster. Yeah

What you guys have seen in uh?

On the screen team put on the screen team put on the screen

hashtag for working legs

That's exactly the reaction

my legs work fine

And my work fucking yeah, they just don't want to right

You stay ahead and ever tried walk before?

No, people don't know this but our we are very reliant on physical comedy yeah, yeah

What did you bring to the table? I brought a fucking wheelchair

That's just how long wait that's not any delarge technically the wheelchair brought you

I'm just gonna go home now. [oh], well, you can't we took out the ramp. Yeah

We're supposed [to] be making fun of Josh. I'm not

I give you guys a nice shiny new set [and] chairs and [you] turn on each other

Oh, this is payback for when I tried to steal his show

Yeah, you did steal the show you always steal the show why would you want to steal this? Yes there? We [are]

We're back Joe. Let's move on to our first game played. Which is all think about things at the Denny's. It's like why?

Think about it

Shut up. See that is said, she'll talk about [Denny's] sink [about]

No, weights. I taught me Doc

[don't] wait till I talk to talk sing about the game [breeze] team

we give it a question your answer question one word a time back and forth between teammates the little twist is when everything [hears] the

Bell the other team used to interject with the word and have to continue [with] the answer using that word

Good yeah, all right. Let's [find] out what team tolerable [fuddruckers] and percy Jackson's and lightning thief what their first

What their question is how to tell your kid that they are adopted?

How to tell your kid that they are adopted 60 seconds on the clock one word of time starting off with Elise ready set go


takes the bus everywhere and always uh

always runs out

to meet

her adopted children


when they are

Asking questions [about] being adopted she always


herself to


Avoiding the questions that the children keep asking


Forgets that children are enchiladas

and don't

That's not that was not good John. That's not good commission

I mean come on start over can we do a redo it you know they got there

But then they had 15 seconds laughing all right okay? [where'd] they got there?

Where [does] I think I got there they explain it there?

It's a very linear narrative about what Creek consuela does when when she's confronted with hard questions

But usually would rather go back [to] her home country

Then answer the children honestly which I think is fair, what about the enchiladas?

Yancha Wadis are delicious and

Then I guess [zac] shut up, we're gonna be can we can we do

Your job can we read that back quincy?

Consuela takes the bus everywhere and always runs out to meet her adoptive children

But when they're asking questions about being adopted she always deportes herself to brazil avoiding the question that the children keep asking consuela

Predicts that children are enchiladas and don't eat. Why would you eat if you're already sick? Yeah? That's true. It's a good boy

I don't know yeah, you don't have a diet if you are already food. That's a good point hit yourself

You didn't answer the question

Yeah, I think it started off with [at] [least] starting the question. I'll answer off with Consuela [I]

Think we did answer the question. I think you're just not reading between the lines you idiot

[alright] sorry for for working legs. What's your guys's question?

how to pleasure your partner

experts in the field absolutely 6x on the clock starting [off] with

Bruce ready set go

Jackhammer John

said I

really think that you're

Probably set is looks

sexual great, but but

He that fucks Rolodex

really doesn't Softly make and


then fucking

comes sense

Really who?

hard are

over you and

Planning over to and call over from and back over there

and you over look over a stupid over just over [sitting] and they're over with and


Sorry with continued were upset because regionís

I always forget that on the show [when] I think we've reached the lowest point

Someone pulls out of shovel they keep having this back. Yeah, I keep having you guys come back and be on the show uh

[Larry] [Nutbag] let's read it back. Hey

I'm gonna give five bonus points to bruce for catching on [to] that halfway through this

I took me way too long took me way too long

You really had him confused for a little [while]. Oh, I'm sorry about that. No, I caught on but he yeah he got there

He got there

I feel bad for the people in the back half to write over about

13 times with words there was also a time when I said over three times in a row

So I make sure they get that yeah right sure thank you Chevy

[I] think that there's a hidden message in this response of you guys game, okay? Well there it is Jack camera

John said I really think [that] you're probably set is look sexual great

but but he that fucks rolodex doesn't softly make any fucking sense really who hard over it and

Fall and stupid over and just over and there was more is more though. There was a lot more

Oh well

So this is good actually you actually did something new you gave such a long answer that they couldn't even write it all down

That's bullshit

Garbage like your favorite react like how to pleasure your partner if you're trying to explain it while you're having a stroke [oh] yeah, yeah

in that case

Points to for working legs for yes

God, you're not on our team zack. You. Don't fuck. I'm sorry

I'm still catching out. I just clap for good things, and I've never clapped on this show before

Sorry, john. No, you're not yeah. Yeah, I love being on the risk youth Podcast

And they wouldn't have you so you came on the show. We're bringing out here more people usually watch the roosterteeth podcast. Oh, right?

