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Definition of God:-

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a simple definition of God is:

'as much as birth'


"from whom all publishes"

the word 'god' is Sanskrit,


has interpreted its meaning! Vashdev's father, Parashar Muni.

Respectively - 01 (one)

whole richness



02 (two)

the whole Semen



03 (three)

the whole glory,

04 (four)

the whole 'Shri'


Beauty or Virtuousness

05 (five)

the whole knowledge


06 (six) the entire monogamy

among whom In full form current,

Present, that person is "God"

The word Bhaga' means the six richness (wealth)

and the meaning of the word 'ban' is related or combined.

such as wise

meaning Knowledge-based,

the words of wealthy words are money-rich

similarly, the meaning of the words of god

who consistently consisted of six richness

those are the others

attraction do

this is the secret of becoming an attractive personality

somebody the Quantity

this is the richness,

she is so interesting.

in this world, all those richness are in some degree-

but nobody

the whole richness is not perfect.

there are many people who are very rich,

someone is very strong,

somebody to much Good-Looking

someone is extremely Famous,

someone is very wise

and very monastic eager,

but, no one can claim that his entire wealth,

the whole Strength

there is total beauty, etc.

these are only in the fullest of Gods.

the above six richness, which has full dimension,

he must be the 'most prevalent'

'Krishna' in the Sanskrit language is the word Omnipresent.

in this way we see,

Sri Krishna is the only man, who has been eternally possessing all his possessions.

Sri Krishna is full

the rich man,

God almighty

being rich in full divinity, "Sri Krishna" is extremely compelling

he is the most prevalent My lord,

that's why his name is 'Sri Krishna'

who is attracting everyone

give pleasure.

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