Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Modern Persuasion

Difficulty: 0

You know I do my best thinking

When I'm flying down the bridge

Humming to myself

And kicking up my kicks

I'm jiggling all around

Half afraid for my life

I hope I don't crash like that night last summer

Back when the bridge was just a wooden path

I'm bouncing around like, he said, it was 1956

I thought I'd learn from my mistakes

I thought he'd learn from my mistakes

I thought she'd give me the right advice

I thought he'd let me in for one last time

The planks rattle like an old-timey movie

In tube top and shorts

That Vice called "pull-me-down"

She's got kind of a native vibe

Before that was so cool

She's got kind of a native vibe

Before I even knew who was who

And he's ignoring me like it's 2001

Why keep time-traveling if it doesn't get better

On the second time around?

Why keep time-traveling if it doesn't get better

On the second time around?

I thought I'd learn from my mistakes

I thought he'd learn from my mistakes

I thought she'd give me the right advice

I thought he'd let me in for one last time

(Tinny music plays through headphones)

- This is Wren. Thank you for getting back to me.

I was hoping you might be able to come in for a meeting.

We just finished the move, everything is up and running.

This week is bad for you? Maybe next week.

(Phone buzzes) Hello?

Yes, I'm sure I don't need a plus one.

(Phone buzzes)

I'm sorry, I have to get this other call.

Thank you for calling me back.

Wentworth doesn't seem to be feeling very well.

He hasn't touched his food in two days.

Today at noon?

Yes... I...

I can make that work.

Okay, see you then.

Oh, honey, you are going to be so mad.

(Traffic rumbles, siren wails in the distance)

Okay, let's go.

I'm sorry, Wentworth. - (Meows)

- You're going to love my new office.

(Latch clicks)

- Wren, wait for me.

I have no idea where I'm going.

- Grayson, I'm not sure the limo fits in

with our downsizing plan.

- I'm not sure it's bring-your cat-to-work day.

- I could only get a daytime vet appointment.

- I can only travel in style.

- We just need to be careful with the expenses.

- And I just need a few niceties

during these oppressive austerity measures

that you and Maxine have instated.

- Maybe you could work your way down to a taxi.

- Next, you'll be having me take a subway.

Hah! I would never. - It's nice.

You go over a bridge.

- At this point, I might jump.

(Wentworth meows)

(Office phone rings) - (Sighs)

- Come see your new office.

I made sure you got the very best option

this slum has to offer. - Lead the way, Rebecca.

At least someone still gets me.

Woman: Wren! Hi, kitty. - Ooh!

- What do we think? - A's colors and B's graphics.

Bold that text, and we're good to go.

- I knew you'd clock exactly that.

- Maxine wants to have a quick meeting with you in the conference room.

- Do you want me to, like, hold your cat?

- We could bring it to your office.

- Everything's unpacked and ready for you. It looks ferosh.

- You guys are the best. Thank you. Walk with me. Updates?

- Okay. Open Heart just had its event stats

and donations released. - That party was insane.

Turnt AF. - We had to shut the list down early

because people were posting about not being able to get in.

- Total FOMO. That is baller.

- We didn't alienate anyone, did we?

That's not the best strategy.

- No, alienating people's super in. - Echo that.

- How are we doing on following up with potential clients?

- Ooh, we haven't had a ton of luck on that.

- You know what's real? The struggle.

- Well, there's still plenty of names left on that list.

I'll spend today following up after this meeting.

- 'Kay.

- Good morning, Maxine. - Isn't the new sign fantastic?

- Love that you've added your married name.

Lizzie must be thrilled. Have you told Grayson yet?

- You changed the name of our company?

- Well, it was time for a rebrand.

- I thought you were joking! - New office, new name.

- What was wrong with Keller & Keller?

Father is rolling over in his grave.

- Your father passed away? - No, he's still in Florida.

- Palm Beach, dead, what's the difference?

You can't change the name of a known family company.

- Keller-Lynch is my family's name.

- This is what I get for supporting marriage equality.

- Mm, I have a sinus headache.

- Lizzie, why are you here?

- You don't get to ask me that anymore.

My name is on the sign. - Lizzie and I are spending

all our time together until the baby arrives.

- Yes, and it better come quick because every inch

of my body is in pain. Oy!

Achoo! - Bless you.

- (Groans) Oh, that's a nice view of Manhattan.

We have a view of Manhattan because we're not on it.

- I'm sure the prisoners on Ryker's Island

love their view as well.

- Wren, how's the wrap on the Open Heart event?

- The launch party got a huge amount of social media buzz--

- I hate to interrupt - no, actually, I don't.

I've set up a very promising meeting.

- A new supermodel, I hope?

- No, it's corporate, and for Wren.

An app developer wants to meet us about marketing

their new charitable giving site.

- Excellent. We need more business in that sector.

- Silicon Valley, all of the new money,

yet none of the old class. - Rebecca, what's the company?

- Laconia.

- Laconia? - Mm-hmm.

- Is that-- - The company behind Blipper.

I love Blipper! I bleep a lot.

- When did everyone start speaking gibberish?

- Who owns Laconia?

- Owen Jasper.

Is he hard to look at, like most internet people?

- Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.

- That was said by an ugly person.

- No, he's very handsome. From pictures that I've seen.

- Well, uh, they're not giving us much upfront information,

but they said they'll explain their needs at the meeting.

- Wren always comes up with her best ideas under pressure.

- She's not paying attention. Look.


- (Gasps) Sorry.

Uh, I, I need to...

I need to research this company a bit more.

When did they wanna meet? - This afternoon, at 3:00.

- Oh, that's too soon. I need more time.

- And I need my old life back. - Well, we shouldn't wait.

I'm sure we're not the only firm we're meeting with.

- Who are we pitching to?

- I believe Laconia's CFO, Sam Benson.

- Great. Fantastic. - Yeah,

but Owen Jasper is going to be in town,

so he might attend himself.

I guess we'll find out later today.

- Okay, so everyone's ready at 3:00, then?

- Excuse me, I should start working on this immediately.

(Footsteps approach)

- Oh hey, you're Wren, right? - Yes.

- Hi, I'm Denise. I'm the new receptionist.

I have a message here for you, somewhere.

Uh... (Phone rings)

Oh! Hi there. Hold, please.

What's the new name? - You can just KKL.

I'm not saying KK anything.

- Well, the name is Keller & Keller-Lynch.

- Lynch is the other name?


How can I help you? Uh huh.

Okay, let me get you to someone who can speak to that.

Okay. How do I transfer?

I've only been working here for 5 minutes.

- Just hit forward, then 22, and send it to Crystal.

She'll handle it. - (Softly) 22...

Okay, good.

Whew! Thanks, girl.

I'm starting a whole new career here.

Oh, an assistant from the city planner's office

is confirming your coffee date with Vanessa Perry.

- Oh, that's my aunt. That's today.

(Footsteps recede quickly)

- Can you fax this for me?

Is it 1998 or something?

- Is faxing pass? (Laughs)

I'm always the last to know. What does one do these days?

- I can take a picture and email it.

- You're so modern.

I bet you know what a ride sharing app is.

- Mm-hmm. (Phone camera clicks)

I could put one on your phone.

- Delightful! - (Laughs)

Delightful. That's... yeah. Okay.

- Grayson, stop bothering the staff.

(Keyboard keys clack)

- Ready?

(Key clicks) Oh no,

I'm so not doing this today. (Wentworth meows)

Hey, don't give me that side eye, Wentworth.

No judgment out of you.

- Who are you talking to? You're acting strange today.

- I talk to Wentworth sometimes.

- That takes your cat lady thing

to a disturbing new level.

Here's the research I did on Laconia.

- Thank you, Rebecca.

- I'd sit in on the meeting but I have a perfume to launch.

Do you have a change of clothes?

- Why, what's wrong with what I'm wearing?

- The color. It manages to be both loud and sad.

Like an Adele song. (Wren's phone buzzes)

- Uh, Rebecca, excuse me, I have to take this call.

- Yeah, sure. Take those calls.

It's not like we have a hugely important meeting later

that could save the company from going under.

At least fix that bow.

- Vanessa, hey.

Um, listen, I have to ask you a huge favor.

You are an angel for doing this.

- I could've sent someone from my office

to take him to the vet.

- Well, he hates everybody except for you and me.

