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Open companies route 2021, it is free walk-in invited today.

Being the very first company, delays Jimmy's Smulders hello good morning nice to have you here


Good morning.

You represent IP Parking can you tell a little bit about the origin of IP Parking

the origin of IP Parking yes who comes from two things my father

used to have wps now had a competitor of ours and whether wps sold to Inpek in 87 was founded,

so he now has sales somewhere later, say around 2000 and then he remained director for another five years

and I started in the meantime when alert shop is an online store here

in Deurne still only exists, yes we actually said in 2005 let we work together.

I was enthusiastic about an internet and 2005 still seems relatively short but youtube was

not yet an iphone had to be invented you know and so we started 2005 again

with a parking company.

But with a bag boy from the internet and everything that comes with it links.


We then also got the first opportunity here in Deurne to start as a parking

provider as you know from parkmobile, yellowbrick we also had city parking developed

from a collaboration with parkmobile.

Then a Deurne applied city parking for the first time.


With the Deurne pass.

It's a nice app that I also have on my phone.

Do you have that too?

... and quite innovative.

I like that?

Yes absolutely if I just to mention an example if I go to the hospital

and the trees open automatically for me then a ping goes on in my app

and then counting starts that I eventually have to pay so much that development of

course you were very early with the internet and that is fantastic because it offers a

lot of advantages it can be the advantage that you can do remote assistance, for

example, to name an example that technology behind it that is just done for nothing

so which of course needed a start-up phase.

Yes, that has had a very long startup face and still only lost a lot of time

from a technical point of view.

Have I committed to introduce a new slogan this year "It's all about experience" that

actually stands for two things on the one hand that experience that hit the hospital

and that barrier opens and that is an experience for you yes and we want that

we already have parking and offer people and the world it is only by getting that


So you get hit by I know we have to scanner is just not that simple and then

we actually have to look at it within 0.8 seconds at a local bee, so

for example an employee at the hospital take you away then you really have another parking

no, so not the case, then we have to look in the cloud at ParkMobile all that platform

says but where license plate recognition is applied and that all has to

happen in a split second .

Before you get to the pole where you press the green button to get a parking ticket,

so that technique goes very far and is very fine-tuning and so yes, if it happens a lot

and its all about experiment refers back to the fact that I founded it together with my father

and who has of course already experienced a lot and I always say parking when

my father started it it was you pull the ticket you leave a few guilders

and you are gone again and we still do that now always, the palette is only getting bigger,

but then you also have to be able to book online, do you want a discount in the store, do you want to be able to park with city

parking, do you want to be able to pay contactless, pay with your apple watch, all

those facets are just more and more what do we actually do have become more of an ICT company

than hardware.

Yes, but there's hardware there, don't you have it?

Certainly certainly yes especially here in Deurne the software that we develop and we do

that with our own team about 10 software developers who are located in Zaandam yes no

they all come out also row from Amsterdam we have the real physical work here in Deurne

what you can also see well with om that is putting together all those parking systems

and barriers payment machines on me also the fine mechanical ordinary service device to serve the

whole of the Netherlands so yes no because or one in Deurne is the most activity.

Yes how is the domestic situation between your father and you it has been competitors for a while

I heard how how are you going.

No, he was not a competitor, he sold it and the old company is now a competitor.

He founded the competitor and he increased the rest, so an old company is

now your competitor of ours in the household as it goes in the family, the tractor

actually goes with it but company so I would not keep private business separate

I think that's nice but for me it doesn't really exist so whether you sit at the kitchen table

that i have to i don't live at home anymore happy but and that just pulls you to the company

and there she is told the truth and discussions that arise quickly i am

positive about that because you get the atmosphere in which the whole company our family acts, you already know

a personal thing for each other that maybe everyone says, but more I sincerely.


We are all together yes because how many employees do you have here in Deurne

or actually is and would always have say 100 people at work at the moment or another

85 are on the payroll and here in Deurne around 60 .

Yes, absolutely, it is now so that when you walk into the kitchen barrier opens automatically

or yes. my kitchen?

No, but the bedroom does.

Okay we made a very nice video from dmg at your company

to look inside them within the company we have been here in Deurne yes everything is

actually done there with the hands there the machines become the barrier but everything is

actually made there and let's take a look at that, okay nice.

Welcome to IP Parking.

Hello welcome all with IP Parking, we sit here in our canteen or pub

and I'll take you on my virtual tour of our company and IP Parking, what we do

is we develop Parkeersystemen smart car parks and the one that the garage

owned do we have to earn as much money as possible through our systems and or

create the best possible user experience here in Deurne are our assembly

production and say operational activities and then we also have a branch in Zaandam

where our software is developed and we are also international active in europe but

also in America and have our own office in Los Angeles and in New York and we are

trying to get our export going through dealers in Europe.

well I'm Jimmy Smulders 38 years old and director of IP Parking.

Come with us and we'll walk around.

This is Bjorn Verlijsdonk and Bjorn is responsible for testing when everything is assembled


He's at the end of the line, but he checks that everything works before it can be

packed and shipped.

