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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Favorite Books | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

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- Oh, this one kinda smells funny.

- Oh yeah, it does kinda smells funny.

What do they do with this one?

(playful music)

- [All] Hello!

- My name is James.

- I'm Willow.

- Crystal.

- Siri.

- Niko.

- [All] Show and Tell!

Our favorite books!


- Of course, if they make a movie, then, of it,

of course, the book is way better.

- Close your eyes!

- Okay.

- Okay, open your eyes.

- [All] Ooh!

- This book is called Ever After High: Once Upon A Time.

Here's Ever After High, that's the boarding school

for the sons and daughters of the most famous fairy tales.

The book is about a girl, daughter of the evil queen,

but Raven Queen doesn't wanna be evil,

because her mother turned her pet puppy into a bone rat.

- What's a bone rat?

- It's three times the size of a normal rat,

that grows on a diet of bones.

- Ew.


- Smells papery.


- How long did it take you to read it?

- It took me a week.

(hands slap)

- Yeah!

- Oh, sorry. (laughing)

- Who's your favorite character?

- Kitty, this purple one.

She's a Cheshire cat.

- Is the book scary?

- Not really, but it has lots of humor.

Do you like humor?

- [Kids] Yeah!

- Then you're gonna like this book.

- Who's ever read Captain Underpants before?

- Which book is that?

- I think it's two?

Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return

of Tippy Tinkletrousers?

- I thought it was Doctor Poopyhead,

not Poopyhead, Doctor--

- Doctor Poopypants! - Yeah!

- Question.

Question to you, actually.

What was your favorite superpower?

Mine, personally, was the unlimited underwear.

- Yeah.

Mine is the flying power.

- One, 'cause I wear mine every month,

and then change it, every month, change it.

- Does anybody wanna touch the book?

- I'ma smell it, while at it.

It smells like apple juice.


Were you drinking apple juice while reading this?

- It must have been like, one of my brothers

spilling apple juice on it.

- This is El Deafo by CeCe Belle,

this is based on a true story of CeCe Belle's life.

She got meningitis when she was four years old.

- What's meningitis?

- It's a disease that you can actually die from,

your brain can swell, but she actually survived it

and she only lost her hearing.

- I'm really happy she survived.

- Can I smell it? - Yeah.

Yes, she wears her bathing suit all the time.

- That's the first thing I find.


- How does she turn into a superhero?

(laughing) - Well, it's,

it's actually in her mind,

so she believes that she is a superhero,

and that she can overcome anything.

- I have my own already.

I am Ninja Boy!

- I am Fire Guy!

- I'm Cosmo Queen, riding Jupiter!

Giddy-up, giddy-up!

- I'm Elbow Girl, and I don't really have a super power.

Bum, bum, bum!

- I am Chocolate Lover!

- Wait, like, what's your super power?

You shoot hot fudge at people's faces?


- Boom, boom, boom!

And the villains go yum yum yum!

(laughing) - Still chocolate!

- Thank you, chocolate girl!

- This is Roller Girl,

and it has the Newbery Honor Reward.

- What is it about?

- It's about roller derby.

Roller derby's like a team game where,

someone in the back has to try and go around the arena,

but people will try to block whoever has the star

on their helmet.

- She has lots of stars on her helmet.

- Her helmet was actually the first thing she got

for roller derby.

- Is roller derby dangerous?

- Yeah, kind of, 'cause you get bruises and stuff.

- Does this book promote violence?

- No.

- Looks like it in this photo.

- She's fine.


- Okay!

- What the heck is that?

- Yeah, it's a very thick book.

- Atlas? - Obscura.

- Have you guys seen an Atlas before?

- Nope!

- So, it does not have a plot,

so basically, there's apparently like,

there's many places in this book,

like, there's an ever-lasting lightning storm.

- Is it better than Google?

- Yeah, it works without Wi-Fi, or data!

- And then you don't need to pay your internet company!

- True that! - Yay!

- True true true true true.

- How much do you think it weighs?

- I don't know, two pounds, one pound?

- When you get home, you should probably weigh it.

- Ooh, this one's really cool!

- Okay, so there's a guy--

- That's the cage of death, except you won't die.

- Ooh, that sounds really fun!

- This one's actually weird.

- Oh, that is really weird!

- Oh that's the, it's like,

so basically this thing apparently like (mumbles)

if you do something bad, people will kinda like,

you get devoured, and stuff like that.

- That sounds interesting!

- Very interesting!

- Sounds like cannibalism.

- Thank you, Siri!

- You're welcome. - Thank you, Siri!

- [All] Thank you for watching Show and Tell: Books!

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