(Wentworth meows) - Oh,

that's because he has excellent judgment.

- Mm-hmm. - Hello.

Oh, I brought you your favorite muffin,

since we can't have our date. - Thank you.

And I am so sorry about that. It's a new client.

He wants to meet at 3:00. This move has been great,

but we do need to get more business.

- That company is run as a hobby,

like dilettantes who never had to work a day in their lives.

You should be in charge by now. - I practically am.

- For self-made women like us, practically isn't good enough.

I want your name on the door.

- I will be sure to bring that up again, soon.

- Who's the client?

- Do you remember Owen?

- He was that college boy.

The one who wanted you to give up your career

and move to San Francisco for some delusion?

- My career? I was an intern.

- He had no job at all.

- Well, he's very successful now.

- Even the most dim-witted of miners

found gold during the Rush.

- Owen was very smart and ambitious.

I do sometimes wonder how different life might've been

had I gone with him.

- No man should ask you to put his career ahead of yours.

You made the right decision.

- You made the decision.

You are incredibly persuasive.

I'll find the compliment in there.

- I'll see you at your event this weekend?

- Okay. Oh! Invite the Kellers,

and tell them it's on me because I know

they're fiscally irresponsible. In those words.

- I will find another way of saying it, but yes.

- Fine.

Let's go, cat.

- (Giggles) Thank you!

(Elevator door rumbles)

- Lizzie, there's no conceivable reason

for you to be here. - I'm hungry.

That's my reason. (Intercom beeps)

Denise: The man from Laconia is here!

- Great, send Mr. Benson in.

Denise: It's a Mr. Jasper. You can go on back.

- Uh, you know what? I...

I think that I might just let Kate and Crystal

take the lead on this one.

- Wren, we really, really need you.

- Don't ghost us. - Leaving is not an option.

- No, it really is not. (Papers rustle)

- Here he is. Mr. Jasper, pleasure to meet you.

- Wow. - Greyson Keller.

- My, you are handsome.

- Well, thank you. I think.

- Please, don't mind my brother, Mr. Jasper,

we only let him out on special occasions.

Maxine Keller-Lynch.

- It's nice to meet you. - You too.

- Allow me to introduce you to our Head of Corporate PR.

- I'm just under the table.

I, um, dropped some papers.

(Head thuds) Ow! Ugh!

(Papers rustle)


- Yes, you should all call me Owen.

Enough of this Mr. Jasper nonsense.

- Mm! Mm!

- Does somebody know the Heimlich?

Can you do that on a huge stomach?

- Somebody do it! Don't hurt the baby!

- This is what she gets for constantly eating.

- (Grunting)

Pffft! Ugh!

(Coughing) - Honey!

- You okay? Can you speak?

- Yeah, I can, but now I need a lozenge.

My throat is all scratchy. - Oh my god.

Thank you so much, Wren, you are a saint.

- You're like Mother Theresa. Thank you.

(Gasps) That's what we should name our baby!

- What, Theresa or Wren? 'Cause it's a boy.

- Let's not assume we know our baby's gender identity.

- Maxine, can you take Lizzie somewhere

where she can gestate quietly? - It's okay. Thank you.

Thank you. - Of course.

- I'll waddle out all by myself.

Excuse me...

I have an idea for a lesbian dating app.

- That's a very underserved market.

- Right? I have a name for it. Ready?


- (Coughs) - Right?

- I-I think it has, it has great potential.

- Thank you.

- Now that the drama is over, may we start the meeting?

- Yes, yes.

I don't think that I've met these two ladies.

- This is our social media team -

Kate Carrera and Crystal Parker.

- FYI, I love Blipper. - Total echo.

- Laconia has been blessed with great success.

Now, it's time for us to give back.

We have created a social network-fundraising app hybrid.

We call the project GiveScape.

- This is amay! - This is genius.

- GiveScape profile creation page

will have the same feel for donors

and charitable organizations.

- So, when you connect with a charity,

they appear as a friend. - Exactly.

We want people to relate on a deeper level

to the causes they support.

- There's a wariness about providing

this much demographic information.

- We expect that. Our user agreement is very upfront.

No data will be shared;

only used internally to suggest matches.

- And donors of all income levels

are treated equally across the site?

- Yes. All the feeds will have a balance of content

across the donor and charity spectrum.

- That's great. - I love the color.

- The logo design is snatch.

- We could do something like what we did for Open Heart.

- Oh, scratch and repeat that.

- My CFO loved what you did on that campaign.

He's, he's why I'm here.

- Remind us to thank him profusely.

Wren: We'd tweak it a bit,

since people knew Open Heart, and GiveScape is an unknown.

We'd launch a whisper campaign.

- We'd work up some ads in your font and color scheme.

- Oh, it'll be maj, with just taglines,

stark text, total Sansa.

Wren: We'd keep an air of mystery

about what the exact product is.

Build up anticipation.

- If your graphics team could send us

some design specs by tonight, we could have a sample,

say, by tomorrow?

- I'll have them sent.

- Great, I'll give you my contact info.

- Great!

- Friends with benefits.

- (Laughs) We're not there yet. - (Chuckles)

- As a tagline for a charitable giving-social network hybrid.

- No, that's very interesting. - I like it.

It's perf boots. - I'll mock up some more.

- Let's meet tomorrow, let's say 2:00.

- Excellent. Consider it set.

- We would love to have your business.

- Are you seeing any other firms?

- We're not supposed to ask him that.

- Shhh! - No, it's fine. One or two.

But I am very interested in what I heard here today.

I'll see you tomorrow. - Yes.

- No, no, please. Don't get up.

Thank you. - Thank you.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- (Sighs) - Very impressive,

Kate and Crystal.

- Actually, it was Wren's idea that he responded the most to.

- We just served presentation. - Well, y'all nailed it.

- I'd like to nail Mr. Jasper.

- Oof! Hashtag me too. - That's not what that means.

- He cuts a fine figure.

I half expected a bridge troll. - If none of you mind,

I am gonna go to my office for a moment.

I think I might've banged my head

a little harder than I thought.

- Great work, Wren. - Oh.

(Door clicks shut)


Uh-oh... Oh... - Wren, are you okay?

- Mm-hmm. - She's hyperventilating.

- What should we do? - Go get a bag.

- (Incoherent nonsense) - Okay.

- Okay. Wren, slow your breathing down.

Just like breathe. (Purse items clatter)

I said a bag, not a purse.

Something she can breathe into. - Now you specify.

- Oh my god, it's really cute, though.

- I know, sample sale. - Oh! Wren, what do we do?

- I'm all right. I'm okay.

I'm sorry, I just had a little um...

Oh, I couldn't breathe for a second. I'm fine.

- The air in there was just a little weird.

- Brooklyn air is so different. - For reals. Smells like hipster.

- Oh my god, I've never seen you like this.

- We've never seen you not calm.

- I'm sorry about that. I just needed a moment to...

catch my breath. Um, okay,

let's come up with some great taglines.

- Should we look at the early Blipper campaigns?

- Yeah, how does Blipper work, exactly?

- It's like Twitter, but for younger people

with even shorter attention spans.

- Is Twitter over already? - Hm, if you're under 30, yeah.

- But you can still use it. - Thank you.

- The way you bleep is with five words and a hashtag,

with a pic or vid, as long as it's a combo of seven total.

- Really speaks to my ADHD.

- Interesting. Okay, let's get to work.

- Okay.

- (Sighs)

(Wentworth meows)

- I know. You've had a terrible day, sweetheart.

I'm sorry. (Wentworth meows)

Trust me, mine wasn't so hot, either.

There you go, baby.

Only wet food tonight. Doctor's orders.

(Sighs heavily)

He looked right through me, like I didn't even exist.

Didn't even acknowledge I was there.

Just like you, after you eat.

Come on, be a trooper.

Someone in this house has to hold it together,

and it is not gonna be me.

(App notification chimes)

(App notification chimes, music plays in video)


Both: One, two, three! Blipper!

- What is happening?

Is this a joke?

- (Screaming)

- Celebrating? Celebrating what?

You can't hire us now.

Which is actually a good thing.

No, that's a terrible thing.

Kate: (Shouting) Wren: (Disgusted Sigh)

- Wren, they want you in the conference room.

- Thanks, Denise.

(Low hum of chatter) - Ah! (Laughs)

- Wren! We got the Jasper account!

