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- Today we're gonna be trying the Starbucks holiday drinks.

(Christmas music)

- We think we got them all and we basically just like

anything that was sparkly, Christmasy, frosty

- Yes.

- You know I don't drink coffee.

It's about to be real turnt up, caffeine makes me like.

- We could have picked a lot of different menus.

- Yeah.

- But we chose Starbucks.

- We chose Starbucks, so.

- It's gonna be a great day. We were trying to come up

with a corny ranking system and we're gonna have

a nice list and a not-ty list.

Get it, 'cause it's not good, ha ha.


Okay, this looks good.

There's some artificial coloring ...

- Does it?

- I don't know, I'm trying to be nice.


One, two, three.

- Mmmm, I like it.

- Oh, that's good.

Okay, at first it tastes just chocolatey,

but the aftertaste is mocha.

Oh, I like this a lot.

Oh, I'm in trouble, this is probably

the worst part about this video, is that I'm gonna

discover things that I actually wanna get all the time.

- I find it kinda refreshing.

- Yeah, almost like tiramisu, there's that, you know?

- There it goes.

- Oh, I'm in the spirit, this is good.

- [Essence] Yeah. This brings cheer.

- I have my concerns about this one, eggnog.

I am not excited, but

- I think it smells delightful.

I love eggnog, I'm kinda excited about this.

I don't like it and I like eggnog.

- I like it and I don't like eggnog.


- I'm not feeling that one.

It tastes to me like eggnog that tried,

but didn't succeed.

- I don't know if I like it, but I think it has

exceeded my expectations, which were quite low.

- Very low.

- Yeah.

- Okay, and see it didn't live up to my expectations.

Because my eggnog expectations are like.

- Not as bad as I thought it was going to be,

however, I think I am still gonna

put this on the not-ty list.

This is peppermint white chocolate mocha.

I have faith in this one, it's got little chocolate

chips on the top.

- Me too. I'm kinda excited about this one.

- That's a lot of peppermint.

- Mm-mm (negative), not liking it.

- That tastes like a breath mint.

- This is like a southern church mama's purse.

- Wow.

- Nope, still.

- That's a lot.

- [Ashley and Essence] Not-ty.

- This is peppermint mocha frappucino,

it's the same one, but without the white chocolate.

Which scares me because if it's less ingredients,

that means even more peppermint punch.

- Yes.

- Okay, I don't know if I'm ready.


The peppermint is not as strong as that one,

I still kinda don't like it.

- I don't like it either, but it, I think they did

double the chocolate instead of half chocolate,

half white chocolate.

- Correct.

- Yeah, which is better, but still not good.

- [Essence] But still not good.

This is a toasted white chocolate cocoa.

- I love this, I remember when white hot chocolate

first came out, and it was revolutionary.


- I feel like I could get into this.

I could get into this really hot,

with a piece of pound cake, girl.

- You have a vision, I cannot see past this moment

right now with this on my taste buds.

- [Essence] This is not-ty.

- This is a snickerdoodle hot chocolate.

- It smells like snickerdoodle.

- Yeah.

- Did you taste it yet?

- Snickerdoodle flavor is there.

- I love snickerdoodle cookies.

- Yeah it tastes like snickerdoodle,

but it tastes like heavy cream with snickerdoodle,

is what it tastes like.

- Sounds like a winner to me.


- So, what list is this on?

- I think we can put it on the nice list.

- [Ashley] Okay, there is someone out there

who this is their cup of hot cocoa.

This is a peppermint mocha, a classic.

Ooh, I like that.

- It tastes like coffee.

- No no. If you like coffee, I think this is a good way

to just like sprinkle in some holiday cheer

to your morning routine.

- Okay, so this is the eggnog latte.

- Oh, I just smell it.

- Why do they keep doing this to eggnog.

Eggnog ain't never do nothing to nobody.


I'm not a fan. Do you like it?

- Oh no no no no.

- I wanna know who orders this?

- I'm sure I've offending somebody out there

who is like "that is my daily routine."

I'm sorry, I cannot relate.

This is a chestnut praline latte.

- I think it's gonna taste really like super sweet coffee.

- Yeah. This is very coffee.

- Which I am very scared about.

- Yeah, I'm liking the, oop sorry.

- That's okay.

- I like coffee, so I think I'm gonna like this. Mmmm.

- I don't hate it.

- It's almost got like a cappuccino touch to it.

- I wouldn't order it, but I'm not mad at it.

- [Ashley] This is definitely nice list.

- So this is the juniper latte

and juniper is a flower, right?

- And juniper is a flower, that is right.

This smells floral.

- I definitely taste the like flowery.

- Flower almost makes me think summer.

- I don't really get Christmas vibes.

I'm not mad at this. Nice list.

So this is a caramel brulée latte.

- Whoa.

- I like it.

- I'm

- I like this.

- There's so much.

- It's a lot happening.

- It's like a piece of caramel, yeah.

Wow, this is like the flavor is good, it's just like

I can't even wrap my brain around it.

Because it's like drinking melted caramel.


- [Essence] It's on my nice list.

- [Ashley] Nice list, yeah I'd say nice list.

- [Essence] Okay.

- This is a cinnamon dolce latte.

- I'm kinda excited.

- Alright, let's see how this is.

- I don't like it.

- This almost tastes like if you mixed like

an espresso latte and trendy latte.

I think this might be an acquired taste.

- I think we should put it on the nice list,

'cause you like it, we already know I don't like coffee

so I'm not really even a fair judge.

- [Ashley] Fair. Nice list.

So this is a hot version of our favorite drink so far.

Toasted white chocolate mocha.

Oh, I like that.

- Yeah buddy.

- [Ashley] Mhm, this is good.

- [Essence] That's it.

Peppermint white chocolate mocha.

- We have liked white chocolate drinks throughout

this endeavor, but we haven't liked the peppermint ones.

- Also my arms are kind of shaking.

- Yeah, I'm like.


There are full chunks of chocolate.

This is a chocking hazard.

Sometimes you get one of those flakes and you're like.

Why is this better than the frap version of this?

- It is. It's not my favorite drink in the world.

But it's, I don't hate this.

- [Ashley] I think it can go on the nice list.

Here it is, the last drink, which is good

because we're losing it.


- No, I like it.

- That's like a melted piece of chocolate.

- They can't get that peppermint right to save their life.

I see where they're going, I see where they're headed

the future is promising.

- I'll say I am down for anything holiday themed,

it's such a small little window in the year.

You have to live it up in any way you can.

If that means putting some holiday cheer

in your morning routine, wherever you can get it,

I say do it.

I didn't love every drink,

but I don't think you're supposed to.

- So let us know what your favorite holiday drink is

in the comments.

(we wish you a merry Christmas)

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