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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Girls Only Secret Giant Box Fort 24 Hours Surprise Mystery Room!

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- Welcome home, you guys are here

on the Carl and Jinger family channel.

Me and Kyle actually just got locked inside

this mystery escape room, box fort thing

that Jinger built for us

and it's totally girl stuff isn't it?

- Yeah I don't like the feel of this!

(laughter) It's too girly!

- It's totally girly, look there's pink lights everywhere

and there's, like, emoji pillows.

We've got colored gumballs over here.

- There's pink ornaments on the tree.

- I know look at that,

there's all sorts of girly stuff in here,

there's even, like, an Easy Bake Oven.

But Ginger locked us in here

and said that we have to solve the clues

and the riddles before we can escape.

Kyle and I are gonna need your guys' help

to look for clues and help us solve this riddle

so that we can get out of this box fort

because every day's a new day,

- [Both] Let's make it an awesome one!

- Oh my gosh it's like Christmas!

Kyle scoot over there,

you get to open up an early Christmas present.

Maybe this is an awesome box fort to get trapped in, right?

- Yeah!

- Kyle I've never made lip balm

or even worn lip balm before.

Adding shimmer to the mixture,

that's a big nope from me!

I think we're getting sucked into the girliness

of this box fort. (gasps)

(upbeat music)


Here's the thing you guys.

Jinger lured us in here

with some fresh, hot, pepperoni pizza

and Kyle and I came in here in the front door

and we were like, Wow, this is all girly in here,

there's all this girls only box fort thing

and then Jinger taped us in and locked the door

so we're trapped in here.

We have to follow the clues,

here's a quick recap and some highlights

of what just happened.

- When I was younger I used to love these.

Easy Bake Oven

This really inspired me to build the coolest,

no boys allowed, girl box fort, ever.

(uplifted music)

- Mom ordered pizza to her box fort!

- Pizza? - It's working!

- Yeah!

- Get out of the way.

- Karl! No boys allowed! - We're coming in right now.

You have a Christmas tree? - No boys allowed!

- Wait, this is an escape room?

- This is an escape room you guys.

- Ah ha! - Jinger!

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

She's taping us in. - You're locked in!

It's a girl box fort! - Kyle!

- No!

The very first clue is super obvious though.

It's inside the lid of the pizza box,

we found this note and we ate the pizza by the way, so.

- Yeah!

- bonus points for Kyle and Carl.

Hopefully there's lots of snacks involved

in this treasure hunt.

- "You're locked in a room made of cardboard and tape,

"follow the clues so you can escape.

"A key of gold is your ticket out.

"When you find it,

- [Both] "don't be afraid to give a big shout!"

So we're supposed to find a gold key,

that's our ticket out of here

so at some point we've gotta follow the clues

and get a gold key, what do you think Kyle?

- I don't know, we gotta look around and stuff.

- It basically just says follow the clues.

Maybe there's something written on the pizza box

or something like that, or under the pillows.

Is there any other notes inside?

- No.

Oh there's a note right here.

- There's a note right there on the bottom.

"Everything is about to shift

"first you must open your gift."

- We have to open the presents.

- That totally makes sense, under the Christmas tree.

You guys, I think we figured out the first clue

and it was on the yellow paper

so maybe all the clues, we need to keep an eye out

for yellow paper.

So let us know down in the comments below,

if you spot any of these clues written on yellow paper

let us know so that we can check them out

and find them and help us out.

- That one says Carl.

So this one's mine. - I guess this is...

This one's for me! - And this one says

- Kyle - Kyle, right there.

- Okay.

- Oh my god just like Christmas.

Kyle scoot over there

and you get to open up an early Christmas present.

Maybe this is an awesome box fort to get trapped in right?

- Yeah!

- This is cool,

do you guys have any Christmas traditions in your home?

We have one in our home where every year at Christmas,

on Christmas Eve, we actually open up one present

and it's usually like fuzzy pajamas

or something awesome like that, huh?

- Yeah.

So let us know down in the comments below,

do you have any cool Christmas or holiday traditions

that you do?

