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You know the worst thing about attending

a tech briefing when you have Pneumonia?

It's not the shortness of breath,

or the fact that your voice doesn't really work,

I'm sure you can hear.


it's not knowing whether your vague sense

of disappointment is thanks to the foam in your lungs,

or the phone in your hand.

Well I've had a few days to process

my time with the Galaxy S20 Ultra,

and I think I get it now.

See this really is one of the most advanced

smartphones in the world.

With a laundry list of compelling practical benefits.

But it comes in a package so conventional,

compared to the trailblazers Samsung

is selling right along side it,

That you need to look harder to see what's

really important about it.

Fortunately, that's why were here.

I'm MrMobile and this is first look

at the Samsung S20 Ultra.

(electronic dance music)

So Samsung actually dropped three S20 series devices today,

and If you want to know about the two lower-end models,

visit my friends at Android Central

for their coverage of the entire line-up.

Me, I focused on the flagship,

and there is plenty here to backup the Ultra name.


the is a behemoth of a handheld.

Remember how flummoxed I was by the size

of the IPhone 11 Pro Max?

Well the S20 Ultra is taller, thicker,

and nearly as heavy.

And Samsung has made smart use of the extra space.

First, it's packed in a mammoth battery,

11% larger than last years S10 5G,

and 16% larger than the battery in the Note 10 Plus.

That's good because there are a lot

of power hungry components here.

Like a nearly 7 inch display that refreshes

120 times every second.

If you watched my Razer Phone 2 review

you'll know the kind of effortless fluidity

that refresh rate provides,

it's one of those things that's tough

to give up once you've experienced it.

That has not been my experience with 5G so far.

Frankly I found it quite disappointing.

Nevertheless all three S20 models are 5G ready,

The lower-end phone can only use

the mid and low-band networks,

while the Ultra supports those and,

the high-band millimeter wave

in North America and Japan.

Now if that's all sounding a little Greek to you,

check out my hands-on test drive of both

T-Mobile and Verizon 5G at theMrMobile on YouTube,

you'll hear what my voice sounds

like when it's working properly

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Samsung has always been big on specs,

and what's refreshing about the S20 Ultra

is that it builds on them bumps in a practical way.

Not only is there a ton of RAM on board,

but now you can now make better use of it by forcing

up to five apps to keep running in the background.

There's also up to 512 gigs

of storage with Micro SD expansion,

a 25 watt charger in the box,

with an option to buy a 45 watt charger,

and the usual wireless charging

and wireless power share as well.

All right,

now how about that big dog tag on the back?

Well we're going to close out by climbing

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With a hump this husky you've got to bring

serious camera game.

And Samsung says this is it's biggest optical

upgrade since 2016.

It's built around a primary sensor

with a resolution of 108 Megapixels.

For context,

last year's Galaxy S10 used a camera with 12 Megapixels.

But it is important to note that doesn't

necessarily guarantee better results,

the more pixels you pack onto a sensor

the harder it is to capture light for one thing.

So Samsung includes the option to switch

to a binned 12 megapixel mode,

which combines nine pixels into one.

Only real-world testing will determine

how this actually works.

Also included,

a 12 megapixel camera for 120 degree ultra-wide shots,

a time-of-flight camera for depth sensing,

and something that may be familiar,

a 48 megapixel telephoto camera mounted sideways,

to align with this rectangular prism here.

Samsung calls it a Space Zoom camera,

but you might remember first

seeing it on the Huawei P30 Pro.

That phone I used to talk absolutely incredible

photos in Paris last year.

Samsung promises up to 10 times zoom

with no loss in quality,

and up to 100 times zoom if you max it out.

Yeah you heard me,

100 times.

There's also 8K video recording, improved stabilization,

and a,


a selfie camera that once again focuses

on the wrong thing.

Boosting resolution instead of offering a wider angle.

That frustration aside though,

this is absolutely the most ambitious

camera array Samsung has ever offered.

And I'm eager to get it out into the real world.

The phone will hit said real world on March 6th,

with pre-orders opening February 21.

And how much will the S20 Ultra run you?

Brace yourself.

Just a buck shy of $1400.

Again I'll be giving it proper review but,

you probably already know if your the type

who wants an S20 Ultra.

If your a function over form person,

who doesn't care that this is a very dull design

with an even duller color scheme,

you'll probably buy it for the specs

and the features which are prodigious.

If your someone like me who's captivated

by the new possibilities of foldable screens

as we've seen on Galaxy Fold,

Motorola Razr,

and Galaxy Z Flip.

You'll probably want to sock that $1400 away

for something that feels a little more 2020.

Let me know what you think of the Galaxy S20 Ultra

in the comments folks and again,

please subscribe to theMrMobile on YouTube

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hopefully with a working voice.

This hands-on made possible by a media

pre-briefing hosted by Samsung ahead

of the unpack launch event.

The company did not have input into the editorial content,

or approval over the final product though.

That means their seeing this video for the first time,

right alongside you.

Until next time,

thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends.

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