- What?! I thought we had competition

and another meeting. What happened?

- Millennial magic. Both: (Excited gasps)

- Crystal and I uh... ran into Owen last night.

- Oh, you ran into him? - I beeped his Blipper.

- I learned a new phrase - they cyberstalked.

- He was at this club where I'm at all the time.

I dated the doorman.

- We sashayed over to the VIP lounge and had a kiki.

- He said our pitch was the only choice.

- Your brills idea, Wren. - Here's to Kate and Crystal.

I may not be able to comment publicly on their looks,

but Owen Jasper sure fell for them.

- Or he appreciated the work.

- He genuinely did. - I think he's into us, too.

He's mad flirtatious. - You have a boyfriend.

- Um, maybe I need a sidepiece.

- You know, I think we just...

kept these doors open for another year.

- And I think I get to keep my driver.

Wren, glass of bubbly?

- Absolutely. Let me just put down my stuff first.

- Mm! Denise, join us for the celebration!

- (Chuckles)

Ooh, so this big new account,

does that mean I can have a raise?

- Why not? - Oh, about time.

- How long have you worked here, Denise?

- This is my second day.

(Metal door clanks shut)

- What is going on? Am I being gaslighted?

Gaslighted. Gaslit?

Which is it? Oh, who cares?

- Wren, is that you?

- Lizzie, what are you doing in here?

- I'm trying to listen to music and snack in peace.

- This closet is bigger than my first apartment.

- If Grayson says one more thing about my eating...

He willed me to choke yesterday.

- Just chew slowly and more often

for the rest of your pregnancy.

- I'm like 15 months pregnant and it's never gonna end,

and all I wanna do is binge eat.

- Well, that's kind of all I wanna do right now, too.

- Mm. Have a wing.

- Maybe later. Thank you.

- So, which 20-something hottie

do you think Jasper wants to bag?

- Hopefully neither. - He seems cool.

He stopped to talk to me on his way out yesterday,

to make sure I was okay. - Oh, that was nice of him.

And he loved my app idea,

which I'm pretty sure is golden.

Also, the two of you went to the same college

around the same time. Did you know that?

- Really? - Yeah.

He sorta pulled the fake "really" too.

But then I pushed him, 'cause that's what I do,

and then he said that he knew you.

So, what's the story?

Did you guys go to like the same orgy or something

and you still feel ashamed?

- There's no story. I think...

we were only at school together a couple of years.

I honestly assumed he didn't even remember me.

- He did say that you barely look like the same person.

That sounds meaner coming from me.

I just have that tone.

- I am very different.

He's right about that.

(Elevator door rumbles, footsteps approach)

- Oh!

(Elevator rumbles open)

- Hey. - Hi.

(Door clicks shut)

(Elevator motor hums)

- We have some mock-up ads for you to look at.

- Great. - Yeah,

I think you're really gonna like them.

- Great.

I just wanna say-- - Yes?

- Nothing.

You look well.

- Well? As opposed to sickly?

- I meant-- - So, you recognized me today.

- This is awkward. - No, I, I understand.

You didn't know I worked here when you hired us.

- I should've done more research.

- Would it have changed anything?

Don't answer that. I--

Thank you for trusting us with your business.

You won't be disappointed.

- I hope not, this time.

(Low hum of chatter, phones ring)

- Hey, Big O!

Lemme show you these new mock-ups we got.

- I can't wait!

- I'll join you in a second.

I'm just gonna work on the launch event.

I can do this, right?

Yes, I can.

Stop talking; there's no cat here.

I can't sleep tonight

- Yes, we save the landmark,

and then we get to have a nice party.

Oh, excuse me, gentlemen, my niece is here.

- Hi!

Wow, this place is stunning.

- There's someone here I want you meet -

a nice, young man I recently met.

- Is it serious? How young?

- Not for me, dear, for you.

- Oh, you know I hate being set up.

- He's handsome, and he's in your field.

- We know how this goes - if you like them, I don't.

And if I like them, you really don't.

And someday, we'll pick a winner.

- I should go find Grayson.

I know he's around here, somewhere.

- Oh, yes, I saw his highness earlier.


(Indistinct hum of chatter, music plays)

- Oh! - Oh! I'm so sorry,

I shouldn't have turned around so abruptly.

- (British accent) No, not at all.

I never mind running into a beautiful woman.

Kate: Wren, we're over here!

(mouths "Hi", indistinct chatter)

- Hey. (Chuckles awkwardly)

Didn't realize you were gonna be here.

- I was told I needed to meet

the local philanthropic community.

- I mean, they need to see your face.

- I thought you liked me for my mind?

- Oh yeah, that too. - Am I being objectified?

- Try being a woman.

- Nah, you guys got it too hard.

- We certainly do.

- I've been to more festive funerals.

Please entertain me so I can be among the living.

What are we discussing?

- Nothing appropriate.

- We were just discussing Owen's type.

- And he was being, for reals, cagey.

- I plead the fifth.

Wren, what about you? Somebody in your life?

- I've introduced Wren to many eligible bachelors of note,

but none seem good enough.

- Crystal, how's Brian? - He's all good.

I find him terribly bland. Owen: Who's Brian?

- Crystal's boyfriend, who she keeps forgetting to mention.

- We date. We don't own each other.

- I thought you two were serious?

- They should be. Brian is art nerd hot.

He and his friends are starting a gallery.

- They is definitely geek on fleek.

- Crystal, I must implore you

to use the English language of yore.

- My speak is my brand. - My money is your paycheck.

- Shady shots fired, G.

I said my boyfriend is handsome and smart.

- The gallery isn't opening until later this year.

That could be an interesting choice for the launch event.

- It's a huge space in West Chelsea.

It is so this moment.

- Let's check it out!

- I'll text him and set up a walkthrough. He'll flip.

- First you drag me to Brooklyn,

and now to the far west side. I feel like Lewis and Clark.

- Grayson, what is your type?

- Most men won't say young and mute,

but that's secretly what we want.

- I prefer women with strong opinions and ideas,

who aren't swayed by what others think.

- I'm not easily influenced. I'm a strong-minded woman.

- Slow your roll, Beyonc, you're what we call stubborn.

I prefer to make choices

based on all the available information.

I, I think it's good to be flexible.

- Is it? - I'm plenty flexible.

- Excuse me, I'm gonna go powder my nose.

- This party is abysmal.

I guarantee you, our events put this to shame.

Kate: I am so not feeling this.

Can we just say hi to Vanessa and ditch?

- Vanessa? - Yeah, Wren's aunt.

She's the city planner.

Do you know her? You should meet her.

- I've heard a lot about her.

(Door latch clicks)

- Ah! Fancy running into you, here.

- Well, you taught me to always check my face.

- Honey? Is something wrong?

- No, I just have something in my eye, I think.

- Come here and let me see.

Oh, sweetie.

- I'm sure it's nothing. - (Sighs)

Anything that makes our eyes water

is important to get rid of.

- I'm not sure it will go away.

- Is that Owen causing you trouble?

- No, he's fine. He's just a client.

- Mm-hmm. What is it then?

I detect some romantic despair.

- I don't know, maybe.

I am starting to notice couples everywhere.

Men my age with...

- Women much too young for them?

(Chuckles) Wait 'til you're my age,

they get even younger.

It's like a never-ending Woody Allen movie.

- Wow, that's something to look forward to.

- (Laughs)

Oh, I wish you'd meet my new friend.

I really think you'd like him.

He's here, somewhere at the event tonight.

- Yeah? Well, maybe.

I just don't feel like I really have time right now.

I'm so busy.

- Your work life is gloriously full.

We need to find you a man who can respect that.

- You should get back out and socialize.

Everybody's here to see you.

- You're right. (Chuckles)

(Lips smack)

You okay? - Yes. Promise.

- You look beautiful. - Thank you.

(Door creaks open, music thumps loudly)


(Blows out breath)

(Kale crunches)


(Berries crunch)

(Approaching footsteps)

- I thought I'd be the earliest.

- I wanted to see the old neighborhood.

- Hmm. - So much has changed.

(Elevator rumbles)

I'm sorry I left so abruptly last night, I...

I wasn't really ready to see Vanessa.

She never really seemed to like me very much.

- That had nothing to do with you.

She just was very protective of me.

- Mm, yeah.

