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Hello Startups! At a time of economic gloom, I'm in no doubt

where our hope lies: with startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Because you are best placed

to come up with tomorrow's ideas, boost tomorrow's economic growth, and create tomorrow's jobs.

Especially when you work with the huge innovative power of ICT and the Internet.

I know there is so much talent here in Europe; and so much determination to succeed. But

you need a few things. You need resources -- whether it's venture

capital, crowd funding platforms, a wide network of accelerators, or the right web talent.

All things we shall be looking at. Plus, you need recognition.

Your friends and family need to recognise that being an entrepreneur isn't just a valid

career choice -- it's essential to our economic future.

Your professors and politicians need to remember you are there, and that they need to support

you. If they aren't doing that -- make sure that they know about it, and tell me too.

Because if your voice is heard as loudly as it should be, maybe together we can start

to change things. Most of all, you need to recognise your own

value, and remember what you can achieve. There are many startup success stories here

in Europe. Let's not be shy to tell them. Let's talk about them, celebrate them, and

learn from them. And let's educate and inspire the next generation. That's exactly what we've

done with our Leaders' Club -- gathering together some of Europe's best-known successful

web entrepreneurs.

The EU's "Startup Europe" initiative is all about ensuring you have the recognition, rules

and resources you need to succeed. Because I'm determined to help you in every way I

can. And this year I'll be going on tour, the "Startup Europe" tour, to spread that

message around and across Europe. But, ultimately these new ideas, inspirations,

innovations, won't come from me: they'll come from people like you. And you can make them

a reality -- if you have the right mindset. Because, at a time when many, so many people

are looking for work, remember you don't just have to apply for other peoples' jobs; sometimes,

you can create your own. So be creative and fearless. Focus on success

-- but don't be scared of failure. Be prepared, passionate, and persistent.

There are so many great ideas here in Europe -- let's make them reality. Let's build

a creative, competitive continent. And let's ensure our entrepreneurs know they can start

in Europe -- and stay in Europe.

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