Yeah, yeah, well like here. There's seven people [that] are watching oh, they are watching everybody

oh, man, ah

One clap, I'm gonna find out. What points are at the end of all that. What are you doing?


What uh, what are they?

Dude a little bit

This is my favorite part of the show

Over and over. Yes, wow. We yeah, wow double Milo

So yeah at least you guys have [any] points yet

That's fine. That's fine. You're working legs. Well. I've got two working dicks, so

Is that a team entre or just a personal one? That's just for me

on that note

Thanks to movement watches for sponsoring this episode of on the spot

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What the fuck that's it didn't dada dada

I don't even fucking care. Let's move on to [our] second. I wish I got a watch because I'd be checking the time constantly

Ten points zack [oh] what you play game?

Play can you play game um let's move on to our second game. Which is quick thinking

Desk, what about leave you have a nice desk now, and you guys take them. Did [he's] out of order now

How are you gonna, Sort those numbers that don't exist. They're not numbers there. Oh, there's nothing in it

Did you all of all of John's like friends are in that Rolodex?


Quick-thinking is the game where each both teams will be given a category?

And they're gonna play a twisted version of hot potato going back and forth coming with an answer so [that] category

They're gonna get a letter so you two answers start with that letter letter Gonna change the Earth around or get points for the ones

That I like and they won't get points for the ones

I don't like we're gonna go back in forward do a couple rounds of these are you doing origami with the rolodex thing?

I'm Gonna Build a castle

John's is carving made of pubic hair. You know it will [be] [after] this shows done

What does that mean these? I'm gonna. Shave my pubes in it? Oh?

Wow, that's fine. What our first category is

Are you just holding good?

TV reboots no one wants to see like on Netflix Fuller house. Oh on Netflix that online

Not just like if somebody got a new set and like was the same shitty show

It's not [a] reboot

It's not a reboot. [I] know it's the same damn [joke]

So dress it up however you want so [you're] looking for the names of actual shows well

fictitious Improv jokes that you come up with

Whom in the moment a little boy?

Using your creative minds. Oh, it's a TV reboot of a show no one's heard of because I just made [it] up no

and they're gonna go we don't want to see that like I'd like it like a TV show and

Then come up with the reboot that no one wants to see like no one wants [to] see Fuller house


No one wants to see a fake reboot or a real reboot

I'm just a little unclear

You excited what what I can basically determine is the one example of a correct answer to this question

But I guess we'll see all right here. We go. It'll [be] [a] letter maybe I'll [get] [ya] I know my head, it'll be funny

We're pre taping this and so if at this point this hard cuts to point it means that this just went horrible

No, when we cut it out

It's not it's not gonna do [that] so you guys are gonna see the whole [thing] would be great

John it'll be great like the rest of the show has [been]

What's our first letter?

G and

Since he's so [Gung-ho] about this game. Let's go to James first

60 seconds on the clock ready set go good Er times

yes, [uh]

Bruce gooch [Masters] [wins] that reboot of that's a reboot of a cooking show they can or normally do the master chef

Yeah, okay, yagi points. Yeah, please oh, god uh

gooder than good times not the reboot of my reboot yeah um

Izombie Errs, no, I don't know how these


Whatever. What's the Wi-Fi?

I don't give a fuck well. Yes voices Act Latwon bruce

I've hulka trump MD. Sure yeah, don't make any sense. I just had an idea

aisles and Rizzoli, oh

That was me James last chance

Thank God

well quick thinking more like

Not so quick thinking my gosh

No, do not applaud that do not have bought that I just I

Just want to thank everybody who's still with the show after that long bars in town

Well, they tuned up and they closed the window. Yeah, that's it

They should call this show enter the spot cuz acts like really the heart and soul of this show

Enter the spot yeah cuz like he's he practically than the heart and slowly the hose. That's why it's so bad and boring. [oh]

My God, I just john rising green myself. Haha

That's the next game 10 points to [zach] yeah, what the fuck they're not getting any of their points from the game bullshit?

Oh well

That's called affirmative action fuck you for working [what] ha ha David [our] stupid legs are our downfall another knockout

That's like careful. You're gonna trip and fall ha ha [zach] show em. What we got oh

Look I can move

We under the category for quick thinking. What's this in Category?