Like a lioness with her cub, but meaner.

- Don't blame her for my choices.

(Footsteps thud)

- (Clears throat)

Have you gotten a chance to check out

the site's latest update? - Oh, yeah.

The point system is interesting.

How would that work?

- Well, each donation acquires points.

The hope is that, when the company goes public,

those points will become stock options.

- That's generous.

- Well, each early adopter should benefit

from the site's success.

- The point system could be based on...

what percentage of a person's income was donated,

rather than total amount.

- Yeah, that... that fits with our mission.

- That way, a teacher would benefit as much

under the reward system as, say, a stockbroker.

- You're good at this. - Don't act so surprised.

You're already collecting income data,

so it shouldn't be hard to manage.

- Has the rich girl become the socialist?

- Rich girl?

I moved in with Vanessa during high school.

Life with my mom wasn't like that.

- I know, I'm kidding.

(Footsteps approach)

- I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

I, uh, didn't know you'd be here this early.

- Nice to see you.

- Brian and I were just... discussing the...

party set up. (Laughs awkwardly)

- Shall we go in?

- Yes, uh, follow me.

I really appreciate you considering

using the gallery for your event.

This is the main space, as you can see,

and we have a space just like this on the upper level.

I can't wait to share it with you.

Kate: Hey, everyone!

Um, Brian, why don't you have me show Owen upstairs?

I have a feeling I know how the layout should be.

- Sure, Kate, you know the space.

- My CFO will be here shortly. Wren, will you greet him?

- Sure. - All right.

- So, Wren, would you like-- - My earring is gone.

- Do you think it fell in the office?

- Probs, I mean, it was on when I got here.

- Let's go check. Wren, do you need anything?

- No, I'm good.

- Okay, be right back.

- I'll just stay on door duty.

(Elevator hums, door rattles open)

- Hi. - Hi.

- Is Owen here? - He is.

You must be Sam Benson. - Yeah, that's me.

And you are? - Wren Cosgrove, from KKL.

- Oh, right. Right, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you. - Yeah.

- I understand we have you to thank for thinking of us.

Oh, well, your firm does great work,

but Owen genuinely responded as well,

so... he makes all the decisions.

- He gave you all the credit.

- Yeah, well, he's generous that way.

He's helped me a lot.

- Um, why don't I show you around,

since you're missing the tour?

- Yeah, that'd be great. - Yeah?

What were you listening to?

- Huh? - On your headphones,

when you first came in? - Oh...

something sad.

- The Blues sad?

Joni Mitchell sad?

The Smiths sad?

- Joy Division. - Hmm...

- Though, there's some Smiths on here, too.

- A whole sad playlist. - (Chuckles)

- Was it "Love will tear us apart"?

- Good guess.

Great view.

- Yeah, isn't it?

- Mind if I sit? - Go ahead.

- Yeah, it's an old college mix.

I made it for a paper I wrote on the poetry of New Wave.

- What else did you write about?

Uh, some Cure, New Order,

and of course, the Smiths.

"How Soon is Now?" I'm guessing?

- Nailed it.

- "I am human and I need to be loved."

- "Just like everybody else does."

- (Sighs) And the Cure?

"Pictures of You"?

- Actually, "Boys Don't Cry".

- "I would tell you that I loved you,

if I thought that you would stay."

- "It's no use, you've already gone away."

You're sensing a theme here. - (Chuckles)

- I went through a whole Goth phase, in high school.

- I can't quite picture that.

- Black hair, black nails, black eyeliner.

I basically stole Siouxsie Sioux' look.

- Oh, what a great look! Why'd you give that up?

- 'Cause I went to college and became a riot girl.

- I was into the sad ladies of the '90s.

I've been to a Lilith Fair.

- I admire a man who can admit that.

Owen: Sam! (Sam chuckles)

Hey! - I'm so glad you're here.

- Hey.

- (Hugging grunt) - Great, man.

Well, listen, thank you for letting me use your house.

It was very peaceful.

- Sam, this is Kate. - Hi, Sam. What house?

- I rented a house in the Hamptons.

- How come you've never invited us?

- Why don't you guys come this weekend?

- Well, I, I have too much work to do.

- Well, we can make it a work retreat.

- I doubt I'd get very much done.

- Rebecca's having her event there, this weekend.

She would flip if we all showed up.

- We could bring the whole crew.

It'd be great for me to see what KKL can do.

- This is a launch for an actress' perfume line;

it's very different from what we have in mind for you.

- Crystal's going to live. Where is she?

- She is looking for her earring with Brian.

- She's been looking for her earring a lot lately.

(Calls out) Crystal!

- So, you'll come as well?

- Uh... I mean, sure, why not.

It'd be nice to have a little fun, right?

(Footsteps approach)

- Brian, we love the space.

We're gonna use it for the event.

- Oh, that is excellent news! Thanks, man!

- Crystal, he's inviting us to his house in the Hamptons

this weekend. - Stop it. I'm dead.

- Girl, get reborn! - Okay, I'm living!


- You gonna finish that tour?

- Yeah, let me show you the outside.

- Great.

(Latch clicks)

- Sam is emo adorable.

- Yeah, he's like sad cute.

Anyone notice a vibe between him and Wren?

Kate: There's a total vibe. Crystal: Totes possible vibe.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

- I know, baby.

Trust me, I would rather stay here with you

than go to the Hamptons, any day.


(Text alert chimes)

Oh. - Hi.

- Hi. - I'm here to pick up a cat.

- Come in. He's not quite ready yet.

- Ah. - Have we met?

- Yes, I think we almost bumped into each other.

- At Vanessa's party. Yes.

- Tyler Pratt. Pratt PR.

So, you've heard of me? - I have.

Didn't Rebecca used to work with you before she came to us?

- Yes, and uh... and how is that icy delight?

- Still wearing her signature bun.

- (Chuckles) Well, it's good we have some people in common,

since I believe we're supposed to be going on a date

at some point.

- Oh, you're THAT new friend.

- Oh, I've been mentioned.

- You have.

- Lovely.

- She didn't say you were so-- - Handsome. Charming? Witty?

- Confident. - Ah.

- How did Vanessa rope you into picking up my cat?

- Well, we were having brunch together

and she said that she'd drop me at my next appointment

if we made this, uh, this unplanned stop.

- Unplanned? Right. Wow, she is outrageous.

- She's fabulous. I want her to run for mayor.

- Oh, she will love the sound of that.

- Hey, listen, I'm, uh, I'm heading up

to the Hamptons myself, tonight.

Are you going to Rebecca's soiree?

- I should be. I'm working with a client all weekend.

- Please do come. I'll uh...

I mean, I'll make sure you have fun.

- I'll keep an eye out for you.

- You know, I was dreading this party, and now,

I'm so looking forward to it. - (Chuckles)

I'll go wrangle my cat.

(Bus hums)

(Tires crunch on driveway)

(Door shuts)

(Takes deep breath)

(Exhales slowly)

- Wren! - Hey! - Hi!

Mwah, mwah! How was your trip?

Great, except I forgot my suitcase.

I fell asleep and left it on the bus.

- Oh, that sucks! I mean, I have clothes,

you can borrow something. - I, I don't know

if I could quite pull off your look.

- You should just let me style you this weekend.

- I mean, hey, what do I have to lose?

- Your dry spell. - My dignity.

- Same difference. So, go upstairs, put on a suit,

and meet us out back.

- Does the other suit have any more fabric than this one?

- We can sew two together.

(Ball thuds)

- That was good! - Oh, oh!

- Oh, get it! - Yes!

- Hey! - Good. You made it.

- Mm-hmm. - Now Sam can stop asking me

when you're getting here.

- Oh. He's a sweet guy.

He's... a little shy at first. Easy to talk to.

- I'm just glad he's trying to be social.

I think that's about all he's up for, right now.

- Oh, get it!

- Well, he's safe around me, if that's what you're asking?

- No, I--I'm sorry,

that came out wrong.

- So, what's his story? Bad breakup?

- Two years ago, his fiance was diagnosed with cancer.

- Oh my god, that's terrible!

- Oh, no, no, she got better,

and Sam stuck by her side through a year of treatment.

- So, what happened?

- She blew up her life.

Quit her job, changed her name, and, uh, dumped Sam.

It was all very San Francisco.

- That's awful. - Mm, yeah.

