Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Boondocks - A Satirical Masterpiece

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When you ever see the name adult swim what does it remind you of? Cringe humor, surrealness

and other antics beyond comprehension. For example, Aqua Teen you have sense of adventure

in every turn and wackyness that can only be felt by a milkshake and talking hamburger

meat. There is also things like Space Ghost Coast to Coast delivering social commentary

and news type humor. However, one show pushed the limits of animation. Adult Swim had at

one time and make it reach greater lengths and a broader audience. Having a more satirical

overlook on serious subjects such as prison rape, robbery, and homosexual people having

a career in a predominantly straight occupation. Im of course talking about the Boondocks,

whose criticism on todays and yesterdays topic has no bounds and pushed what some might

say the social limit. On April 19, 1996 the comic strip of The Boondocks was born. The

strip was conveniently passed around until it landed a home on the Universal Press Syndicate

and made its national debut on April 19,1999.

McGruders was often coming under fire being too left-wing and sometimes coming off

as a risk. He challenged the press at every move with satirization of the african american

media and the american politics as well. Giving his voice through drawings and through Huey

Freeman. Even though, he fought for the word to come out, he was always still censored.

McGruder has often attacked black conservative commentator Larry Elder In the comic strip

as well as the television series. In response, Elder published an opinion piece in which

he created the "McGruder", an award for statements made by black public figures that Elder considers

"dumb", "vulgar", and/or "offensive. Several strips were pulled and news outlets such as

The Washington Post pulling the strip from the post for a week.

In Later years McGruder sold the television and film rights for Boondocks to Sony Pictures.

Then soon after The Boondock animated TV series premiered on Adult Swim on November 6, 2005.

This was new aspect into the lives of the character's McGruder made. From being seen

in a four-block format, but now can be seen fully fledged out on the silver screen. The

Boondocks continued with controversy with him later stating in a interview:

The controversy didnt die down, with continues threat and lawsuit allegations, the continuation

of the series bring the hatred out of the satirical joy the show gave the viewers. With

Viacom threatening to sue and Tyler Perry very displeased in his depiction on the show.

The Boondocks was recognized in Time magazine as the sixth most controversial cartoon of

all time.

McGruder left the television show during the fourth season and was stated to have conflicting

issues with scheduling. Hearing this many fans and critics werent onboard for this

new season with it having negative scores. McGruder also tried to create an Uncle Ruckus

movie that never got to see the light of day. At the end of the day we can surely recognize

the strip and the animation to be satirical greatness.

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