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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights, Animated Summary, UGC NET/MA,

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hello friends today we present before

you a very famous novel by Emily brontë

weathering Heights



Emily Jane Bronte was an English

novelist and poet who is best known for

her only novel Wuthering Heights now

considered a classic of English

literature like her brother Bramwell and

sisters Charlotte and Dan Emily brontë

was a competent artist bothering Heights

Emily Bronte's only novel was published

in 1847 under the pseudonym Alice Bell

it was written between October 1845 and

June 1846



how are you mr. Lockwood I am Nelly

the housekeeper of Wuthering Heights I'm

fine thank you

please show me my room come with me sir


service property is owned by mr.

Heathcliff I am here since I was a

little girl my mother worked for the

Earnshaw family may I know who is mr.

Heathcliff is he from Earnshaw family

not exactly sir but I will tell you the

whole story of this family


father why are you so late what is in

this bag have you got something for me

this little boy will now live with us

he has no one from his family mrs.

Earnshaw take him as your own child I

already have my own children why then an

extra one I already started hating him

so much take him away and throw him back

accept him as a gift of God but he looks

as if he came from the devil throw him

away or I will beat him no don't throw

him father I have a new playmate now we

will play together what will we call him

mother we will call him Heathcliff Cathy

be a nice girl to Heathcliff ok father I

already like him so much


Kathy eat cliff where are you I am NOT


please sit near me what happened to you

father I am NOT well I have become weak

father please wake up wake up father

Master please talk to us father wake up

Nelly please call the doctor father

father father is dead


father is dead and now Hindley will beat

me more

don't worry Heathcliff I will not let

him do so I love you so much

now I am the new master of Wuthering

Heights I will keep this double out

health cliff your days here are over


let's go at Thrushcross Grange and see

what our neighbors are doing but they

will not like me will throw me out

don't worry Heathcliff you are with me


Edgar how do I play the piano my dear

sister Isabella you are so good Edgar

look we have thieves looking from the

window Oda they are our neighbors

hey you don't run away yes Cathy but be

careful of the doll sure don't run don't

be afraid are you okay miss Earnshaw in

hurt badly I am in pain get the

wheelchair fast for miss Earnshaw


missile you will be okay after some days

please take complete rest

I will give you make sense thank you

doctor good evening mr. and miss Linton

did you call for me yes miss Nelly your

mistress is in pain you have to take

care of her till she is fine yes sir

miss Cathy Heathcliff is here go away

Heathcliff I will see you after Sunday's

when I'm okay go from here hey you I was

waiting for you all these years now I

will not leave you I will kick you out

of the house


I am from here and will return only when

I am rich

then I will propose to Cathy how are you

feeling now

miss Cathy I feel absolutely fine now

how is he through finale I am missing

him so much

he has left Wuthering Heights and there

is no clue of his well-being mr. Hindley

has beaten him up

Heathcliff why did you leave me and go

how will I live without you how are you

doing miss Earnshaw I am absolutely fine

Edgar please call me Cathy Cathy you are

so beautiful I think I am carried away

by your beauty Edgar you are also very

kind you took so much care of me thank

you so much I love you so much

Cathy I love you too Edgar will you

marry me Cathy yes Edgar I will marry








hope you all liked this animated version

of weather review experience


The Description of Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights, Animated Summary, UGC NET/MA,