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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Do you know these English words? | Easy English 35

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hey everyone how's it going as in the

language nerd here I hope you are doing

very very well

welcome to another episode of easy

English now I am excited about today's

video because I think a lot of you

watching it a lot of the English

learners watching this here I think

you're gonna learn a whole bunch of new

vocabulary now you just didn't know

before watching this video and you're

going to get an excellent opportunity to

do some listening practice and I am

excited it's gonna be a lot of fun so in

the video I'm going to show you a a

conversation a two-minute conversation

between myself and somebody that I know

I named Kyle on his podcast which is

called the creative block and in this

conversation we are discussing why my

name is Azrin the language nerd I

actually suggest that with the new

vocabulary and phrases and things that

you learn in this video I highly

recommend you go in the comments and

first of all ask me any questions that

you have and second of all write some

practice sentences with the words and

expressions we learn and I will correct

them for you it's something I highly

recommend and I think that I think that

you should do that as you're watching

this video and as you're learning some

new things so first of all let's listen

to this two-minute conversation and then

I will explain a lot of the things that

we were discussing and a lot of the new

words that that we discussed that you

probably don't know so here we go I know

you as as in the language nerd

yes which may seem somewhat derogatory

if it was taken out of context maybe

maybe there it is not as I don't know

evocative as it was when I was a

teenager when I was a pretty big slur to

throw it some but it still is depending

on the person I want to sort in a little

bit of a different spot than what we

normally do on this podcast and really

delve into that persona I guess for lack

of a better word when did you realize

that languages was something that you

wanted to pursue probably initially when

I was 15

and then more seriously I would say it

got more and more serious as time went

on let's say that mm-hmm when did you

come up with that name as that word

would have been in 2016 okay so fairly

recent recent relatively recently yes

why that name well because the initial

reasoning it's a weird one so I wanted

to have something that was around

language learning that brands Azran and

languages together but I thought I'm not

a language I like my name

I really have obsessed my name okay well

I want my name in there I didn't want

like a company name or something I

wanted my name cuz then if I ever change

my mind on not one a few languages my

name is still there my name is my name

it's not going away right right but I

wasn't sure like language genius can I

be a genius if I'm like my 20s like is

that possible like if it says that's on

bad and so the nerd sounded appropriate

and on top of that I remember thinking

like when I reply to a youtube comment

or if someone sees me reply to something

or sees me I want them if they have the

interest in languages I want them to

immediately see by the my name that Oh

what does he do and click it and I

thought the language has or in the

language nerd would allow people to do

that yeah it's enough to draw them in to

see or want to know more information I

suppose yeah now that you have listened

to that conversation let's start

discussing some of the vocabulary points

now the first word that I want to

discuss here is the word derogatory the

exact sentence that made my friend said

that Kyle said the interviewer he said

was a Zirin I know you as a Zirin the

language nerd which may seem somewhat


so derogatory is basically when you have

an attitude or you make a comment about

someone that is very disrespectful and

mean for example if I say something like

ah you know Jack Jack is such an idiot

oh my goodness he's so dumb that's

derogatory other derogatory comments

sometimes can be racist comments so I

say something about someone was a

different skin color maybe white skin or

brown skin maybe it from China maybe

you're from whatever country

if I make a mean observation or a a

disrespectful comment about someone with

a specific skin color or specific

nationality that is also a derogatory

comment so Kyle was saying huh Ezrin

your name is Azrin the language nerd the

word nerd many people think it's

derogatory they think it's mean it's a

word that we use to insult them we say

oh you're a nerd haha you're such a nerd

and some people feel that it has a

negative a negative connotation or a

negative feeling around it and so that's

why you was asking about this word my

name either in the language nerd and why

I'm using the word nerd in my name

another word that came up in this

conversation was the word evocative now

if I could've is anything that brings a

very very powerful or very strong

emotion or maybe feeling or maybe a

memory into your mind so for example if

I if I hear a song a love song and it's

a really good love song that love song

can be very evocative it can be

extremely evocative because it makes me

feel the love I really can feel the love

from that song which is why it's

evocative or for example some of you

might have seen the video that I made on

this channel when I was in France I was

in a forest I was visiting a village in

France where I actually lived for about

I spent 4 months in that village

approximately yes 4 months and that

village the trees and the house there's

a very specific smell and that smell for

me is very evocative because when I

smell it I immediately remember when I

used to live there I have so many

memories with that smell I think oh yeah

I remember when I built the treehouse in

this forest oh yeah that smell makes me

think of when I would walk every day

on this bridge to go to school oh yeah I

remember this and that the smell is very

evocative because it makes me feel it

brings us very strong emotion and these

very strong memories to my mind so Kyle

he specifically said maybe the word nerd

isn't as evocative as it was when I was