Mark van Lieshout responsible for repair All kinds of customers of ours try to keep a

system operational themselves and when the product is broken we can

send it to us and we try to repair it within one working day.

ok this is our warehouse we try to set up the warehouse as efficiently as possible by that

i mean that we come to use sheltered workshop to do everything straight

as we do and thereby ensure that the short lead time for our projects our

customers that means that we only need to do customer specific yet here and our own factory


We ultimately do this in order to be able to deliver a project within three weeks of the order.

This is Ron.

Ron is more responsible for resolving any glitches that arise.

Faults can consist of two types on the one hand we have software malfunctions that we

can solve from here because we have an internet-based system sometimes

we can't solve it remotely and then we have to solve the

disruption on location with a service technician and Ron does it all from a distance if you look at the wall here you see all the

screens you can imagine that our customers earn money with the parking system

and a branch outside the company can cost a lot of money so we have a pretty tight appointment

with our customers where we run on location within a few hours and within 24 hours

and try to provide a guaranteed solution.

This is Gerwin Nent, he is responsible for sales in the Netherlands and that

mainly consists of making offers because the government of the Netherlands owns about 50% of

the parking garages and that means that we are involved in 50% of the project

. dealing with tenders and IP Parking has specialized in this since 2005 and

ensures that we win approximately 50% of our tenders.

Nice in a pub jimmy yes, homely there is that still in it.

I think you think that's important for your employees?

Yes, I think that is important, I also look at the system ceiling all day for myself

and there are many people who spend a lot of time behind the computer or who have a full

job behind the desk at the office when you have a break or they go for a walk or have

just to sit in the pub on Friday to have a drink or to

play poker with my friends on Saturday yes very nice.

Exactly exactly. we have just seen your company video the actually yes all activities barrier,

automatic systems I still saw the flapping tap as it were you can still just put money

in it you see that gradually all disappear that the physical money goes for it and

it is eventually automated being to an iphone or man just anything.

Yes you see the percentage consistently decrease only and we remain that in all cities around

and Rotterdam where we are the main supplier chooses to still

accept cash money yes yes very high.

You can also question whether we want everything to be digital

and we will have the government everything to moderate on the they are more behind than

just yes cash money is not so handy because you have to empty it yes but you can

also use it do you want the government to be able to follow everything and so with your clear

there are 2 thoughts but purely for the sake of convenience I would always say nice and cashless is possible because

you put that flap pen it is public and public space and large bucket of money leather

that can also be liked yes making those devices expensive with half safes

developing actually yes you can also see very clearly say in the east of

the country Maastricht for example have street parking we have a lot of vending machines in the center

put down choose for cash because they have a lot of Germans a German is completely

used to just pay with cash and also central or get back yes very literally

a cent in ug to get so it is right on an area in the video it actually came out

very much that your tenders that you do 50 percent are very

high that's actually just yes one side is possible the other is not that means one you

actually half then cover the Netherlands.

Yes, yes, but have also reached our peak in the Netherlands yes, you can win 50

percent of the tenders and it takes a lot of energy to go to 70%,

so time for us is really to discover abroad are we already busy with it

but that is really our growth and then for example America there I saw that you have an

office what does that look like is it purely an office or some kind of sales office

to name the word.

No America not the production and so we will continue to do it here and we ship or

fly to America depending on the rush so to speak and we really

just have our own service people there, own project people, and so really try to make a copy

of what we do here in America and why America all the way to Germany, for example,

we only have two systems installed, I see it just being a bit cash oriented

and our clout is really a market that wants to digitize and America is

a good example of that other big another important point is that

in europe every country has its own language actually payment cards own payment systems so

you have to do quite a lot to enter the market and in that sense America is

about as big as europe came market but is a market, a language and a solution,

but everything is possible with it, plus the car is even more important in America than

in Europe and here in the Netherlands and if you also see the mobility part, then we are

also active with cycling again and so we try to stare blindly at the cars

so where we really look then electrification of cars we see that that time parking garages

themselves as people live there and parking garages and then we have to be able to

supply those gas stations and develop a business around them and we shouldn't have to worry about us either, yes those cities

are going well, we do Amsterdam too and they will simply delete half of the parking spaces

on the street so that has to be in the garage with underground or outside the city and outside the city

means how do you go that last mile they call it so how do you get into the center

en en bosch for example it was always with public transport bus but do you have a

co2 to a you can with a busco you had to buy an electric bus but we

also chose that ok you can park a car well we have it can sign so those cars

then your collateral if it you already have the right to grab a number of bicycles yes then you

can go by bike and that is a resounding success yes once again all bicycles gone

yes so ok also contribute to greening all cities in the world so Jimmy Smulders

is not done with that IP Parking and certainly not I am still relatively young yes I will be

full of energy and there is still so much to do and I also became super fun.

Well, I hope to speak here again in 5 years' time at the open company route.

In five years?

yes and that it has grown enormously. It's already big and I'm very proud

of it.

Absolutely thank you so much for being here in the studio today on this Sunday nice

to take a look at your company what kind of people and do you have any

vacancies and what kind of people are you looking for?

I what we're looking for is just sober guys and ladies who want to work and that fun

know this with I have a Deurne no vacancies have to make a suitable place and corona

affects us too We are looking for software developers what's in Amsterdam if they look then

those often come by again yes and if we keep an eye on the website come and have a coffee

and who knows, very nice thank you for coming to the studio at De open companies route

and good luck with the future.

Very good thank you thank you

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