Don't mention it to him. He doesn't want anybody to know.

- No, of course. I won't.

So he hasn't moved on yet?

- No, no, not really.

- Sometimes it can be hard to get over someone.

- We should probably go join the rest of the group, right?

- Yeah. Let's just get this over with.

- Ah! - Shoot!

Grayson: She wasn't even looking.

Maxine: Crystal, get off your phone.

- I'm handling our social, people!

- Take a break for a minute, play!

- Oh, you wanna play?

- Owen! Get over here so I can kick your butt!

- Maxine!

No one likes you when you're too competitive.

- All right, all right.

- It's hard to take a nap around here.

- Ready!

13 serving nothing! Ah!

- Ooh!

- There she is. - Hey.

- How was your trip? - Oh, pretty good.

Though, I left my stuff on the bus,

and... now I'm wearing one of Kate's swimsuits.

It's made out of dental floss.

- Well, I happen to have something stuck in my teeth.

- Oh, my.

- That was bad. - Yeah.

- I've gotta up my banter game around all of you.

- It's a tough crowd. - (Chuckles) Yeah.

Crystal: Yes! - Here we go!

- Aghhh!

- Owen told me something I'm not supposed to know,

and now I do know, and now I feel awkward.

- He told you about Angela?

- Is that her name, your ex?

- Well, she was Angela.

Now she's calling herself Feather or Racehorse.

Depends on the week.

- I'm so sorry that happened to you.

- Just don't give me that inescapable look of pity.

I don't like that.

- I won't! I promise.

- Sam, I need you in the game, bud!

- You're doing it. - (Laughs)

- Stop it. All right, coming.

- Come on, Sam!

- Why did Owen have to tell me that?

- You see me coming, and yet, you're not moving.

I don't understand you.

Okay. Ugh!

What, are you talking to yourself again, Wren?

- Oh, probably. I barely even notice anymore.

- You like to talk and there's not always someone to listen.

I get it. You wanna talk to the baby?

Supposed to be good for him. - Oh! All right.

- Yeah, bring it in. - Hello there, little baby.

- (Giggles)

- Uh, don't you be in any hurry to get out now.

- Hey! No.

Tell him the eviction notice is served.

Get outta there, ya little twerp!

- Ah... - (Chuckles)

- I think you secretly like being pregnant.

- Well, yeah.

I have a license to complain about anything and everything.

It's been great. - (Chuckles)

- Here we go. - Okay.

- Yes! A blaster!

You're a blaster!

- There's absolutely no work happening this weekend.

- No.

- It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. It's all good.

- (Sighs heavily)

(Indistinct chatter)

Oh my gosh, look at Wren!

- Hey! - Hi!

Everyone, this is my new friend,

this hot biatch formerly known as Wren.

- Oh, I'm still going by Wren.

- You look amaze. - Have a seat.

- Yes! - Thank you.

Great! Hi! - Hey, how ya doin'?

- Good. - Work.

- You are sparkly tonight.

- Thank you, sir.

- I wanna thank everyone for being here.

I knew I made the right decision

joining forces with KKL.

To new friendships. - Hear, hear!

- Hear, hear! - Cheers!

(Glasses clink)

- Cheers! - Cheers!

- Ms. Cosgrove,

you look stunning this evening.

- How on earth do you know this riff raff?

- Always nice to see you, Grayson.

- I'm sure it is, for you. - You two know each other?

- I rescued Rebecca from a life of mediocrity working for him.

- Oh, my firm's going very well, thank you.

We actually picked up some clients you had to drop.

- One man's trash. - (Laughs)

I should get back to my friends,

but I will see you at Rebecca's event later.

- Hey, you were awful to him.

- It's all in good fun.

We've always been very competitive over Rebecca.

And I don't like the fact

that he's almost as good looking as I am.

- Hey, no one is as good looking as you. Ever.

- I know, but it's so lovely to hear.

- 'Kay, can't do this anymore. My body's like, "Go lay down!"

- Okay, let's go.

Sorry, everyone. Give Rebecca our regards.

- Okay, yeah. Enjoy the party for us,

since you all can still enjoy things.

- Oh, okay. Thank you. Sorry. Thank you.

(Low hum of chatter)

(Seagulls cry, music thumps)

- My, Rebecca has truly outdone herself.

- This place is something!

- Let's dance! - All right!

- (Gasps) Who wants to dance with me? Owen?

- I'm gonna go get a drink first. Sam.

- Yeah? - Take the lady for a spin.

- No, no, no, I'm a bit rhythm-challenged.

- I have enough for the both of us.

I might be broken but it's not showing

It's how I'm copin', copin'

So I just dance in the middle of the room

By myself

- Hey, Rebecca's hair is down!

- This is a momentous occasion.

- Come up here and dance!

- I don't think I can manage that.

- Not you, Grayson! Wren!

- I'll be right up!

- Go, go! Bon voyage. - (Laughs)

- Who is this giving me life? - That's Wren.

We work together!

- Hey, girl, hey! Shake that ass harder.

- I love your fragrance! - My scent and my philosophy.

How much longer do we have to be here, Becca?

- We'll escape here, soon. There's a car waiting.

Hey, Wren, can you block anyone that might follow us?

- Oh, is that why I'm up here?

- Maybe, but you are actually kinda fun.

Who knew? - She's kinda got some flavor.

She's... movin'

like she's shakin' off her old self.

Rebecca: (Laughing)

(Dance music plays)

Put my heart on the floor

But I keep it a secret

- Okay, I gotta go.

- Watch my show on YouTube. - I will! (chuckles)

- Oh, hey.

I might be broken, but it's not showing

- You need some help getting down?

- That's right, I am getting down.

Oh! Oh! - Oh!

Both: (Laughing)

- Owen Jasper, you are still chivalrous

after all these years. Nice catch.

- Did you just call me a catch? - That is not what I said.

- I know, I was just kidding.

- Comedy has never been your thing, has it?

- You're mean when you're tipsy.

- Oh, be quiet! I was kidding, too.

- It's so nice to see you having fun.

- Nice to be having fun.

- I should go check up on Sam.

- Good idea. Yes.

- I had no idea you were attending this shindig.

- The way you talk is hilarious.

You know, Rebecca asked me to come help,

but I'm done now. It's time to get on the floor!

- The floor? You mean, are you asking me to dance,

because I do have some moves?

- You got the moves like Jagger?

- If you're talking about Bianca Jagger,

from the bygone days of Studio 54,

then yes, I do. - (Claps) Let's do this!

There's a fire between us

That's burning with our love

Won't stop 'til it's big enough

I won't stop

Because you're the reason

For this giant love, love, love

You're the reason for this giant love, love, love

- Now, where on earth have you been?

I've been trying to dance with you all night.

- I don't dance that often.

- Now, no one's gonna believe that

after the show you guys put on. Want a drink?

- Sure! I'm having fun.

- Okay, what do you wanna drink?

- Uh, a shot. - A shot of what?

- You pick.

- Ugh! You are gorgeous and surprising.

- Less charm, more getting me a shot.

- As if I'm magic.

- Thank you.

You wanna dance? Let's go.

- Lead the way.

(Dance music plays, low hum of chatter)

- I'm hot. Are you hot?

- In what way?

- Oh my god, he's finally flirting back?

- I--No, I just want some clarity.

- (Laughs) I mean like I'm overheating.

- No, it is kinda crowded in here.

Maybe we should go outside.

- Yeah, let's go to the beach.

- Let's take Sam with us. He looks a little bit overwhelmed.

- Yeah, let's take Sam. And Wren!

- Mm. - Hey, Wren!

- Hey! - Hey!

Um, listen, I'm having a client emergency.

- Oh no! Is everything okay?

- Yeah, no, it's fine. I'll tell you on the way.

- I guess that means I can't come.

- No. - Agh.

- We'll finish this dance another time, okay?

- Looking forward to it.

Oh, we got the, we got the life

We got the life, We got the, we got the life

We got the, we got the life

We got the, Love is understanding our way

We got the, we got the life

We got the life

- Owen, let's go to the beach. - All right.

- Looks like we're the third and fourth wheel.

- It certainly appears that way.

- (Chuckles)

Hey, do you wanna... wanna just hang here?

- Yeah, let's do that. - All right, great.

Was I a jerk earlier?

- No! No, definitely not.

- I get irritated when people feel bad for me.

