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- Hello everyone.

Carleton students, we especially miss you.

And we hope that you and your family

and your friends are safe and healthy.

Obviously, because of the pandemic

we can't gather together in the chapel

for our traditional Honors Convocation.

But we'll proceed nevertheless with a meaningful ceremony

to salute students' significant academic achievements.

There truly is much to celebrate.

Carleton is well known for its academic rigor

even under regular circumstances.

And certainly the learning experience

has been even more complex and challenging this spring.

For our students' proof

that they can navigate rocky educational terrain

with grace, persistence and acuity.

Our faculty are impressed and very proud of you.

Our confidence in what you will achieve

has never been greater.

The awards on today's program

recognized superb grades,

fellowships won, scholarships awarded,

internships landed and completed,

admission to graduate and professional schools,

and outstanding community service and engagement.

All these achievements rest upon crisp and powerful thinking

on the strength of character to aim high

and a willingness to subject your ideas and yourselves

to scrutiny.

Another way of saying this,

is that you have shown intellectual bravery.

You first exhibited bravery

in choosing to come to Carleton.

You correctly trusted that our faculty would push you hard

to be the best student you could be.

You accurately expected

that your fellow Carls will inspire you,

and you understood that membership in this community

will allow you to grow into the best person you could be.

Likewise, your academic success here

has required continued bravery.

You've plunged into the hardest courses

and the most complex topics.

As you conducted research, written and experimented,

you've refused to accept easy or obvious answers,

but instead pursued complicated ideas

to the root of their origins

and to the full extent of their implications.

You've learned to be honest, forthright, and direct

as you engage with others on campus

and in the broader community.

So it's both a privilege and a joy to honor those of you

who have truly mastered such challenges

and demonstrated admirable academic courage.

Kudos to you all.

The Dean of the College, Professor Bev Nagel,

will now recognize important group honors

such as election to scholarly societies.

Then Dean of Students, Carolyn Livingston,

will highlight individual awards and prizes.

(gentle music)

- Carleton has chapters of three national honors societies.

Carleton students whose achievements exemplify the values

of those societies may be elected to membership.

Mortar Board was founded in 1918.

It recognizes students

who have combined distinguished scholarship, leadership

and service to their colleagues and the community.

It promotes service to colleges and universities

and encourages lifelong contributions

to the global community.

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest honor society

in the United States, founded in 1776.

It honors and promotes excellence

in the liberal arts and sciences.

The Carleton Chapter, Beta Chapter of Minnesota

was founded in 1913

and ALEKS to membership those students

who rank in the highest 15% of their graduating class.

Sigma XI was founded in 1886

to honor excellence in scientific investigation

and encourage cooperation among researchers

in all fields of science and engineering.

It has chapters throughout the world.

Election to the Carleton Chapter of Sigma XI

indicates that a student has demonstrated a strong potential

in research in a field of pure or applied science.

Congratulations to all of you

who have been elected to membership in these societies.

We're proud of you.

(gentle music)

- Thank you President Poskanzer and Dean Nagel.

Let me further extend my congratulations

to the students whom we honor today.

It is a privilege and honor

to recognize your many accomplishments.

We all wish we were able to join in this moment together.

Dean Nagel has referenced the online program

and I will ask you to review the list of National

and International Awards and Honors,

and Carleton Awards, Honors and Prizes.

I want to read the list in its entirety

but we'll highlight a few.

All of these awards, honors and prizes

hold a special place at Carleton.

So for some of our National

and International Awards and Honors,

the Davis Projects for Peace provide support

for projects that will promote peace anywhere in the world.

The Fulbright US Student Program scholarships

recognizes graduating seniors, recent graduates,

to support one year of study,

research, creative work or English teaching

in over 150 foreign countries.

The Watson Fellowship supports one year international travel

and independent exploration

on a topic of the applicant's choice.

And now for Carleton Awards, Honors, and Prizes.

The Berglund Social Science Prize

was established in 1962

to honor the memory of James Berglund

and his passion for economics.

It's awarded annually for the best essay or research paper

written in the social sciences.

Dacie Moses Award honors those who best exemplified

Dacie's characteristics of warmth, generosity,

openness, hospitality, humor and acceptance.

Dacie lived most of her life at 110 Union Street

and was involved with Carleton for 75 years.

She opened her home to many Carleton students.

The Mary Weise Endowed Prize celebrates a friend

and role model to many students.

As a campus wide tutoring coordinator,

Mary worked to make graduation a reality to many students.

The prize honors

students who demonstrate the same ideals

that Mary embody, kindness, respect for oneself and others,

and the ability to show determination and commitment

in overcoming challenges, circumstances.

Finally, I draw your attention to our distinguished students

who have received departmental

and program awards, honors and prizes,

and those students who have been awarded

fellowship and internship opportunities this year.

The names of those students

which are printed in your program.

Have a great day, Carls.

Congratulations to the class of 2020

and we can't wait to see you on campus.

(choir music)

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