Let's see what you got here Kyle, open up your present.


- I got, I got a onesie! (laughs)

- What?

- I got a onesie.

- A onesie?

- There's a clue!

- There's a clue there.

- Do I have to put this on?

- I think in order to complete the quest and the adventure

(laughter) we have to do all the clues

so you're gonna have to put this on.

Wait, what's in my package?

I have a feeling about this.


You have to wear a pink onesie and look.

- You have to wear a cat sweater.

- I'm gonna have to wear a big kitty cat sweater.

Activate here, what does that mean.

(meowing Christmas music)


It plays Christmas kitty songs.

This is the ugliest Christmas sweater I've ever seen.

Shall we put our new Christmas pajamas on?

- Yeah!

- Let's do it!

- Uh, Kyle, girly pink onesie pajamas.

- Oh!

- Ah!

- Wow these are comfy.

- A 24 hour girls only box fort

and now we have to dress up in these outfits.

Do you guys think Kyle looks funny in his pink pajamas?

- I love it, I actually kinda like it.

- It looks pretty cozy actually, not bad.

Check It out guys

I even have my kitty cat Christmas sweater on.

Look how awesome this is


But, it's itchy in here and guess what,

I actually found a yellow piece of paper right in here

on my shoulder that I wanted to show you guys, so,

let's see what this one says first

and then we have another clue as well.

"Wear an outfit made for a queen

"don't be surprised if you feel super clean."


So we definitely are supposed to wear these outfits

or mom's not gonna let us out of here, huh?

- Yeah.

- Okay what's this next clue we found.

- "Then it's time for dessert

"I promise that it tastes better than dirt."

- Time for dessert, I don't get it.

- I think it's... - We already ate the pizza.

That can't be it. - Dessert, it has to

be something sweet then.

- Maybe it's either the gumballs

or the Easy Bake... - I think it's

the Whoopie pies.

- The Whoopie pies?

- Yeah, for the Easy Bake Oven.

- That's not a bad idea, should we make some Whoopie pies?

- Yeah!

- Alright!

First things first, I think we need to read the instructions

or look around this little Easy Bake Oven for some clues.

Maybe start taking the ingredients out

and see if there's a recipe in there or something.

This is really cool,

I've never actually even used an Easy Bake Oven.

We have all the contents right in there in the box.

- Yeah.

- That works, oh wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

There's a yellow piece of paper down in there,

I saw it out of the corner of my eye, do you see that?

Pull everything out of there Kyle.

- Oh, it's right here.

- Yeah, there's a clue in the box.

We'll have to come back and make these Whoopie pies

and the cookies later, huh?

- Yeah. - After we're done

solving the riddle and we get out, let's see.

- "Pizza dessert and a gift unwrapped

"your lips must feel a little chapped."

It's like if we ate pizza and dessert

our lips must feel a little chapped.

Do we need to look around for chapstick or something.

- Yeah.

(relaxed music)

- Ah, check it out Kyle, look at this.

I just turned around over here and right here

by the Easy Bake Oven on the ground.

- Is a lip balm.

- Is a lip balm kit!

We're gonna have to make our own lip balm

and then put it on.

- Oh no! - Ugh!

- Really quick Kyle, before we dig into all this lip balm

and make a big mess, I think we should organize our clues

and make sure that we've got them all in the right order.

So this is the first clue right here

and then we found this one in my outfit

saying that we're supposed to wear the pink onesie

and the Christmas kitty sweater

and then the next one, what's the next one Kyle?

- I think it was this one.

- This one, the time for dessert.

And then after we eat the cookies,

it's supposed to be pizza dessert,

your lips must feel chapped.

Okay so we've got all the clues you guys.

Mash that like button and give us good luck

and hopefully we can find something in this lip balm next.

Kyle I've never made lip balm, or even worn lip balm before.

It's only been chapstick for me.

- I think mom actually made this one.

- You think mom made that? - Yeah.

- Maybe we're supposed to follow the instructions

and make our own first and there's a clue in one of these.

