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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Recenzja: Kids Locator 4G MT864 dziecięcy smartwatch z lokalizatorem GPS LBS WIFI

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in this video I will present to you a children's smartwatch


Media-Tech MT864

this device enables quick and easy telephone contact between parent and child

the device is comfortable and does not pose any problem in use

in addition, the housing is waterproof

degree of protection IP67

the color display is touch-sensitive

thanks to which the service is very pleasant

the watch is equipped with a microphone and a speaker

so you can implement voice communication

the watch also has a camera

with 0.3 megapixel resolution

so we can take pictures and upload them, for example, using the WeChat function

or video conferencing

the watch also has a G-Sensor overload sensor

and LED flashlight

4 GB operational memory and 4 GB internal memory for data

ensures us trouble-free operation with the device

polymer lithium battery is enough for 1 day of active work

for a maximum of 2 days but when we use the watch in a limited way

the watch fits the wrist with a circumference of 135 to 205 mm

in the set with the watch we will find a USB cable

with magnetic pin connector

thanks to which we are able to charge the battery very comfortably

in the box you will also find tweezers that will facilitate insertion and removal of the SIM card (nano SIM)

and a screwdriver with additional screws

Insert the SIM card in such a way that the connectors are facing the display

just like shown in the movie

press the SIM card with tweezers

and put the cover back in place

tighten the screws securely

for the seal to fit tightly

we connect the power supply for about 2 to 3 hours

so that the watch is fully charged

we take off the protective foil

and we expect you to fully charge

the watch has an IP67 protection rating

therefore it is waterproof

I tested it thoroughly

and there was no problem

We will now perform a full configuration of the device together with a smartphone

we will install the SeTracker2 application on the smartphone

which we download for free from the Google Play Store or App Store for iOS

we register a new account first

we enter the email address

code from the picture and we come up with a password

during registration we add a new device, i.e. our watch

we are introducing REG CODE

by scanning the code on the back of the watch

and then enter the child's name

and the status of a person who owns a smartphone, i.e. for example I am a dad, so we introduce DAD

then log in to the login window

email address that we provided when registering

and an invented password

subsequent applications will be automatically logged in

so you will not need to enter your login and password

at the very beginning the SeTracker2 application informs us with balloons, prompting where what is

immediately after starting the application

in the very center the location of our watch is displayed

our watch can be located in 3 different ways

if we are outside the building, i.e. in the open

our watch is located with precision up to several meters

by means of a signal

if we are inside the rooms

at this moment the watch is located using a GSM signal, i.e. BTS base stations (LBS)

or using the location of the access point closest to the Wi-Fi network (AP WiFi), e.g. at McDonald's

we have two very important functions in the application:

SOS function

allows us to enter up to 3 numbers

which the watch will ring automatically

when the child presses the button for 5 seconds

if the first number is not answered, the watch will automatically call the next number

1, 2, 3 ... connection test ...

The second very important function is the function, Voice Monitoring

from the level of the SeTracker2 application we can turn on without the child's knowledge

listening to the surroundings

during such listening the display is off

and the watch button is inactive

we hear everything around the watch

and the child can't hear what we are talking to the smartphone

1, 2, 3 ...

It can be useful, for example, if we want to eavesdrop on the babysitter, or if he is not yelling at our child, for example

from the watch

we can enter the hidden service menu

entering the service code from the user's manual

in the service menu we can set the volume of the device

display brightness

time to turn off the display automatically

check for a software update

turn off or restart the watch

additionally in the "More" settings

we have the option of enabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

or set mobile network settings

for example, we can set an internet access point, APN point

in this menu we can additionally set Data Roaming

device language

and how the date and time will be updated on your watch

in the application we can change many parameters and configure various functionalities

one of them is the SAFETY ZONE

we can designate up to 3 different security zones

in which our child can stay

if the watch is located outside the security zone

we will receive a notification

in the application we can verify the distance traveled

our watch in a given time range

for example, from the beginning of the day to the end

we will see all location points on the map

and we can also enable replay

or repetition, step by step, in which places our watch was

very useful feature

in addition, we have the WeChat function

this function also appears on the watch

it allows you to send short voice messages up to 15 seconds

camera photos

and from the position of the smartphone (SeTracker2 application) we can additionally write text messages

very fast photo and message transfer

is implemented using the 4th Generation LTE network

The watch also supports older types of 2G and 3G networks

1, 2, 3 ... test the voice message from the watch to the SeTracker2 application

communication between the watch and the smartphone is instant

1, 1, 2, 2 - test of voice messages from the watch application ...

