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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Sci-Fi Short Film : "EXIT PLAN" - Directed by Richard Oakes | TheCGBros

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On its path through our solar system eeehm 43 struck the moon sending it into a slow decaying orbit towards the earth

The order desperate for survival began sending machines to the surface of mars to begin the terraforming process

this planet for thinline was to become humanity's new home

Hey nikana how are you hi i don't how you holdin up

Yeah, i just need to gallop he announced abilities we'll look about that i've done you purchase another go you

Will see is secured there it was in thank you no wait there's still a problem why what's the problem

look your clearance will get you past section c and your old passport getting past section a because the codes haven't changed a section b

pass in two days that's not possible but look i'm trying i'm really trying but they keep asking

Questions and if they find out it's you this whole thing is over i don't even know where to begin to i don't know if

Someone's coming michael to go i love you


entering the section b without the right security clearance would be certainly suicide i


So where do we get c we have to get on smash it there are many possibilities but none that i can calculate

To be a gum touch prior to the launch deadline so that's it no more dead would you sit here and watch that thing destroy

the whole planet that wouldn't be the ideal situation no it wouldn't

There is one that might know a way to get access but i don't think you are going, to like it

hey buddy two-for-one cruising toy

Once and prayed i sprayed with pepper in my girl there is some bread fresh bread

come on boys fresh rats lovely and fresh

should shandy go one piss off

Are you sure you wanna do this

I need to say so

come on


was beginning to lose hope that you were still alive a great man from the other side

now when i was young my parents told me of a time called the golden age you know this

it was a time when people were free

freedom made us lazy

Machines became intelligent enough to do the things that we didn't wish to do wash your clothes

cook your food take a dog for a walk

multinational corporations took ahold of this golden age and plunged it into

machines began to replace us as the driving workforce

And one by one people began, to lose their jobs

their homes

As they became surplus to dare requirements

forced to live as rats


all the while these corporations combined to form a new order who live in luxury beyond those walls

safely guarded and served by the machines

machines that youth program

something uncle dyna show you


is a genetically modified highly venomous

web scorpion

in natural circumstances that placidity humans


they will react aggressively to particular skin

such as the changing politics not

Do you work for the order

ah, no, not anymore because about clothes you've got with highs in his daughter

Febre i would have liked to do you work with them in any way now

Do you believe that the world is coming to an end

yes, yes this is the coming judgement at him in the world will be cleansed for what humanity has done

have the order planned in escape

So why are you here

i need to salvage parts for my machine ah it all makes sense now i

think actually be able to help you sir

Section b huh ah here we go

You put this into that machine of yours it'll give you access to the mainframe there you're free to go

So why you helping me

Let's just sayin they'll come at time i need you to do something for me not expected

okay this is it the moment of truth

Are you sure i want to do this salt is not known for doing favors clearly saul can't be trusted ball

he's seriously our last option


is that it did that work

all systems seem operational i

Ok, activate the chip the wireless signature should give us the access for you to the next section

Adam you had a good little rat i think it's time we honored our agreement don't you think

access all security systems yes

Seems to be working what i can say is i wouldn't have any more security issues past this point

hey, adam

what be my boy

what do you think ten nine eight seven six

Where the hell are we boy i was not factory installed with the data on our current location your guess is as good as mine

I can't, see we're down?

incoming transmission

donna god are them i've been trying

To reach and i couldn't get through we've only just got signal again now where are you

What you are on board the ship right well we got lost earlier but i'm trying to find my way down to you now

what do you mean

please tell me that you're on board i'm isabel to launch

No, no, we're not on board i can see the shit but i can't get, to it i don't know what to do

We need to go we need to go now

yes, yes commence the shutdown

i'm sitting here shaving off seconds plus uh my cash paid off with your lessons dropping like asses

conversation in my face like i'm really there i'm typically good pepper grab in and out here

Little words i'm a pastor metal people sketches on the concrete rubber town thunder sound fire in the street

count on every second to this please

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