Oh yeah look Kyle, here's the instructions right here

and it looks like mom used this little stir stick right here

to make some lip balm

and then it looks like there's a little stir cup

right there that's already used so,

maybe there's some lip balm that's already made in here.

We don't have to make our own but, still might be fun,

should we make our own?

- Yeah!

- Yeah, let's do it.

Kyle let's make the blue one, what do you think?

- I think this is gonna be fun.

- I think so too, there's one step here though

that I think we're gonna skip.

Adding shimmer to the mixture.

That's a big nope from me.

So we take the lip balm base

and we scoop it into the little cup

and then we add our flavor.

Which one would you pick?

Actually, I'm gonna put a poll up in the Icards.

Would you do red, yellow, blue or white?

Tell us up in the poll which of these flavors you would pick

for your lip balm.

(upbeat music)

Oh, I'm not gonna lie Kyle,

this girly lip balm actually smells pretty good.

- This smells like blueberries.

- It totally smells like blueberries,

let's see what it tastes like.


- It actually tastes pretty good.

- Does it, here let me try it.

Mmm, uh oh, I think we're getting sucked into

the girliness of this box fort.



Just kidding, it's not too bad actually (laughs).

Kyle we haven't found the next clue yet.

I didn't find it down in any of the flavorings

or anything like that.

It wasn't in the base.

So I think maybe your hunch is right.

It's probably in one of these other ones.

I judge by the rest of this box for, the theme is pink.

- Yeah.

- Hopefully the next clue is inside of here.

This is like a Pokemon, Pokeball.

How do you open it? - Twist it.

- I have to twist it, man, it's all twisted sideways.


Totally! - A clue.

- There's a clue you guys!

Kyle you were right, there's a clue inside this lip balm

and oh, look, it's absorbed some of the oily lip balm.

- Ew!

- Let's see what it says here.

Look, it's all translucent, it's like transparent

'cause of the lip balm has made it all that way, huh?

- Yeah. - Can you read it Kyle?

- "You might think it's time to come up for air

"but really you must first brush your hair."

- A hair brush!

- A hair brush!

- We've gotta find a hair brush.

- Maybe it's in... - Kyle

let's find the hairbrush, yeah.

Oh my gosh, look!

- What?

- You have a flap in the back too, what does it say?

It says fawn over me, what the heck,

that's so weird! (laughter)

- What?

- So far so good though Kyle.

We've got one, two, three, four, five clues so far

so I think that stands for

a Christmas kitty sweater song, ready?

(Meowing Christmas music)

- Meow, meow, meow, meow

- Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.

- I got an idea.

I should just wear this sweater from today

all the way to Christmas and constantly play this song

to get even with Jinger so she has to listen to it.

- [Both] Ha, ha, ha, ha!

- And guess what Kyle?

- What?

- I already found the brush, it's right here,

it was right behind the lip balm.

So look, there's a brush right here.

Is there something around the brush?

This is just completely normal.

- Does the handle come off?

- No, maybe there's something around the brush.

Maybe look back underneath there and check.

Anything on those, look at these.

There's like princess dreamer, sleepy time thing

so you can take a nap.

That actually looks pretty comfortable,

especially if you just like, laid down,


- Oh yeah, that's pretty awesome.


- Maybe the real trick is that we're not trapped in her

but everybody else is trapped outside.

Maybe you have to comb your hair with the brush right?


- You don't have any hair.

- Yes I do.


Maybe let's see if it works for you.

Is it gonna do anything - Ow!

- Why am I combing your hair, you comb it.

Feels like it's hollow, listen.

(brush rattling)

You hear that?

- I think it's hollow.

- It's like a rattle,

there's something rattling around inside.

- Something's... - Oh, it's moving

it's twisting apart. (gasps)

Look at that, look at the secret chamber.

- Whoa! - There's a secret chamber

inside the brush, look at that.

Is there anything ins...

Yeah! - Whoa, yeah, hive five!

- We found another clue inside the brush you guys,

it totally worked.

What does the clue say bud?

