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When i was a little girl, my dad was a truck driver.

Anytime he would get a new truck, you better bet i was in the damn thing jumping on the

little bed.

Not only did he get new trucks often, we got new homes as well.

We lived all across the country within the span of 4 years.

This story happened in Alabama.

One of the things that sucked about moving all the time was that i couldn't hold friendships.

I was probably in a school for at most 6 months before we would pack up and move again.

It caused me to have a bit of social anxiety, not wanting to make new friends in fear of

losing them in the months to come.

So when i started at my new school in Alabama, the kids didn't take me very well.

A couple months in, still no friends, but i did have a crush on a boy named Bobby.

Bobby was in little league and he had short dark hair with eyes to match.

I always thought about asking to play with him and his friends at recess but decided

against it.

That changed though.

Bobby came up to me during recess one afternoon with a couple of his friends trailing behind


"New girl, have you heard the story about the bridge?"

If i may, i need to tell the layout of the schoolyard.

The school was located on a little hill with a massive field in front.

In the corner of the field, a little square of land had been cemented for the playground.

At the far end of the field there was a fence.

On the other side of the fence, there was a creek with a little bridge crossing it,

leading to a local park.

"Of course i heard about the bridge."

I lied.

I hadn't heard anything about it.

I just didn't want to look stupid in front of the cutest boy in school.

"So did you talk to her then?"

Bobby smirked with his little friends snickering behind him.

"Talk to who?"

I asked, becoming curious and nervous.

"The little girl.

I knew you lied.

A long time ago there was a girl that went to this school.

She climbed that fence over there while playing hide and seek and fell in the creek.

Her feet got tangled in the mud and weeds underwater and she drowned.

If you go over to the bridge and ask her to play with you, you'll see her ghost."

Bobby stared at me the whole time he was speaking, looking to see my reaction.

I thought he was just trying to scare me.

I began walking to the fence.

Bobby chased after me asking what i was doing.

"I'm going to ask her to play.

What's it look like?"

I climbed the fence and walked over to the bridge.

It creaked with every step i took.

There were no railings.

I stood in the middle of the bridge and peered down into the water.

It was a nasty brown tint with random plants piercing through.

Out of nowhere, i felt a rush of adrenaline and dread wash over me.

I was scared.

It was too late for me to back out now.

Cutie boy was staring at me from behind the fence.

Maybe if i did this, he would want to be my friend?

I cleared my throat and licked my lips.

When did my mouth become so dry?

"Um, little girl?......Do you want to uh- play?"

I tensed up, waiting for a blue and green decomposed corpse to rise from the waters

and scare the shit out of me.

Nothing happened.

I looked at Bobby

"Did i say that right?"

Bobby tore his eyes away from the water and his expression changed.

"Probably not.

You're stupid."

With that said, he and his friends trotted off with laughter.

I felt humiliated.

I looked to the water one more time before hopping over the fence again.

The current picked up.

That night i had a very vivid dream.

In my dream, i was sitting on a log in the field of the school when 2 Dobermans came

out of the distance and charged at me.

I jumped up and ran over to the fence, clumsily trying to jump it.

When i got to the other side, the dogs halted their charge

They were standing 10 feet away from the fence, as still as statues.

I couldn't even tell if they were breathing.

I turned around and realize i had already walked onto the bridge.

Freaked out, i began to walk off of it but it began to shake.

frozen in fear.

I dropped to my knees and began to crawl when i saw it.

There was a figure in my peripheral vision standing to the right of me.

"I found you" it said before i woke myself up.

I was sweating.

Could that have been her?

Was that her way of showing herself to me?


It was a nightmare.

That's all it could have been.

I didn't realize that was a warning.

The next day Bobby wasn't in school.

Apparently he sprained his ankle during little league practice.

I was hoping he would talk to me but it looked like that wasn't going to happen today.

During recess, all i could think about was my dream.

I was comparing the real world details of the field to the details of my dream and it

was pretty spot on.

I looked around, making sure no teachers or students were watching me.

I made my way to the fence and hopped over.

I slowly walked to the bridge.

I was looking at every little detail of the wood when i noticed a little hole.

I got on all fours and looked through it.

I could see right through to the creek.

I press my right cheek to the bridge to try and get a better view through the hole when

something cold and windy grazed my eye.

I quickly sat up and cupped my hand to my face.

It felt as if someone had blown into my eye very harshly, like a gush of wind.

I rubbed my eye for a few seconds and let my vision recover.

I stood up to walk back to the field but i stopped.

I had the urge to look down.

The feeling of dread swept over me again.

A little finger.

A little finger was wiggling in the hole.

It stopped and pointed at me.

It was a very pale bluish tint.

The finger looked saggy and soggy.

I couldn't look away.

I was entranced by fear.

I heard a very faint noise.

It almost sounded like somebody talking, but with the volume turned way down.

I stepped back really slowly, keeping my eye on the finger that was still pointing directly

at me.

Once i got onto the grass, i got back down on all fours and tried to glance

under the bridge.

I heard the noises again but this time i could tell they were words being whispered.

I peeked under the bridge.

I saw her face.