[no.1] college majors that will make your mom cries that makes it. That's got me there better

You know like like a round of you think just like fuller house there you go started with one letter

W starting with zach six legs to the clock ready set go um?

women in the jungle, ha no, bruce uh

Working legs. Yes

Please [wesley] [snipes] accounting. Yes, writing the perfect porno. Yes Dears dick jokes

Like big dogs 101 that kind of you know that's not that's not amazing

No dick joke, but with the dick jokes is made okay, the only a major points to move


dried Drive [Ajan] honest no

Race for your mom what digging grace for your mom yes Zack e

ejaculating in the wild [that]

[sounds] like a class not a major boob Bruce uh

excellent graph

No, no with the agg erectile disfunction

dicks function, yes absolutely so [no] damn it I

Was Gonna say experimental but stuff is it fiber, but [something's] [on] [rate] if it guys make you boys

Extra points, are you happy now those guys got to know I didn't feel good about that game, John

I'm gonna be honest with you. I think [they're] means I think it needs [more] time

I think I think what you do is you say the name of the game everyone breaks for 20 minutes

And then they come back, but you just let the show roll. I think we don't cut it out

You just call some of the people in the rolodex

You have a call in part of the show where you flip the rolodex

Whoever it lands on oh Improv, whatever, and then you call that number and then you fill a person for 10 minutes

Well the rest of us go to the bathroom [okay]? Yeah, I feel like we should have time to write our quickly

I agree. I agree

Cuz my brain is [just] not working today

It's just a problem. Go ahead raisa. Go for it. I'm not Gonna say

[Elyse] went there on your team [uh] we need the point [zack] yeah, do you think shitting on zacks been get your points?

Yes, okay, [yeah] thing of them

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Have a phone

Mm-Hmm, whose phone is this?

What the fuck'd you do with the lights nothing the lights were here when we started this is a live show look

Signed you'll see it's this how they start new guys great job

You really start got to start paying [attention] to what's going on on [your] own set fuck you zach. [oh], let's find out

What [our] points are oh?

Redemption challenge, I've never done this you've never done a redundant challenge. No first time for everything alright walk around the room once

Dammit, ha ha everything is set up against me today

You mean in life [uh] we get we don't redemption challenge, and John that was me miss me throws me

That was really really mean John we've been having good fun, and then you have to say something cool

Yeah, I think as you get points for that. No, I think John should lose points

- a hundred points for me

Are you sure the audience? Thank you - oh fuck [yes]. Thank you [uh]

Redemption challenge, so you guys are losing by what was that?

15.15 points all right, that's good. So we're gonna play a little game you ever heard of the game

Six degrees to Kevin Bacon yes. Good. We're gonna play a game of that

I'm gonna give you guys, but I'm gonna give you guys two different of

Icons from Pop culture, why can't we eat something?

No, I'm really hungry. I was hoping it would be [an] eating something Jim. No, I hadn't lenny for this

I'm not having you eating all right

You guys are going to play six degrees of these pop culture icons I'm going to give you two characters

You need to connect them within six connections

[I'll] give you points for every

Connection final connection you make and we have a few that you can go through in 60 seconds

So the more you get the more you get points

I'll give you five points each [finish] connection, so I'll just get three and you've caught

Okay, let's do this ah this pussy exciting o'clock and go ahead and show them their first connection deadpool to Robert de Niro

okay um so

So Anne Hathaway was any intern with Robert de Niro. De Niro

[and] [she] was also in a devil wears prada with Meryl streep who was in um

I don't know where you're going with [it]

I was hoping you we go somewhere yeah, geez Ryan Reynolds

Who is it um who was in uh?

Who was in the whole nine yards with Michael Clarke Duncan?

Who was in Glee Green Lantern where green mile Tom? Hanks great? No? I'm getting there three mile with Tom

hanks who is in Aa

with Michael clarke there and there we go, and then we're in them, and then we're to get

Oh, oh, we weren't. We started at Robert De Niro

Didn't know we did, but you started with I saw Roberts near a live one

we've seen

We both met Robert [Daniel], and we both saw yes, jealous [none]

Of what I met Robert. De niro. [you] didn't read me Robert [inner] you saw him live

He's too good yeah, yeah you got your first chance at Redemption Jones

And you managed and I get any porridge today is not my day

That was a trick question anyway because Robert de niro played colossus in the deadpool movie

Straight to him. Yeah [somebody] go and get five points to you for making that connection like I mean is obvious

Yeah, we already knew that. Oh good job. Good job Amelie, lot Kenny, huh?

Not yet, but soon soon. Let's go to our third and final game. Which is coming whistles

Whistles game winner we found words of phrase you guys gonna come of definitions for the words of phrases if you get it

Right you get points if you get wrong

[no] team gets one opportunity come with a rebuttal definition

if they get right good points if they don't get it right no one gets points because

You guys keep the fuck on my rolodex

[let's] find out what team

Fuddruckers and percy Jackson and lightning thieves first word phrases

spot [tease]


kind of spot tease be

zack release I think that this is when when you're trying to impress a lady and

Like you're really attracted to her so you you sort of do [that] pre-ejaculate?