- "Every girl knows stress that's for sure

"it's easily fixed with a long pedicure."

- Stress for sure fixed with a long pedicure.

- What?

- Well how do we give ourselves a pedicure?

Oh my gosh! (laughter)

There's a pedicure foot spa bath thing right here

but look that emoji pillow got stuffed in it.

Ew, is it all wet?

- Yeah, a little bit, yeah.

- It's a little bit wet in there.

Oh my gosh!

- Orbeez!

- It's a Orbeez pedicure foot spa.

I think we need to put our feet in there

and see if we can find any clues.

- I call going first.

- (laughs) Alright, sounds good dude.

- Let's see, oh look

there's the power button right there, looks like.

You just slide your feet right in.

(laughs) What does is it feel like?

- It just feels like squishiness.

- Squishiness, like just squishy Orbeez foot spa bath, huh?

- Yeah. - Alright, let's see here

we'll turn it on.

What's gonna happen?

- Ah!

- Ah!

Oh look at that, it's like a little waterfall

of Orbeez right there in those water beads, look.

- It feels good.

- Is that nice, is it warm or anything?

- No, it's cold.

- Is it, maybe move your feet around in there

and see if you can find any clues or anything.

I bet there's a clue down underneath these Orbeez,

we better turn it off and look around.

That's so awesome.

- (gasps) I found something!

- Did ya?

- I found a pla... - Oh there's a bag in there!

- There's a clue!

- Oh wow, yeah you totally found a plastic bag

and it has a clue inside.

Let's open it up.

- Well at least this one isn't wet.

- I know, right?

Okay let's see what this one says.

- "Before there's time to say de nada,

"the item you seek hides in the pinata."

- Before we say de nada, it hides in the pinata.

- [Both] Where's the pinata?

Kyle maybe we should get up and search around a little bit

but in the meantime I'm gonna get a gumball.

- You had a pink one!

- I did have a pink one

'cause we're in a pink girly box fort (laughs).

- Fine I'll have a pink one too.

- Alright, these are hard as rock, it's like ugh.

You guys need to help me us find the last clue.

So it's supposed to be in a pinata or something like that.

Nothing down in the Orbeez foot spa.

I don't see anything around here.

- If it's a pinata then it, oh!

- Right there, there's a pinata and it's taped up here

in the corner above the Christmas tree.

I bet there's something inside or taped up.

(Pinata rattling)

- There's something inside, what if it's the golden key?

- It sounds like it's hard,

it doesn't sound like it's made of paper.

See any clues on there?

- No.

- There's definitely something

inside though. - A hole!

There's a hole right there - Oh yeah

There's a little opening in the back

but wait, look how cute this little unicorn is.

- I don't wanna destroy it but I have to.

- I know, we better open it up

because I think this little dude contains the way out,

okay get it open Kyle.

I gotta get out of this kitty cat sweater

because I'm sweating so much and I keep rolling over

and turning on the kitty cat song.

(Meowing Christmas music)

- I got it open!

- Oh you did!

What's in there?

Please tell me it's the golden key

I can't take this... - I got the key!

- Yeah!

- Yeah!

- We did it, you guys, we found the golden key.

Jinger, Jinger we found

the golden key - Jinger!

- You gotta let us out.

- We got the golden key!

- [All] Yay!

(laughter) - Okay get out,

get out, get out.

- Oh, you guys made it out of the escape room.

- Thank goodness we... - You found the golden key!

- We finally found the key - Yeah!

- That was actually really fun.

I didn't mind it so much.

I gotta get out of this itchy sweater Jinger,

I can't believe you made me wear this thing.

(laughter) - But it's so awesome!

- Did you guys love that?

Kyle and Carl solved all of the riddles,

found all of the clues

and they escaped out of the girly box fort.

Thank you so much for watching,

this was so much fun to do for you guys.

Click any of these videos if you wanna watch more

and we'll see you guys next time.

- [All] Bye!

- My favorite part was the massage.

- Oh that was awesome, I think I liked the pizza

and the Easy Bake Oven.


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