Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Neighborhood Kid Wants Attention - Studio C

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Garet: I just don't like the blue tile.

Jetta: You just don't wanna help me

renovate the bathroom.

Garet: Why can't we keep the carpet?

Boy: Ah, stupid helmet,

they're for babies.

Jetta: What'd he say?

Garet: I don't know.

I just think the carpet feels so good.

- [imitates tires squealing]

I don't even need this baby helmet.

My mom says I have to wear it or I can't have ice cream.


Garet: She's probably right.

Boy: Oh, that's so much better

now I can breathe!


- Okay, well, just be careful.

Boy: Watch this!


Are you watching?



- Oh my gosh!

Are you okay?

- I'm okay, I'm okay.

It barely hurt.

Wanna see me dance?


[breathing heavily]

Well, later guys.

Gotta get back to my search for snakes.

Here I come, snakes!

Garet: What was that about?

- You know kids,

he was just trying to impress us.

- I wonder--

Boy: Watch me, watch me, look!

Watch, no hands!

My mom hates this!

Time me, my record's ten hours.

Jetta: Wow, very impressive.

Boy: Time me, are you counting?

You gotta count.

My mom said I could finally get a snake!

Garet: Oh, cool.

Boy: Time me!

Are you counting?

Jetta: Oh, honey just time him, just time him.

Boy: One time, I karate chopped a watermelon.

It didn't break, but--



Jetta: Oh my gosh!

Boy: Freak, ow,

cool, huh?


- Are you okay?

Boy: Yeah, who put this dumb mailbox here?

Stupid birdhouse for mail.

- Shouldn't you be in school?

Boy: No, the school nurse sent me home

after I fell into a huge pile of mud

in front of everyone and they all laughed.

- What?

Boy: One time we all got sent home early from school

because a poodle got loose.

My mom says I'm the strongest boy she knows,

watch this.


What is that, like 200 pounds?

One time!

Oh, my gosh.

One time I threw my Uncle Rick's dog over a fence

and he's the size of a horse.

Look out, I see a snake.


Beep beep!

- Something is wrong with that kid.

- No, no, he's just a boy.

Don't you remember being like that?

- I don't think I was ever like that.

Boy: Look, look, look,

no eyes!


Jetta: Oh!

Are you okay?

Do you want me to call your mom?

Boy: No, I'm fine!

- Okay, I think you need to just rest.

Boy: Nah, I'm good.

Guess I should've worn that helmet,

or not!

Makes my head too sweaty.

- Okay,

well watch where you're going, little guy.

Boy: The name's Zack.

Yeah, the doctor said I have the sweatiest head

he's ever seen,

and doctors can't lie--


[mud sloshing]

- Oh, this kid.

Boy: Awesome!

Wanna see me dance?


Anyway, later!

Nice hanging with you guys.

My mom's making nachos!


Let me know if you see any snakes.


Garet: Do you think our kid is gonna be like that?

[Boy crashing]

- Yeah, yeah probably.

Boy: [distantly] Awesome!

- Cool.

- Pretty sick, right?

I wrote that sketch, and I'm only ten.

If you like what you saw,

make sure that you like and subscribe.

I did, even though I'm not supposed

to get on the computer anymore

because I spent $500 on my mom's credit card

buying pizza.

Oh well.

Anyway, comment down below

with what you think I should name my snake

that my mom promised to get me.

Look, look!


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