1, 1, 2, 2 - a message received on the watch

we can verify our group members

in the WeChat messenger

In the main application window on the left, we can verify the devices (watches) that are connected to our account

cell phone button on the right

allows you to locate our smartphone that we use

by operating the SeTracker2 application

In the application we can set our user profile

add a new watch, remove an old watch

we can also change the password and log out

on the left we can go to additional functionalities

one of them is the timetable

on a smartphone we can set a timetable for the whole week

set hour intervals for all class hours

and after a while the timetable will be available on our child's watch

any updates are available on your watch in a few seconds

no need to carry a class schedule

the service is intuitive, a very cool solution

in addition, we can trigger a photo using our watch

through the smartphone application

the child will not know about the picture being taken

in the application we can turn on the pedometer and sleep monitor (G-Sensor)

the number of steps taken can be observed on a smartphone, as well as using a watch

in addition, we have the Video Chat function

that is, using a smartphone, we can call a video conference

where both sides will see each other, i.e. the child and parent

as you can see, the camera in the watch and smartphone works without a problem

in the application we can configure the Disabled in class function

that is, set time intervals

when the child can operate the watch

and when it is to be muted

we can configure 3 alarms (alarm clocks)

depending on our needs

so that the child, for example, wakes up to school

you can set the alarm to occur on certain days

the message function informs us about exiting, for example, the geofence, i.e. the security zone

if the watch comes out of the given zone, which we will determine

we will get a message, notification

we have an incentive system in the application

where we can award a specific number of prizes

or capture them

depending on the child's behavior

we can buy a package so that no in-app advertising pops up

if there is a need

the app always presents the location of our watch

in the middle we go to the main menu, where we set, for example, SOS numbers

which the watch rings when the SOS function is called

we can activate the night saving mode

we can set the operation mode

that is, do we want to save energy

and, for example, to receive notifications once every hour about where the watch is located, or every 10 minutes, for example

A lot of different functions like a phone book for example

allows you to configure the numbers

that a child from our smartwatch can call (e.g. grandmother, grandfather, dad, mother, sister, brother)

if we configure anything on the smartphone on the application

we have everything very quickly

updated on watch

by data transmission

There is also a Wi-Fi module in our watch

which is used, for example, to locate our watch

In the smartphone application we can search for all networks

which are within range of our watch

as you can see the interface in the smartwatch

is very readable and detailed

time zone selection is very important

so that we have the correct time in our smartwatch

it is worth choosing Polish

if we use Polish

we can turn off dialing using a smartphone

that is, on our watch, the child will not be able to enter the Phone function

and enter the numbers and call them

In this case, the child will be able to call only the numbers entered in the phone book

of course you can turn it back on

likewise GPS tracking can be turned on and off

the timer switch is important

that we can set the time to turn on and off our watch

LBS (Location Based Service), or BTS (Base Transceiver Station), in other words, mobile cellular network receiving and transmitting stations

and locating according to them we can enable or disable in the application

it is worth paying attention to functionality

remotely turn off or restart our watch

in the watch itself, we cannot turn off the watch in normal mode

we can do it remotely using the application

or by going to the service menu from the level of the keyboard of our watch

Let's see our watch menu now

what we have here ...

we have a call keypad

you can enter friends

WeChat to communicate in a group, for example, parents and children in the family

we have a camera, we can take a picture

note that the film is not attached to the camera

to remove it, otherwise the pictures will not be legible

we have a timetable

these are all additional functionalities, such as a mathematical game

in which we can set levels of difficulty

In conclusion, the Media-Tech MT864 children's smartwatch

realizes everything for which it was created

combined with the very good SeTracker2 application

the whole solution works as it should

we can eavesdrop, locate and configure our watch remotely

who is supposed to support a child from 5 to 10 years old

everything looks very good

the watch is waterproof and comfortable

I think I presented this watch very well

If you have any additional questions

I invite you to comment

I can recommend this device without any problem!


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