She was standing beneath the bridge, head cocked to the side to look at me on the grass

all the while her little finger still in the hole pointing at me.

Her pale eyes stared right through me with her stringy damp hair clinging to the soggy

skin on her face and neck.

The quiet voice was coming from her.

"I found you."

i jumped to my feet and threw my body over the fence, crashing onto the grass, knocking

the wind out of me.

I began crying uncontrollably.

A teacher ran over to me and asked what was wrong.

Through my tears i just told her i fell on my arm.

I couldn't tell her what i did.

What i saw.

She put her hands on my shoulders to guide me to the nurses office.

I looked back one time.

I regret it.

Through the fence and in the creek, i saw her head.

She was watching me.

After that day, i didn't go out to recess.

I faked an asthma attack a few times and they let me stay inside.

A month after the incident, we ended up moving to Florida.

For nights on end, when i would fall asleep, my dreams would start off in that field.

This experience truly messed me up

I have this amazing girlfriend that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world

and we are constantly fawning over each other but I want to help her with a possible demon

haunting her.

She always sleeps a lot at my house since her nights at home are plagued by nightmares,

strange noises and sometimes visions.

Many times she has called me on skype in tears from hearing something walking around her

hallway and scratching and banging her door.

Sometimes she hears screams and another time she heard her adopted dad trying to call her

down to the basement, though he was in a different state at the time and he doesn't really even

talk to her.

Both her brother and sister have seen it, a room in their house at the bottom of their

stairs is a spot where they have all seen it and they tend to cover their eyes when

walking past.

Every three months my gf has the same nightmare about a terrifying figure and she sometimes

gets sleep paralysis.

There might be more but she is currently asleep so I'll try and update this with whatever

additional things she tells me later but please can someone give me advice to help her?

Update 1: She remembered something today while we were talking and how she would hide under

her bed.

It surfaced that as a kid she had hid under the bed and made a fake pillow body (the kinda

thing teens do when sneaking out) but the covers were pulled and she heard and angry


She told me she stayed under there all night she was so scared.

Update 2: She is with me right now and I am recording what she is saying.

These are just some of the stories she can remember.

Story 1- When she was six and shared a room with her sister they had a mirror in their

room and her sister saw it first and woke her up and the reflection was a 6-7 foot tall

outline of a man with red eyes, pounding on the air to get in and when they were both

awake it screamed, she says it was like hundreds of voices in one.

Her sister threw something at the mirror to shatter it and it seemed to go away.

Story 2- She was in her bed and heard a noise and saw long, fingers (think of the Grinch

but black) that slipped under the door, she his under her covers and around 3-4 minutes

she felt a weird sensation of spinning and when she peaked out she was on the floor spinning

and screamed in panic, it stopped when her parents rushed in.

Story 3- She was walking back up the stairs and saw a shadow of a man (sorta like the

other story) and she froze there just staring it and dropped the glass of water she was

holding and shrieked so her parents ran up.

Story 4- She used to see a light figure at the foot of her bed when she and her sis shared

and bedroom, the bed started shaking when she noticed it.

Update 3- Okay so she just told me this last night, but her birth mom was a hard core satanist,

she never really thought about it but the stuff has been going on since she was a kid

and I think that plays a huge part in the haunting.

We also stumbled across an abalone shell and some sage at the festival we went to and we

even got it blessed, does anyone have any tips for using it?

Okay, So I was very young when this happened.

Probably between the age 7-10 years old.

But I remember it vividly and it kind of freaks me out anytime I talk about it.

My dad lived in a very old house, probably built in the early 1900's.

It was a duplex so it was split into two apartments.

When you walked in the front door the living room was right there and if you walked through

the living room you'd get into the kitchen.

This apartment was one floor so my dad's bedroom was right next to the living room.

I love horror video games and horror movies.

I remember playing them or watching them in the living room all the time when it was dark,

I vividly remember always seeing an old woman in the kitchen anytime it was super dark.

The old woman was black and white, was staring at the ceiling and had her hair in a bun.

I always kind of brushed it off, I thought maybe i was seeing things because of the scary

games I was playing.

I would see the old woman in the kitchen even when i was just watching tv or cartoons.

So one day I asked my twin who always was with me in the living room watching tv with

me, I asked if her she happened to see an old woman in the kitchen.

She told me yes...

I asked her to describe her

She said "looking up at the ceiling with a bun in her hair".

After hearing that I knew i wasn't hallucinating...

I was scared because anytime I'd look into my dark kitchen, there the lady was.

Not moving just staring into the ceiling.

One day I decided i was going to keep staring and see if she disappears, So i stared for

about 2 minutes and it looked like she was turning her head towards me.

So as soon as that happened I screamed for my dad to come out and look in the kitchen

to see who was in there.

He went into the kitchen and turned on the lights and told me "no ones in here".

I was so scared I KNOW what I saw...

My dad told me I was probably just seeing things because it was dark..

I know I was young when this happened but I've never been able to get that out of my


After that night when I saw her head turning towards me, I never saw her again...

My dad moved out of there a few years later, But I still believe it was some kind of woman

who lived there previously

It was just too weird that my twin described the SAME exact woman as me.

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