Things and then like there's a spot in the middle of your pants, and you're like hey check out how excited

I am if you want some more [of] it

so it's baby, basically you're trying to impress a woman with the facts on you with your

[pants] yeah, oh that's kind of what I would

Do as you do yes, I have done can [I] [do] yeah elise if it's not?

Pre ejaculating in your pants in order to get a female partner to find interest in you

What is a spot team [Spotty's] is when you?

You should like shorten your underpants, and there's a stain

But instead of just cleaning it

That day you just put a little diluted bit of bleach on [it] every day for a year just tease the spot

Out of the [underpants] every [day] for a year it's smart


Saving time in the end. I want to give one point to zack for supporting that answer

I'm not here to make jokes John [you]. Give people some common sense solutions to real problems

By coming in your pants in public. [I] don't know it's [work] for me

guys if

One of those is [not] which it isn't the definition

What is the definition of Spotty's uh so the definition of [spotties] is when you know when the woman menstruates know?

Menstruates right isn't that the right word yeah? I don't know if you pronounce it that way

Oh, what well how do I pronounce it, then well?

I mean you really immense true weights and go go dirty [bloods]. Well whooping dirty blood. That's right

That's good to the mud at the end of the month. She called it spotting right right okay? Gosh. You call the spotting

And what happens is when that it's similar to [zacks] by the way when the when it spot comes out, right?

She spots a little bit and her underwear spots a little bit in her jeans

We got it, and then she spots a little bit more in her jeans


Then what happens is she goes up like this to the nearest male suitor go for it I?

Have decided to mate upon you

and that

That's that's the spot, [Texas] [pot] to you. That's it

That's not fair. Thank you for the clapping. I think I like making full use of those white

Demonstrated that answer. I have a bad back. There's no way yeah, I was up for it, but she just was like totally

also Zack finished menstruating last week

That's why he can wear Khakis today. I'm shameless

free um let's find out what the real definition is a

Parking spot that appears to be open, but is taken by a small [girl]. No, I'd love for sure was mine. Oh

taken by a small car

I like the point it [loses] definition where someone's writing, and then he just stops writing and then just draws a picture

Diagram is a diagram like in a text book yeah, yeah, um God I got to give points

You don't have to it's true

You know you just go 0 all the way around [to] [dance] series, John

With you because that's how the game is set up

I want to give points to that round [2] zack what cuz I liked it

But I'm gonna give five bonus points for bruce wow cuz it really I still like to


[let's] find out what team for working legs is [four] phrases

flame cleaning

fling cleaning

James Since Bruce was kind enough [to]

Do the last one which starts off. I mean I feel like we're really genitals related, but you picked the word

It's basically when you know that you're go out. You've been exercising spring break kind of right

And you know that you're gonna fuck like crazy all over spring break as I do drunk. Yeah, we all know about fucking right, [haha]

So anyway

it's like when someone other than us goes out to have a lot of sex and so what they do is they clean up their

Whole genital area right they trim their pube right they wash their penis for once they scrub under their balls

And they make sure it's really nice so that way when they have sex later that night. It's perfect its pristine

Yeah, that's a good idea. [I] should do that watch

Instead of coming in your pants like the opposite of what my life is

Well once once for this spring for the new season and the others for the winter. So you were just hibernating in there. Yeah

It's Gonna nice things [winter] [coat]. Yeah

dry but um

Well, [it's] insulating

Bruce I have to do one [too]

Yes, I was thinking if you notice zack came up with one and then at least talked for a while

And then you came up one so it's two on one side [than] one the other side

That's when you pick a booger out of your nose, and you fling it on your knee

And then you wipe it on [your] knee and use it to clean off his heart wasn't in that job

You was on to something in the beginning [kind]. I should make a nazi joke in here somewhere turn go for it

Nazi Joke that was

My piss was so good

I'll give you a point then not CJ. Really yeah, give you a point. I'm just saying Nazi joke

Yeah, you know mine Kampf. You can buy it again. It's the best-selling book in Germany right now. Yeah, whoa?

