Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GIC & PGA sneak peek showing polish gamedev

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Videogames industry is one of the most fascinating things

that happened in Poland during the last 25 years.

It is amazing to participate in it and to observe all that's happening right now.

Poznan Game Arena and Game Industry Conference

are the biggest videogaming events in Central Europe.

The trade show is an important part of a yearly cycle of events

where the creators can confront their productions

with feedback of a wide audience of gamers.

It is also a place to meet the whole polish industry.

The Conference gives an opportunity for business meetings,

to exchange knowledge and to discover new trends and solutions.

We are observing how the understanding of what videogames are is changing.

What's more importantwe see that people have started to acknowledge

that games are a medium for adults, and mostly for them.

We want to make games that make a mark in your memory.

Games that provoke thinking and reflection on the subject at hand.

If you play one of our games, after you finish it, something will stay with you.

Something that makes you think more.

Polish videogame industry has its unique vibe to it,

not only locally but also globally.

Polish games are present on bestseller lists either on PCs,

mobiles or consoles all around the world, practically all the time.

This means that the industry is big enough and mature enough to deliver

high quality products that resonate well with gamers all around the world.

One of the main reasons of the uniqueness of polish gamedev industry

is the urge to prove to everybody, all around the world,

that we are really good at what we are doing.

Poland is unable to rival Canda, UK or US in terms of game budgets,

so we need to show that we understand trends and that we are original at the same time.

So this is where ideas for games like Superhot, or This War of Mine are coming from.

If you think about it, even The Witcher is really unparalleled RPG game

if you look at its intricate design and worldbuilding.

Uniqueness of our industry manifests not only in innovations and original ideas

but also in quality and this is becoming a sort of a trademark of Polish videogames.

We are good in what we are doing,

we know it and we believe it to be a base for future successes.

We are down on making videogames for 25 years now

both as makers of small but amazing independent games

and producers of huge triple-A titles.

And looking into the future it appears bright.

Polish industry is more than 200 studios of different sizes.

Lots of them are doing an amazing job in their niches

they deliver highest quality games to their audiences

but we have no complexes when it comes to the prestigious triple-A markets.

Polish gamedevelopment scene is also a very integrated one.

Even though there are more than 4 thousands people working in the industry

we know each other pretty well.

Whats moreeven though technically we compete,

on many occasions we help each other by exchanging knowledge

and consulting on projects.

We all want to do what we do best and do it in the best way possible

that's why I believe that Polish gamemakers will surprise the world many more times.

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