Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Resistors in series and parallel

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in this video you are and how to solve a resistor network which resistors in

parallel and in serious when resisters are connected in series as you can see

new drawing below

you can calculate the equivalently resistance by adding up all the

individual resistance values

but then i think he has lived in this way

correct route each resistors equal soaking calculate voltage drop across

each individual resistor using onslaught

voltage drop across the ends of the network is simply to some awful faulted

struts for resistant governor wilder's different approach

here at the end herself the equivalent resistance a sequel to some of the

inverse of every individual resistor in parallel

one divided over the equivalent resistance

is equal to wendy vital for a one

plus one of

until one overpower and

for two more

for parallel circuit default it's rope across future sister is equal

knowing this we can use onslaught to calculate the current treats resistor

now we know how to solve circuits which were sisters and parallel and circuits

with resistors in series

but how can we solve the network with both resistors answers amparo

we take an example of a simple circuit

we want to calculate the equivalent resistance simplified calculation by

grouping resistors in series antiparallel

shows to resistors in series

the equivalent resistance is far too three

and a sequel to our two plus archery

now we can simplify the circuit

and we have a group which is to resist a barrel

are one antarctic three

the interest of the equivalent resistance from this group has equal to

the some often first resistances

of are one antarctic three

using simple opera we can rewrite it in this way

by replacing our two three by art to and part three

because the equivalent resistance expressed in car one part to there are

three we dispensable

also more complex networks can be solved

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The Description of Resistors in series and parallel