a teenager so when Kyle was a teenager

his experience with the word nerd is

that have brought very powerful emotions

in this case negative emotions when you

call someone a nerd it was very


it was very mean it was very powerful it

was something not if you called somebody

a nerd they would say whoa a nerd oh my

god that's so mean

it would have hurt their feelings so

that's what Kyle was saying when he used

that word evocative

another thing that was said is the

expression throw a slur at someone the

exact sentence was using the word nerd

was a pretty big slur to throw at

somebody a slur is basically something

that insults you or that is said does

mean about somebody that's what it needs

to throw a slur you're saying something

that is very mean something very maybe

it hurts the reputation that's kind of

what that means something else you heard

in this conversation was the expression

delve into something what Kyle had said

was that he really wants to delve into

that persona the persona of Asura in the

language nerd so there's two words here

that we have to look up first of all

delve into when you delve into something

you are investigating something you are

learning more about something you are

researching something so in our

conversation with between Kyle and me

Kyle wanted to delve into as or in the

language nerd he wants to investigate as

when the language nerd he wants to learn

more about Asura in the language

nerd he wants to ask me more questions

about ezrin the language nerd so when

you delve into something you are

learning more about it you are

investigating you're researching it

you're thinking about it you're delving

into it now the other word that Kyle

used was he wants to delve into that

persona in other words the persona of

Asura in the language nerd a persona is

a version or a a specific part of a

person of someone's personality that

they show so for example I make videos

on this YouTube channel you watch me on

these videos you see me in these videos

you hear me talk you learn some English

however need that the version of me that

you see on these videos it's only one

part of my personality you don't see me

when I'm very sad you don't see me not

when I'm angry you don't see me when I'm

in my pajamas and my hair is all messy

you're only seeing one part of Azran you

are seeing a my public persona you are

seeing who I choose to be when I am in

front of the camera actors have personas

right maybe when you follow their

Instagram or their Facebook or whatever

social media you don't see everything

they don't show you everything they have

certain aspects that are private and

there's certain things that they make

public when you look at the person based

on everything that is public that is

their public persona so really all of us

in a way have a persona if you have a

public Instagram Facebook whatever you

also kind of have a public persona

I suppose don't you so that's kind of

what a persona that's what kind of what

a persona means another thing that was

said is the expression to come up with

so the exact sentence from the

interviewer my friend was when did you

come up with the name as or in the

language nerd so what that means is when

did you think of as or in the language

nerd come up with is another way to say

think of something or invent something

so I could say for

example oh my god I came up with the I

came up with a great video idea for easy

English this means that I thought of a

great idea for easy English a great

video idea I could say oh my goodness I

came up with a great idea for a company

this means that I have a I thought of a

great idea for a company that's what

this expression come up with really

means another word that I used in this

video actually is the word genius a

genius is someone who's very very smart

very intelligent they're a genius so

when I said in the video was language

genius I was trying to think of what

should my online persona be what should

my online name be and I thought should I

say Asura in the language genius but I

didn't want to say that because can I be

a genius at languages and I don't know

is that too confident does not

exaggerate it am I being - I just didn't

feel comfortable with the name Azra and

the language genius it didn't feel right

to me another really useful phrase not

you heard and this conversation is on

top of that I think I said it as well on

top of that is another way to say in

addition for example I could say eating

watermelon is a good idea it's it's

really really tasty on top of that it's

good for your health

or I could say um making videos is

really fun on top of that it helps me in

my work life so on top of that is like

saying in addition you want to add on

you want to add something to what you

said previously something that's

important for the expression on top of

that is um that usually it's something

we use more when we speak it's not

something we use in very formal writing

for example usually just when we're

talking that's a kind of expression that

that we use in this conversation you

also heard the expression to draw


if you draw if something draws you in it

means that it interests you so you might

go to a museum and you might see a great

painting and you're walking and it's

kind of the painting is a little bit far

away but you see the great colors of the

painting and you think oh those are some

interesting colors well look at that and

then you start to walk towards the

painting you could say oh the colors of

that painting drew me in it's drawing me

in because it's it's it's interesting

you and it makes you want to go closer

and look at it a little bit more

well everyone ah thank you so much for

watching this video I appreciate your

attention if you have any questions

please tell me in the comments below I

also encourage you to try writing some

sentences with the new words and

expressions that that we learned in this

video and I will go and correct them for

you and say oh this is wrong this is

right it should be like this so please

go in the comments write any questions

and some practice sentences and I will

correct them thank you again for

watching and we will we will talk next

time bye for now see you

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