- I know what you mean.

My mom died when I was 16 and...

I know how it feels when people demand to see your grief.

- I can see why Owen loved you.

- He told you?

What did he say?

- Well, he mentioned the mythical college girlfriend before.

He just didn't say it was you until earlier today.

- I didn't think he talked about our time together.

- It's rare, but when he does,

you can sense it was meaningful to him.

- So, there hasn't been anyone special

during the time that you've known him.

- Well, you know, Owen goes on lots of dates,

but special? No.

- I mean, there's no shortage of pictures of him online

with various versions of the same type of lady on his arm.

- (Chuckles) Yeah, types like the lovely Kate.

- Well, Kate is special.

- No, I can tell.

- He would be lucky to have her.

- If you think she's good enough for him,

who am I to argue?

- He deserves that kind of happiness,

and, and she's wonderful.

- You've convinced me.

(Fire crackles, crickets chirp)

- Ooh, I wanna go swimming!

- I think the water is too harsh.

- Where's your sense of adventure?

You afraid of the waves?

- I don't even have anything to wear.

- Just improvise. It's gonna be dark.

I'm not gonna see anything. - I'm not being modest, I just,

I don't think that this is a great idea.

- Well, I'm going in, whether you are coming or not.

- Your stubborn streak is impressive.

- I know, but you love it.

- Kate-- - I know.

That was like, not that great. But it's okay, we'll get there.

- Kate! Kate? - Okay! Ungh!

- Come on! - Last one in buys me dinner!

- Kate! - (Chuckles)

Ugh! This dress is so hard to get off.

Oh, oh, oh! - Kate!


Wren! - What happened?

- Wren--I don't, I don't know.

She, she was on the rocks, she fell.

- Okay, we shouldn't be moving her.

Set her down really gently. Can you call an ambulance, Sam?

- Yeah.

Uh, I don't have any reception.

- Run back to the party, you'll get a signal there.

Find Crystal.

Everything's gonna be okay. Promise.

(Doors click open)

(Gurney rattles, phone rings)

What do you say?

Is this the time

For one more try

At a happy life

Woo, hoo, hoo...

Ooh, hoo, hoo...

Ooh, hoo, hoo...

Woo, hoo, hoo...

- I'm gonna go try and find the cafeteria.

- I'll come with.

Ooh, hoo, hoo...

Woo, hoo, hoo...

- I'll get another update.

(Phone rings nearby)

- I just all your messages. - Where have you been?

- I remained at the party far too late.

What's happening with Kate?

- Well, she broke her leg

and she's still unconscious from her head injury,

but they're optimistic. - Let's rewind.

You and Denise were at the party all this time?

- I imbibed too much and took a brief nap.

- There's lipstick on your collar.

Denise, what's that shade called again?

Uh, I don't wanna get all up in the family conversation,

or whatever, but uh...

what me and Grayson do is...

none of your business.

- As your employer, it actually is,

but we will discuss that later.

- Yeah, not too much later,

because everything that's happening here is fascinating.

- Grayby, you want a coffee?

- Yes, Denise, I think that seems entirely necessary.

- All right. - Ugh! I'm so bloated

I could star in the sequel to "Precious".

- Honey, no, you did not!

Just don't, okay?

- Okay.

- Lizzie, you look more miserable than usual.

You should go home. - Thank you?

Uh, but I need to be here for Kate.

- Why? You barely know her.

- But we're totally friends. We're practically the same age.

- I'll leave that one alone.

Exactly how is your being here helping anyone?

- I'm pregnant, I'm not useless.

Why are you always such a pompous jerk?

- Okay, babe, don't get all worked up.

- I'm not getting worked up,

I'm just tired of being told that I offer nothing.

- No one is saying that. - He is constantly implying that!

I am useful, right, Wren?

- Of course, Lizzie, yes. - Thank you, Wren.

I'm Wren-approved. - Lizzie, please stop it.

This moment is not about you.

- When is it ever my moment?!

(Water splashes)

- (Shocked, excited gasp)

Right now's the moment. It's your baby moment!

It's like right now is your baby moment.

And it's in the Hamptons. That's cute, right?

- I'll go get a nurse. - Get a janitor, too,

to clean up this mess. - Shut up!

(Laughs excitedly)

- Do you think Wren should stay out here in the Hamptons

until we know more?

- Wren should probably go back.

Owen: She's the most capable person here.

I think she'd be really helpful.

- With Lizzie spawning, Maxine and I have to stay,

so we'll handle things.

- Lizzie will be in labor for a while.

- When has she ever been prompt?

- What about Kate? - She's groggy, but awake.

The swelling has gone down, but she is gonna need surgery

on her leg. - Can we see her?

- No, not yet. - This is all my fault.

We shouldn't have been out there, on the beach.

It was so dark. - It was an accident.

- No, she was trying to show off for me.

I should've stopped her. - No one can stop Kate.

She's entirely too obstinate.

- And that is why she will be fine.

- No, I'm gonna stay out here.

- Wren, we need you to go home and cover the office

since we're stuck here.

(Phone rings in distance)

Take my jacket.

Denise, can you give Wren a lift to the jitney stop?

- (Gasps) Hmm, what?

I was out cold. I sleep with my eyes open.

Vena cava, cardiac, hollow vein

Powering my dreams with sweet sustain

Dear heart, I was wrong

For all the things I put you through

Greasy fingermarks stain

You've been neglected

Been abused

But I will always

Treasure you

Rebecca: I like where we went with this.

- You've been incredibly helpful.

- I know. We should collaborate more.

- I'd like that.

- Enough mush, I have to go work.

- Who knew Kate's accident

would have Rebecca breaking good?

- I knew she had some nice in her.

- I didn't. At all. - (Chuckles)

Hey, how is Kate?

- She's great.

Yeah, she's been helping me out a lot over email,

and posting nonstop selfies from the Hamptons.

- I haven't heard much of anything from Sam,

and nothing from Owen.

- They're coming to the party, right? It's only a week away.

- They better be. There's no event without them.

- I've been checking Owen's Blipper feed -

so far, zilch. Radio silence. - That's a good idea.

You should definitely keep an eye on that.

- Trust me, I'm refreshing like Zuckerberg

at the end of "The Social Network."

I'm all like, accept my damn friend request, Rooney Mara.

- I actually get that reference.

- I speak old people now, too. For Grayson.

I have to share something with you.

- What? That sounds serious.

- Oh, it is.

Guess who's getting married?

- Kate's getting married? - (Thumps table)

She is so extra. Stealing my moment,

even when she's not here. No! Brian and I are engaged!

- What?! Oh Crystal, that's incredible!

- (Muffled) Oh, thanks. - Congratulations!

- Thank you! - I'm so happy for you!

- The Hampton sitch was deep.

Brian felt compelled to put a ring on it.

- Wait, where is this ring? I have to see it!

- Oh, it's being resized, but I can't wait to show it off.

People will be so jelly. (Indistinct shout)

Ooh! That's my sound for when Kate bleeps.

- Oh. - (Screams)

- What? What is it? You're scaring me.

- No, it's amazing!

It says I'm off the market, people. Hashtag boyfriend

And there's a heart drawn on her boot cast thing.

- Oh. Um, who's the boyfriend?

- It's obvi Owen.

So lay, girlfriend! - Hmm.

I guess now we know why he's been too busy to check in.

- Too busy getting busy.

- Maybe he'll get back to us,

now that the news has been bleeped.

- Owen Jasper is dating your assistant?

- Well, technically, she's a junior account manager

and she runs our social media,

but yes, that seems to be the case.

- He couldn't have found another firm,

with another much younger woman

to tend to his whims? I don't buy it.

- We are the best at what he needed.

- Or he came back here to hurt you.

- I don't think Owen would do that.

- But, it's obviously causing you pain.

- I'm handling it. I mean,

what better way for me to get over my first love,

than to watch him fall in love with someone else, right?

It's for the best.

- It's a sign.

It's time for you to move on.

So, how do you like Tyler?

- He is everywhere these days.

I may have to take out a restraining order.

- I won't let you restrain a man who looks like that.

Maybe with some fur handcuffs.

- Oh, Vanessa! I'm shocked!

- I have seen it all.

I probably should've mentioned

I invited Tyler to join us for dessert.

- Tyler's here? - Oh, Wren,

you look stunning, as usual. Vanessa, ravishing.