Over the Bible here we go again points to a point to james that great Nazi joke. I just share in the news

The good news uh what [you] guys got one definition. Do you we have one cuz I have one shorter

I think James is right I

I I don't mean to be harping on

ejaculate but by

Let me say I think it's when it's when you're or um

You're having

Personal maritals with yourself personally yeah, [your] there your yep and your and you

Fling it somewhere, and [you] don't know where it goes and then you got a like dust the whole house

To see where you're like where your jacket went I you'd you dust that well

Yeah, you got a girl. You got to do like a whole Amelia Bedelia thing. We're all go


an Initiative Amelia

[why] to come somewhere in the house that [are] clean oh, Monica?

I mean Amelia Bedelia. She's like. I baked a pie. [I] found some come

Dusted the entertainment center. I'm not saying that that necessarily she would do that

But you got to put on your little a you know apron and stuff and right

[yeah], you have color the changes have that be dry and the walls why not right? Why not?

Why can't you wear our house? Yeah, you could do whatever you wanted. I really now go

Here is your [card] out of the deposit. Yeah

Literally get it done. Hey

Let's find out what the real definition was

When a bro cleans his room solely because he thinks he might get laid that night this close. I'm Gonna go with

points again to Zack oh

I'm Gonna got a text

yeah, someone has a meeting with Bruce I

Can't turn on your phone. That's probably me

You have a meeting with bruce

Uh coming up, so you better [have] him get to that meetings. It's my phone job

Why do you have this hold on you gave points to zack come on buddy?

He's actually [involving] a room he got but I'm gonna give five bonus points to you

For involving cleaning for mating ritual you had the exact right answer

And I got more points than I know together we had the right answer. Yeah, we should be on a team this with me

Then I couldn't have this bruce, and I named [island]. Yeah, it was like. Haha


Fantastic so we got one more word each team is going to come up one definition and winner takes the points

So what's our final length is?



We're gonna go to team Fuddruckers and percy Jackson and lightning thief to start us off on this round

What could a [glade] be you guys got one opportunity to come up with a killer definition that gets all the points?

Yeah, there's a lot more conferring going on that is usually common in ImproV Comedy show

Hill sarcastic

Okay, you either. No you go ahead. [you] got one you got more?

[dude], I know we're ready all right girl. Could do it like one in John Stupid Little games [Andy] [Steward]

Yeah, well, I don't want to I don't want to see right. It's just you began to want to validate those games. You're right, okay?


Hey, John cleves

Slave labor a Glaive is when your labia is

being real it glib yeah like it's uh

It's like a really sarcastic vagina like we go out like when you it's like is that a penis

Yes, your penis you go down. Did you later you have to be smoking us? Yeah, let's have a cigarette. That's my vagina

That's your pitch a yellow combat

[sippy] yeah, [I] like she gave you rejected so well like an old grandma

As well your vagina turns into Joan Rivers yeah, right?

Glamping is when your vagina turns into Joan Rivers glibly if it's not that

Um well it's similar

Because we're all children and we can only think of sexual things, but it's a but clitoris

Really, it's a clitoris on your butt on or in well. The same is like an actual [Klaris]

It's like 12 inches above the actual vagina. I don't know if well then

How's it going?

Yeah, yeah, right there. It's like a belly button on the back of the tickle


Man, no wonder I couldn't find a vagina verse, and I thought [well] anyway we want to change our answer

What what okay, [so] let's go back blood

[clot] litoris, and that's just where you want to leave that answer well because if you're having sex with someone's

But you don't want to be selfish so than you [they're] you gonna touch their button or their literacy, but no, what's a glade?

Oh, I'm sorry

What on Glitter know the blitter is it called? It's a tiny bundle of nerves just above the anus


Gee let's find out what the real definition was what quitter

Oh a ver through verse the two men rubbing their chest hair without making skin contact

Generally pants are worn by all parties

That kind of negates my answer oh

Some excessive touching, but it also negates their answer [to] I don't remember there was there

Oh, wait [bears] are talking about limit the Glibly Bolivia. Now. De jurors involve um the male anatomy

Yeah, I mean [many]. He'll be a [good] [male] allow me men. Have anus as I guess

And the the Glaive [is] 12 inches above the dais

points to you guys for a

week geez

Neither's, John

It's the end of the game

Right the whole show. Oh really. That's the final round and done. Okay. We're done rich is already gone

That was [uh] evident bruce. They haven't announced the winners yet. Oh

Let's find out what points are at the end of all that

Wowie-Wow-Wow 1

Believable man

You guys did the unthinkable?

We sat through an entire episode of on the spot. Yeah, you say that without a partner next to you in the chair. Oh

I want to thank my sponsors movement [light] and trunk club. I want to [thank] I want to thank the [audience] so much

And I want to thank all my guests

Especially and I want to thank the audience once again for everything they've done for

[all] of their support, [I] don't want to thank the audience you guys are the ones keeping this show on the air jerks

next week my



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