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fifteen years ago

but my first corporate job

i was terrified

I was doing training and development

doing and filling training and i have lots of training experience but i had no

sales experience

so i'm on the phone with the hiring manager and I'm excited and I'm scared

and he says he's going to have you

you just need to know but this job is contingent on moving to fort collins

I was living in denver colorado at the time i've never been before

fort collins is about ninety miles north of denver

about an hour and a half to act

and i'm terrified but i want the job

so i take it and I moved to fort collins

but a month despite

mentor const doing my job doing my thing

and on the type of person that if i don't need your help i'm not going to

call you i'm just gonna do i think i need help all reached out if i don't i


so we are not satisfied i get this call

would he make payment for care

sending out linear it's really great i really like it was my box

and for combined

and give you permission to move to fort collins your consultation every new

employees on probation for the first ninety days i was going to tell you when

you have the right to move to fort collins


killing it's been a month and what you're doing unoccupied kato i want to

the every friday in my office at two o'clock

should just know that steel

and at the top

and this is my new book

in taken aback

no i don't tell you the story

people do not do things the way we do them

even when we think they ship


people leave managers

not companies

to talk remittance for employee turnover

number one

is no place to go

i can't develop here bored not learning not growing

number two

i want to people

i like my boss

i like people i work with

i'm not comfortable here

number three and my parents if you think it's number one but it's number three

many people thought that was number one

it's not number one

i'll tell you why

people will look for a job and they will leave for money when they feel

inadequately page

when they feel fairly paving the killers fairly adequate they're not going to

look for job in the

sobered apparatus dinner party

and you're sitting next to a person who's an analyst in similar company and

you find out there doing similar work and they're making about twenty thousand

dollars more than you

they're going to wait for that reason the job hunt for that reason

but not so much

if they feel adequately paid

so we're here today to talk about clear attention

what does it take to build a culture

of commitment and loyalty among your belief in what do you do about it

let me tell you what i'm doing about it

i think that poor collins experience add a couple other experiences like that

since that time i've worked with fortune five hundred companies and fortune fifty

but a good managers and i've had not so good managers

i work a publicly traded companies and privately state companies

and if they'll have in common

is that they never sit me down or any other employee philippines

to say what they expect

so this is a sentence that you can say it o dot


is expecting a really allowed to go dot

so wonderfully

starts masterson sit there people down

and state what they expect from them

has been a good

army offensive

and that's it

what's the culture like here

when is the best time to take a vacation

if i want to meet with you schedule an appointment don't just stand outside my


if i don't get back to your email leave me a voice mail



but i'd like to hear some work experience nobody's sat down

no one has said because what it means to work here this is what i expect of you

but then we expect people to know right it's a little bit liked it

gentlemen you expect women to know what you want

this is a lot



the with two questions

akkada contracting questions

and they recall the met us because the new relationship is just that it's a


and we should take it seriously like we would any other contract

and this is a lot list of questions is actually four pages i'll be happy to

attitudes on my website and it contains questions about how to set up a

relationship with appear

colleague your box for a direct report but today we're talking about retaining

talents are going to talk about

fill your relationship with your direct reports

a couple of questions

and if you're taking notes today the first question is really the thing that

i would write down

what are three things that would keep you here

and what's one thing that would make you believe

whatever three things to keep you at this company

and what's one thing that would make you lee

cancer back question

those questions about your employees today

i'm going to say that you're not as effective a manager as you could be

people don't need what you need need what they need

so maybe upward mobility is really important to you

but maybe flexibility is important here please

any working from home with ultimately important for them

and it may not be something that you can give them

you may be wondering why would i ask the question

if it's something that possibly i can't deliver

either way you need to know

if it's something they need

and you don't know they're going to leave the organization anyway

you might as well for about fifteen to retain them

something that you really enjoy doing what's your biggest strength in your

biggest passion

if you want to get to do more

what do you not as good at

how do you like to restate receive recognition for a job well done

as working with a mutual fund company and i was helping the redesign their

recognition program

and they had a program called the employees of the month latch

familiar things like this

so the big deal people get nominated colleagues nominate them in their peers

big months ago pappas pop pop pop pop of com

the papers and stated big deal and lack of p_r_

and the woman who won the last time they offer the employees of the month lives

caught up that for three days after the lunch

she says introvert and she was still mortified by the level of attention she

couldn't manage it

and the best way to deal with it was the classic

completely the opposite of purpose the program

so i think a simple question how do you like to see receive recognition for job

well done

would alleviate that problem

she probably really would have enjoyed hand-written notes robots

lives with her boss

the gift certificate for lives with her husband costing infinitely less money

with a manager never act

if you think that she wanted with you want

so my suggestion to you is get to know your employees

ask more questions than you think you need to

the human with them

take the time

now they probably want to answer your question

at first they want and found click on personal here again probably have to

know why i have to put him knocking it answer to if you get points for doing it

ninety-nine point nine nine nine percent managers they don't know

as a result that the effective employee turnover

you're engaged in a war for talent

if you want your place to stay

to create a loyalty suitable ischemic committed in winning culture

get to know them

find out what they need

give them what they need

versus what you need

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