There's no one in government more lovely.

- You are shameless.

- There's no shame in telling the truth.

I'm just jealous of the company you keep.

- Vanessa is good company. - She's the best.

- Okay, I have a business meeting

at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

Tyler? - Yeah?

- Why don't you take my seat and enjoy this wine with Wren.

Maybe have a little dessert.

- Thank you for setting up our first date.

It's taken me weeks. - Well, Wren is a very busy,

very successful woman.

She doesn't need to make it easy for any man.

Even one as dashing as you.

- I'm blushing. - Sit down, Tyler.

Wren? (Lips smack)

See you at your event. You should bring him.

- Now, there is an excellent idea.

- You two are in cahoots.

- She thinks we make a good pair.

I wouldn't dare go against her will.

- It's a battle I always lose. - (Chuckles)

It's great to see you.

How's Kate? - She's on the mend.

She seems to have acquired a new boyfriend

while in the hospital.

- Kids move at an alarming rate these days.

- It's exhausting, but it makes my job a whole lot more fun.

- So, you're happy at KKL?

- Yeah, I feel like they treat me like an equal.

I'm valued and respected.

- Mm. They should make you partner, then.

- It's their family business.

That's never gonna be on the table.

- Well, for what it's worth,

I've never felt better since starting my own firm.

I'd make you partner.

After all, you're the talent there.

- Well, thank you.

Or maybe some far-off day in the future,

I will start my own firm.

- I just like to see people realize their full potential.

Make sure they're not holding you back from yours.

- I know they might seem like a bunch of kooks,

but... they're my kooks.

- Loyalty, even to someone as absurd as Grayson,

is admirable. - Can we not talk about work?

- Not another word. I'll enjoy the wine

and whatever comes after.

- What's coming after is ice cream.

- Which is more than enough.

For now.

- (Chuckles)

- We are up to 350 RSVPs.

- Ooh. - Ooh!

That moment when Kate finally texts, "We're on our way."

- Good, we need her here soon.

- I am not featuring that cat hair.

- What? Do I always have those?

- Just like 100% of the time.

- Crystal, thank you.

You have been so... ferosh

the last few weeks.

- I know. I'm a one-woman squad.

- I'll be at the bar.

- Don't even ask.

- What's wrong with him? - Ugh! Our sitter cancelled

and Denise offered to stay and watch the baby.

- He's already too attached. She might be Aunt Denise soon.

- That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

- Lizzie, you look absolutely incredible.

Aw, thank you. I eat only lettuce

and I spend every waking moment on the treadmill.

- That doesn't sound healthy. Both: It's not.

- But I need my body back

after that nine-month occupy vag street protest.

Never again, by the way.

- Okay, well, next time, I'll rent a womb with a view.

- We can name her Merchant Ivory.

- Yeah. - (Laughs)

You're an idiot.

Where's Owen? - Don't know.

Uh, here soon, hopefully.

- Do you want us anywhere specific?

- No, just go enjoy yourselves.

- All right!

- Great. - Thank you.

- Wren, you didn't heed my advice,

so I brought this charmer along as my arm candy.

- Sorry, I have to focus.

- No, you're working. I understand.

- This would be a great shot for social.

Would you pose for me? - Of course, dear,

that's why I'm here.

- Adorbs. And now, just one of Wren and Ms. Perry.

(Camera shutter snaps) Cute.

- How about one of Wren and Tyler?

- Definitely.

- Well, how about we make this one an action shot?

- Uh... Oh! (Chuckles)

- Well. - Mm.

(Camera shutter clicks)

- Why don't you escort me to the dance floor

and teach me a thing or two?

- I think you'll be the one doing all the teaching.

- Do not post that on our social media.

- (Laughs) I never. That dude has mad swag.

- Yeah, but is it too much?

- You're such a tough sell.

- Wow, look at her.

Yass, queen!

- Kate, it's so good to see you on your feet again.

- Only one foot, for now. - We're here to hold her up.

- Stay right there. I must take pics.

- Oh, can you get one with me and my boyfriend?


- Oh, yeah, of course. Let me, let me step aside.

- Here, come here.

- Wait, Sam is your new bae?

- Obviously! Um, but can you take a picture

'cause it's really hard to stand.

- I got you. - Okay.

(Camera shutter snaps)

Wait... what?

- I'm sorry that I was so hard to reach.

I knew that you could handle it.

- How did you know that?

- You always do.

You always have.

- So, Sam and Kate?

How did that happen?

- No idea. Seemed instantaneous.

- But I thought Kate had a thing for you?

- She made it very clear in the hospital

that I had been something called "friend zoned".

- You weren't interested in her?

- I mean, I like Kate a lot, she's fun to be around, but...


- So, you're okay with them being together?

- They seem happy, I mean, for such an odd couple.

Who knows, you know?

I support anything that keeps his mind off Angela.

- You mean, Feather.

- I think she's actually now going by

an unpronounceable symbol.

- Well, that's great! I'm happy for Sam.

He's moving on.

- Yeah.

How do you do that?

Know when it's right to move on?

- You're asking the wrong person.

I've never been any good at that.

- Wren...

I have never stopped-- - Owen!

All of the upper echelon are here,

even the ones I loathe.

You must meet every single person.

- Gray, me and Wren are just in the middle--

- No, no, it will wait.

I don't give personal introductions often.

Now, let's start with the people I hate.

- Who don't we hate? - (Chuckles) Come.

(Electronica plays, low hum of chatter)

- Well, that looked intense.

You think he's unhappy with the event?

- I, I don't know. He didn't get to finish his thought.

- Well, I think everything is spectacular.

- Tyler, I'm sorry, could we continue this some other time?

- Of course. - Okay.

- Looking forward to it. - (Chuckles uncomfortably)

So sorry, as I've missed you

Hair, I was whipping round

So high up got my chin up

I don't care if I ever come down

I don't care if I ever come down

- Oh wow!

Terrible picture of me.

I think I might have a bad side.

- Okay, Mariah Carey.

- Wren looks beautiful tonight.

- Yeah, 'cause I made sure she wasn't covered in Wentworth.

- Wentworth? - Her cat.

He sheds like a mother.

- She named her cat Wentworth?

- Yeah, probably after that hot actor.

- I think it might be from a book.

- They still make those?

I'm joking! I listen to e-books.

Shoot, I wasn't supposed to post that.

But they look so cute together.

Wren's finally dating again.

- Yeah, no, they, they really look...

cute together.

- Did you wanna check the other shots I took of you?

- Nah, just...

post whatever you want.

- Owen!

Where are you rushing off to?

- Grayson told me that I finished meeting

everybody I need to meet. I'm leaving.

- You can't just leave your own event.

What, what were you gonna say before?

- It's not important.

- Well, still, you should stay. - No.

There's nothing left for me here.

(Music thumps outside bathroom, indistinct hum of chatter)

- Wren?

I saw you make a mad dash. Are you all right?

- No, I'm not, but I really don't need another

ladies' room rescue right now. - What's going on?

- Which would you like to hear?

The fact that I let you talk me into making

the worst decision of my entire life?

The fact that I'm still in love with Owen?

The fact that he just dangled a little bit of hope

in front of me, and then pulled it away?

- Slow down. - You could have supported me.

You could've let me follow love,

instead of some stupid job.

It has always been about what you want.

- It's what your mother wanted.

She wanted you to be in control of your own destiny,

and sometimes that means

putting your career ahead of a man.

- Well, congratulations, I have followed your advice

and I have been miserable with that choice ever since.

- Take a little responsibility, Wren.

- Trust me, I am every bit as angry with myself

as I am with you.

- Well, I don't know what to say.

Young Owen Jasper seemed wrong for you.

- Why did you hate him so much?

- I didn't hate him!

He reminded me of your father.

Another unreliable dreamer

who eventually disappeared.

I couldn't bear to watch you go through

the same thing your mother did.

- You were wrong about him!

- Well, maybe I was...

and I'm very sorry.

Why would you listen to me?

Is there anything about my three husbands

that would make you think I have good taste in men?

- (Chuckles)

You don't. You like Tyler.

He's, he's way too smooth for his own good.

- I don't genuinely approve

of that blond hood ornament.

Oh, I just want you to have some fun.

Just go on a few dates.

Oh, he's beneath you.

- You think everyone is beneath me.

- Yes, I do.

You are the most special person in the whole world.

- I don't feel very special right now.

- Oh... - (Sniffles)

I'm sorry, Vanessa.

I didn't mean to lash out at you.

Can I just have a moment alone to pull myself together?

- Of course.

But I will always be here for you,

whether you want me to or not.

- (Laughs) I know.


(Music blares as door opens and closes)

(Toilet flushes)

- Holy shit, that was like an episode

of white people "Empire".

- You were in there that whole time?

- Mm-hmm. I just had a baby.

I spend half my life on the toilet.

- You heard all of that?! - I did.

And now your weird behavior over the past couple of weeks

finally makes sense. - It hardly makes sense to me.

- Oh, come on.

Owen, your ex, hires our firm,

when you know he had to have other options.

- Not as good. - Okay, maybe,

but then he immediately started flirting with those girls

right in front of you.

- Because they're young and gorgeous.

- Or because he was trying to piss you off,

or get back at you, or some other nonsense men do.

Thank goddess I'm a lesbian.

- Why would he do that?

- Because he obviously still has feelings for you.

Wren, you're standing there

moping about the great Owen Jasper,

when you should be deciding whether or not

he's good enough for you.

- I don't see it that way.

- Everybody sees it that way

except for you.

You're a rock star.

He would be lucky to have you,

and if he can't figure that out,

good riddance.

- (Sniffles) Oh, you're sweet, Lizzie.

- No, I'm really not.

Both: (Chuckle)

- Now, enough of this garbage. Fix your face,

and let's go back to the party. - (Chuckles)

- Lizzie, you okay in here?

- Yeah, I'm good. - She's exceptional.

- I agree.

(Music blares as door opens, indistinct hum of chatter)

- (Sniffles)

- Can I bounce before I become party debris?

- Yes, for sure. You've already done so much.

- You're coming tomorrow, right, at 10:00, still?

- Oh! The wedding dress shopping.

Yes, of course. I wouldn't miss it.

- Tonight was epic. - Oh...

It was.

I can't give you the medicine

if you don't have some food first.

Work with me here. Help me out.

You're getting better, I promise.

Don't give up.


Ugh, fine.

You're giving up, I'll give up, too.

I give up.

(Heavy sigh, dull thump)

(Eating noisily)

Getting on in spite of you

When the summer

Isn't all it's cracked up to be

Maybe I just tried too hard

To make it easy

Make you think it's not your fault

But it's always mine

I'm out of time

I'm running out of time with you

Cuz if I had loved you

For a thousand days or more

- (Loud gasp) - Does this say hottest bride ever?

Wren: It does! Possibly of all time!

- Aw! - So unreal.

- Oh, thank you, ladies!

- I can't wait for my dress! Soon!

- You only just started dating Sam.

- When you know, you know.

- Wow, you two have more figured out at your age

than I ever did. - Not Kate.

She was mad thirsty for Owen like a minute ago.

- Well, I tried to give it a shot,

but he was so tepid. I had to swipe left, hard.

(Whispers) Think he's gay. - Oh, I don't think so. No.

- Maybe he just wasn't into you.

- All straight guys are into me.

He just seemed unavailable.

- It was sort of tedious hanging out with him

when we were landing the account.

- Owen bored you? - Sorry about it, but yeah.

I'm 25 and he's, like, old.

- He's not that much older than I am.

- You're fam! I don't think about you like that.

You're young and fresh. - Okay,

I'll take your word for that.

- You always seemed off your game with Owen.

- High key echo.

You're usually really charming with clients,

but with Owen, you were like, not into it.

- Did it really seem that way?

- Uh, you had no chill. Except with Sam.

- Who, I then took. I suck. Sorry.

- Oh, I only like Sam as a friend.

And you can't steal anyone.

A heart has to be freely given.

- I give freely, all night long.

- Keep it a hundred, sis.

- I know Sam seems really gloomy,

but in the sack, so hot. - Same with Brian.

He gets it savage. - Hmm. Tyler?

- Yeah, Wren, how is Tyler's sex game?

- I wouldn't know. We're so not there,

at sex games, not even close. - You should be. He's so fine.

- No, Tyler's at the coffee shop next door.

- Does he look hot?

- I mean, yeah, he always looks hot.

He's there with Denise. - What could that be about?

Kate: Here comes Rebecca stomping down the street.

- Damn, she looks pissed!

All: (Gasp) Oh!

- Okay, show's over!

Can this day be about my dress again, now?

- I think that's the one.

- Just get it. We're so done.

(Rushed footsteps)

- Your boyfriend's an asshole. - He's not my boyfriend.

I don't even think I like him.

- Haven't you two been dating? - We went on one half date.

- Did you and he-- - No, absolutely not.

- Well, that's too bad, 'cause he's got a big... talent

in that... one area. - You and Tyler?

- We used to work together.

You've seen him, you've seen me.

Of course we did. - I wish I'd known earlier.

- That wanna-be client thief

just tried to poach my YouTube star.

- Wait, that didn't work, did it?

- No, of course not. Alicia set up a fake meeting

so I could go and shame him.

- What was Denise doing there? - He'd offered her a job.

I told her it was fine. He'll pay her more.

- Grayson's not gonna be happy with Denise at the competition.

- Oh, he's happy. They can date now without Maxine complaining.

- Oh, right. Yeah, good for them.

- And Tyler is not our competition.

He's just a child trying to swim a sea of sharks,

and I'm Jaws.

- Remind me never to make you angry.

- You don't. I secretly adore you.

- I know, I feel the same.

- Let's stop before this gets gross.

- (Laughs)

(Low hum of chatter)

- Hey. - Hey.

- (Clears throat)

- Hmm. - All right, well...

- Have you seen his speech? - Yeah. No, it's good.


So, do I get to meet this Tyler today?

- No! That was never a thing.

- Well, I'm sure he'll be heartbroken.

- I suspect he'll move on quickly, like most men.

- Ah yes, that's what we do. We move on.

- Oh, I didn't mean you.

- No, but it is what I'm doing -

moving on after mourning my great love for a full year,

which is plenty of time.

- I'm not sure I'll ever be over my great love.

- What is this, a competition? - No.

I just don't think women recover from heartbreak

as quickly as men do.

We hold on far too long.

- Yeah, I don't know.

Angela got over me pretty much instantaneously.

- I know, I'm just making a sweeping generalization

based on my opinion.

It's how I feel today.

- Wren, if you still feel something for Owen,

just tell him.

- We missed our chance -

again -

and I've made my peace with that.

- (Clears his throat)

Guys, I need to concentrate. Can I just have a moment?

- 'Kay.

(Door latch clicks)

(Rapid texting taps)

(Indistinct hum of chatter, door clicks open)

- Are you ready?

- Yes. - Great.

(Camera shutters click)


- Giving hope, giving kindness,

giving love,

should be as easy as the push of a button.

(Taps phone)

(Wren's phone buzzes)

Laconia has been very blessed,

and now it is time for us to give something back.

So, we have created a social network...

(Text) When I heard you named your cat Wentworth, I knew why.

The same reason I named my company Laconia.

That book we read together in college

with what you called the most romantic letter ever written

with the half agony, half hope line.

That's about where I am now.

I knew where you worked when I hired your firm.

I had to see you again.

I thought about you so much over the years,

I just... needed to know.

And now I know there's no one else for me.

You can choose what happens next.

Think about what you want.

No ultimatums. No rushing you this time.

I'm here through the weekend, but that could change.

I can move here for you. I'll wait for you to decide.

Just know that if you want me in your life,

say the word and I am yours forever.

(Kale crunches, knife chops and clinks)

(Inhales and exhales sharply)

(Door clicks open and shut)



- So you did come back for me.

- Yes!

- Why didn't you just tell me that?

- Because I'm stubborn!

Because I was afraid of getting hurt again.

- I'm not gonna tell you to stay here for me,

we've done that before. - We don't have to.

I'm staying. - Are you sure?

You have to do what's best for you.

- Wren, you are what's best for me.

I love you. - (Inhales sharply)

- "I am half agony, half hope.

Tell me it's not too late,

that these precious feelings aren't gone forever."

Wren, I offer myself to you again.

Both: "With a heart even more your own

than when we parted years ago."

- (Joyful giggle)


(Wentworth meows)

The Description of Modern Persuasion